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Chapter 572 - 100% Completion Rate

Inside the quiet private lounge, Shi Feng impatiently opened the thick and heavy Skill Book.

The moment Shi Feng flipped to the first page of the book, the sound of a system notification rang out by his ears.

System: Do you wish to bind and learn this Skill Book? Reminder: Skill Book cannot be traded once bound.

Shi Feng immediately chose to bind the Skill Book to himself.

In the past, many players had bound a Taboo Skill to themselves without knowing the difficulty of the Taboo Skill they were about to learn, afraid that the Taboo Skill would suddenly grow legs and run away. However, such a rash decision had filled many players, who had obtained high-tiered Taboo Skills, with deep regret.

However, the Taboo Skill Shi Feng had right now was only Tier 2. Even if he failed to learn it now, he could try again once he became a Tier 2 cla.s.s. He would not waste this valuable Taboo Skill.

After binding the Skill Book, the contents of the book finally appeared.

Shi Feng promptly began studying one word at a time.

Inside the Skill Book, other than some texts and pictorial introduction, there was a holographic video depicting the use of Instant Strike, which allowed players to grasp the techniques required to activate the Skill quickly.

Taboo Skills in G.o.d's Domain were similar to the spells used by magical cla.s.ses in which they were very strict about their use.

When magical cla.s.ses cast a spell, incantations and hand gestures were of the utmost importance, particularly when tracing runes. Only when these actions reached a certain Completion Rate could magical cla.s.ses display great power.

Taboo Skills were the same. These Skills relied heavily on the accuracy and fluency of the player's footwork, body movements, and attack patterns. Even the slightest mistake could result in a failure to activate the Taboo Skill. Compared to casting spells, players were required to have far more delicate control over their own bodies. They needed a clear understanding of each and every motion that was involved.

Without realizing it, more than an hour had pa.s.sed. Currently, Shi Feng was only halfway through the Skill Book. Any ordinary person would have long since begun to practice the Taboo Skil. However, Shi Feng was not in a hurry as he examined each page carefully.

After more than three hours, Shi Feng's heart suddenly sunk, and he frowned at the gray book.

"Skill Completion Rate must reach 95%... Moreover, I'll also need to absorb 100 Thunder Crystals from Thunder Beast Kings. Isn't this joke going a little too far?" A bitter laugh escaped Shi Feng's lips as he gazed at the Instant Strike Skill Book on the table.

Although he had known that a Tier 1 cla.s.s could not easily learn a Tier 2 Taboo Skill, he had not expected the difficulty to be so high.

Shi Feng had learned a few Taboo Skills in the past, so he was quite knowledgeable on the topic.

Tier 1 Taboo Skills normally required players to achieve a 90% Completion Rate. To ordinary players, this alone would prevent them from ever learning a Tier 1 Taboo Skill. Even experts would require long periods of bitter training to achieve such a high Completion Rate. Not to mention, there were usually other conditions that needed to be fulfilled as well.

Tier 2 Taboo Skills normally required a Completion Rate of 93%.

Only at Tier 3 would a Taboo Skill require a 95% Completion Rate.

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