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Chapter 636 - Dark Guild

The Red Rain Caravan did not have an easy journey through the Great Forest of Soria.

They oftentimes encountered attacks from one or two Level 50 Wind Leopards, forcing the Caravan to halt their advance and face these Demonic Beasts.

[Wind Leopard] (Demonic Beast, Common Rank)

Level 50

HP 50,000/50,000

Although the Wind Leopard was only a Common monster and its HP was very low, its speed and damage could rival even that of a Level 30 Chieftain. Ordinary players would not survive more than three hits from this monster.

If an ordinary player encountered a Wind Leopard, only death awaited them. They would not even have a chance to escape.

However, when a Caravan was in the process of delivering goods, it gained Special Skills. There was no need for players to risk their lives to defend their cargo. They could deal significant damage to these monsters just by relying on the Bronze Carriages' Attack Skills. The Bronze Carriages could also enhance players' Attributes within a certain range. A Level 30 player could receive such a ma.s.sive buff that it gave them the Attributes of a Level 40 player. Hence, as long as a player was somewhat skilled, it was not entirely impossible for them to defeat Level 50 monsters.

Before Shi Feng's party even descended from their Carriages, Rainless Path was already charging towards the two Wind Leopards. And before the two Wind Leopards could react, Rainless Path activated Chop and dealt three damages of over -1,000 points to one of the Demonic Beasts.


The injured Wind Leopard released an angry howl. It then pounced at Rainless Path, brandishing its sharp claws at the Swordsman. At the same time, the other Wind Leopard darted towards Rainless Path with its fangs bared.

However, before the two Wind Leopards could touch Rainless Path, the six frontmost Bronze Carriages each fired a blue beam at the two monsters. The beams were extremely fast, and in the blink of an eye, they struck the Wind Leopards, knocking them back. Each beam dealt -3,000 damage and severely injured the two monsters.

Rainless Path circled to the Wind Leopards' backs, aiming Earth Splitter at their hind legs. The keen edge of a Dark-Gold longsword was extraordinary. Immediately, Rainless Path's weapon sliced through the Leopards' thick hide, damaging the tendons and greatly reducing the monsters' mobility.

Following which, the other Bronze Carriages fired beams as well, and in a short moment, the two Wind Leopards were dead. Meanwhile, Rainless Path had even not received a single point of damage. The coordination between player and Carriages was perfect. Shi Feng and the other guards had no chance to display their skill at all.

Sheathing his longsword, Rainless Path leaped back onto his Carriage and said, “Let's go.”

This scene shocked many of the Caravan's guards. Rainless Path was able to defeat two Level 50 Wind Leopards without suffering any damage. In all of Starfall City, very few were capable of such a feat.

“As expected of Red Rain Caravan's Rainless Path, it seems that the only thing we'll do on this trip is fill our pockets with money,” many of the guard players said in celebration.

Although the remuneration and EXP for a Caravan's Escort Quest were abundant, the quest itself was not an easy one. One would encounter many life-threatening dangers on the road. Hence, not many players in Starfall City were willing to accept an Escort Quest. However, it was a different story if the Escort Quest was for a powerful Caravan. In such cases, taking on the quest would be the equivalent of free money and EXP.

If he already has such precise physical control now, chances are that, among those in the Guild, only Fire Dance and Violet Cloud can defeat him. It's no wonder why he was able to make a name for himself in Star-Moon Kingdom despite being an independent player. Shi Feng was able to gage Rainless Path's combat standards during his previous battle. The current Rainless Path was many times stronger than Shi Feng when he had first logged into G.o.d's Domain in this life.


At a stone bridge in the Great Forest of Soria's outer region, multiple Level 27 and higher players hid in the surrounding forest.

At such a distance, ordinary players traveling the road could easily discover these players. However, they had used Isolation Scrolls. Although they were not invisible, the scrolls blurred their bodies, making it very difficult to notice them by sight alone while they hid in the forest.

The person leading this team was a Level 29 Berserker wearing black scale armor and wielding a silver greatsword. Watching the quickly approaching Caravan, he sneered as he said, “They're finally here. Get into position.”

Upon receiving this man's command, every team member took out an earthy-yellow magic scroll from their bags.

The moment the Red Rain Caravan's Carriages entered their encirclement, the leading Berserker shouted.


