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Chapter 633 - Capturing a Demonic Beast

Shi Feng suddenly disappeared.

Is this the rumored Void Steps?

Gray Eagle was surprised. He had, more or less, watched the videos of Shi Feng using his specialty move, Void Steps. Only, he had not imagined that a live human being could actually disappear right before his eyes. Not even his acute five senses could find any trace of Shi Feng's presence.

However, Void Steps weakness was also blatantly obvious.

And that was the instant when Shi Feng attacked. Facing a fatal strike, the brain would not ignore such vital information. However, it was also very difficult to block such an attack as the distance between them was simply too short.

The most common method to counter Void Steps was to adapt to it gradually, allowing one's brain to stop ignoring the transmission of information. That way, Shi Feng's Void Steps would be rendered useless. However, it was extremely difficult to achieve this. It was like trying to remember the faces of the hundreds of pedestrians one walked by every day.

Remembering the faces of a few people was already a difficult feat, as the brain would automatically ignore the majority of such information. Hence, it was extremely difficult to unravel Shi Feng's Void Steps.

However, you still underestimate me.

Gray Eagle grinned as he shifted the trajectory of his saber, swinging the weapon towards a vacant location.


Sparks scattered as the sound of clashing metal echoed throughout the amphitheater. Suddenly, Shi Feng appeared above the stone platform.

Sure enough, he can grasp my general location.

Shi Feng was not at all surprised by Gray Eagle's performance. After all, the Berserker had already entered the Refinement Realm. Gray Eagle's observational skills should be exceptional. Even with a lack of information, Gray Eagle should be able to grasp his general location.

It was like his fight with Martial Dragon. With his Domain, Martial Dragon was capable of processing all information within his Domain without missing even the tiniest of detail. If Martial Dragon concentrated on observing his surroundings, he could render Void Steps utterly useless.

Unfortunately, you only have a single weapon, whereas I have two.

Shi Feng increased the force he exerted with the Abyssal Blade, pinning down Gray Eagle's two-handed saber. Meanwhile, Purgatory's Shadow, which he wielded with his other hand, completed a perfect arc as it slid through Gray Eagle's heart, leaving behind small and unnoticeable seam.

“d.a.m.n it…”

Gray Eagle clutched at his heart as he fell to the stone floor of the platform, reluctance filling his eyes as he died.

Gray Eagle's defeat stunned the venue into silence.

Although this match had appeared uneventful, most battles between experts were like this. Tiny differences usually decided the outcome of these battles.

“What a pity. If Gray Eagle could use two weapons as well, Black Flame would not have won so easily.” Pure Fragrance sighed. No matter what anyone said or did, Gray Eagle was a part of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. The fact that Gray Eagle was defeated so easily was not a good thing for the Pavilion's reputation.

“Would two weapons really solve the problem?” Phoenix Rain wore a complex expression as she watched Shi Feng. “He really is a hateful person.”

Gray Eagle was a Berserker, a cla.s.s that was known for its Strength. The cla.s.s's Strength growth was the highest of any cla.s.s, yet Shi Feng had suppressed Gray Eagle with a single hand. This was enough to show just how high Shi Feng's Strength Attribute was.

With such an advantage, Shi Feng could easily decide the outcome the moment the battle began. Still, Shi Feng had chosen to waste so much time with Gray Eagle.


There could only be one explanation; he wanted to determine Gray Eagle's strength.

Originally, Phoenix Rain had thought to use Gray Eagle to uncover the depths of Shi Feng's strength. However, not only had they failed to do so, but they had also allowed Shi Feng to study them in turn.

Following which, Shi Feng proceeded with testing the remaining 18 reserve members and sure enough, not a single one pa.s.sed. Shi Feng finished off everyone with a single hit.

“Miss Phoenix, I'm sorry to say this, but none of these people pa.s.sed. It seems that I can only recruit members on my own,” Shi Feng said, smiling at Phoenix Rain.

Hearing Shi Feng's declaration, the reserve members instantly paled.

Shi Feng had extinguished their previous arrogance and confidence. They could not even bring themselves to muster a retort.

“If none of them pa.s.sed, it can't be helped. I still have to deal with some procedures regarding the partic.i.p.ation rights. As for the battle team members, I'll leave it to Guild Leader Black Flame.” Phoenix Rain inwardly rolled her eyes at Shi Feng. It was obvious that Shi Feng had no intentions of letting her subordinates join the battle team.

Finished speaking, Phoenix Rain left the Divine Colosseum with her group.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng hailed a horse carriage and hurried towards White River City's Teleportation Hall.

“Phoenix Rain can't be underestimated. She was actually able to recruit three Refinement Realm experts. It seems that I'll have to hasten Fire Dance and the others' training.” Shi Feng had a clear understanding of his companions' strength.

If not for his intention to widen the Guild's core members' horizons in the Dark Arena, Phoenix Rain's top three reserve members definitely qualified to become official members. After all, Refinement Realm experts were rare in G.o.d's Domain. A battle team with three of such experts could definitely rank in the middle among all battle teams partic.i.p.ating in the Dark Arena. This was also why Phoenix Rain believed that the battle team had the chance to rank within the top 100.

Of course, that was not to say that Fire Dance and the others were weaker than Gray Eagle's group.

A player's combat power could not be determined by combat techniques alone. Attributes and Skills also made up a rather large ratio.

Upon arriving at the Teleportation Hall, Shi Feng quickly discovered Fire Dance and the others, who had been waiting for him for quite some time.

“Guild Leader, we brought what you asked for. However, haven't we bought a few too many?” Aqua Rose asked, feeling a slight sting to her heart.

Hunting Scrolls and Storage s.p.a.ce Scrolls were already very expensive. A single Hunting Scroll cost 3 Gold, 50 Silver, whereas a Storage s.p.a.ce Scroll cost a full 5 Gold.

If they only needed to purchase a few, Aqua Rose would not have minded. After all, the Guild's member count had increased significantly in recent days. The money a 2-star Guild could earn through Guild Quests was quite significant as well. In addition, they also had the profits from the Candlelight Trading Firm. Hence, spending 100 or 200 Gold wouldn't be an issue.

However, Shi Feng had requested 100 Hunting Scrolls and 50 Storage s.p.a.ce Scrolls. Furthermore, hunting required other items as well. In total, they had spent more than 800 Gold to prepare for this hunting trip. Not even a Bronze Mount cost that much.

“You'll understand when the time comes. This amount is nothing considerable.” Shi Feng laughed.

In the past, to obtain a slightly better Guild Mount, various large Guilds had spent astronomical sums of money. In comparison, they had only spent around 800 Gold.

Aqua Rose grew frustrated by Shi Feng's response. Fortunately, Zero Wing still had the Candlelight Trading Firm to support it. Otherwise, this hunting trip would have punched a huge hole in the Guild's finances.

“Let's head to the Great Forest of Soria.” Saying so, Shi Feng approached the Teleportation Magic Array.

Upon discovering their destination, everyone involuntarily trembled.

The Great Forest of Soria... Anyone who researched high-level maps knew that the Great Forest of Soria was a Level 50 map. To current players, it was a death trap.

Furthermore, the Great Forest of Soria was different from ordinary leveling maps; it was a forbidden land for the human race!

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