The members of Thousand Mile Killers immediately activated the yellow magic scrolls. In the next moment, thick walls rose from the road, sealing off the path ahead and behind the Red Rain Caravan, preventing the Carriages from advancing or retreating.

The ambush took the Red Rain Caravan's players by surprise.

Before anyone could react, nearly one hundred players burst from the forest on both sides of the road.

Normally, when attempting to plunder a Caravan, one could not have too many players because if too many players joined the fight, the Caravan's Special Skills would grow stronger, making the Caravan far more difficult to deal with. When attacking a Caravan consisting of a dozen or so Carriages, a small army of one hundred players offered the best results.

“Thousand Mile Bear!” Red Rain's expression sank, her beautiful eyes glaring at the Berserker amidst the crowd. “We have never interfered with each other's business. What is the meaning of this?”

The Thousand Mile Killers was a Red Name Team that had already plundered countless Caravans; Thousand Mile Bear was their leader.

However, the Thousand Mile Killers had never attempted to rob Starfall City's famous Caravans. Hence, the various famous Caravans had never bothered to join hands to deal with the Thousand Mile Killers.

Red Rain had never thought that Thousand Mile Bear would break the unwritten rule after all this time and target their Red Rain Caravan.

“Red Rain, do you really think that I don't normally target you guys because I am afraid of you?” Thousand Mile Bear grinned. Coldly, he said, “Hand over one piece of Dark-Gold Equipment and five pieces of Fine-Gold Equipment. Oh, and leave your Carriages behind. Otherwise, none of you will leave here alive.”

“Thousand Mile Bear, do you think that our Red Rain Caravan is that easy to bully? If you're strong enough, take it yourself!” Red Rain unslung the dark blue longbow from her back and fired multiple arrows consecutively at the Level 29 Berserker.

Although an arrow was not as powerful as a Spell, it was much faster.

Rainless Path also unsheathed his longsword and swiftly charged towards Thousand Mile Bear.

In order to round up bandits, one must first catch their ringleader. If Thousand Mile Bear died, the other members of his team would fall into disarray.

“Since you don't know when to give up, don't blame me for not showing mercy.” Thousand Mile Bear swung his greatsword, deflecting the incoming arrows. He then called out to the twelve black-robed players behind him, saying, “It's up to you guys now!”

All twelve black-robed players hid their ident.i.ties. Their appearances were also indiscernible. However, all twelve radiated a bone-chilling aura.

The twelve players nodded silently before splitting up and charging towards the Caravan. They did not bother dealing with Rainless Path as a group.

“I heard that you are a Swordsman expert. I want to see just how strong you are.” One of the robed players, a Swordsman, unsheathed his pair of swords as he approached Rainless Path, wearing a playful expression

The black-robed Swordsman activated Wind Blade, arriving before and brandishing his swords at Rainless Path. As if they were venomous snakes, the black-robed Swordsman's two swords struck at Rainless Path's heart and neck with deadly precision. The attacks were so fast that Rainless Path barely saw the weapons' afterimages.

“Who are you?” Rainless Path was shocked. Hurriedly, he swung his longsword to block the attack.

Throughout Starfall City, only a few players were capable of such speed and accuracy, and Rainless Path knew practically every Swordsman in the city who could achieve such a feat. However, he could not remember anyone who matched the size and aura of the black-robed Swordsman.

Dang! Dang!

Two rings of metal clashing resounded. Although Rainless Path blocked the black-robed Swordsman's attacks, he had been forced to retreat by two steps. The black-robed Swordsman was slightly stronger than Rainless Path. However, Rainless Path did not lack speed as he slashed at his opponent's Black Cloak, revealing the mysterious Swordsman's true ident.i.ty.

The mysterious Swordsman was actually a severely emaciated youth. However, the youth's character ID was as crimson as a deep pool of blood. A black skull also graced the boy's silver armor, and his entire body radiated a faint b.l.o.o.d.y glow.

“What is the Dark Guild, The Million Ghosts, doing here?!” Rainless Path could not help his shock when he saw the skull-shaped Guild Emblem.

“You really are powerful. However, what do you think of this?” the Swordsman youth laughed. In the next moment, he swung his swords and sent ten sword images towards Rainless Path. All ten sword images appeared before Rainless Path's body simultaneously, making them impossible to block or dodge.

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