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Chapter 569 - SSS Rank

The Adventurer's a.s.sociation's review of an NPC's ability to become an Adventurer was a tedious one.

The first evaluation was of the NPC-in-question's various Attributes, followed by a test for the NPC's suitability of the various cla.s.ses. Only after these two tests were complete could the Adventurer's a.s.sociation determine whether an NPC was suited to become an Adventurer or not.

In total, each NPC's review lasted roughly two minutes.

Watching players happily enter the testing room with their chosen NPCs and leave in tears made many of the players in line grow anxious.

"Isn't the success rate a little too low? Out of the twenty people I have seen enter the testing room, only one came out with a successful result. And even then, the strength of that person's NPC was only mediocre. It really makes you wonder how Zero Wing managed to obtain such a powerful NPC," a male Cleric with a pointed nose said, sighing.

"It is possible that Zero Wing recruited an NPC who was already an Adventurer, to begin with. My teammates had already come here to recommend their own NPCs. However, only three of the chosen NPCs became Adventurers, though they received low ratings. They don't really have any significant potential," a burly male Berserker complained. "Unfortunately, n.o.body on my team is even a Baron, so we can't recruit any guards or see the NPCs' exact data. We can only confirm their standards based on the evaluation. I heard that the best guard Overwhelming Smile has managed to recruit is only Mysterious-Iron rank. I wonder if the NPC I that spent more than half a day searching for will become an Adventurer? If it's a success, I'll make a fortune."

The players queuing up to have their chosen NPCs tested discussed Zero Wing's guard, Kite. They all hoped that they could luck out and encounter an NPC like him as well. At that time, luxury cars and beautiful ladies would be within their grasp.

This was not an exaggeration.

The various large Guilds purchased powerful guards through the virtual trade center at astronomical prices.

Even Bronze guards sold for 100 Gold or so, whereas Mysterious-Iron guards sold for 500 Gold. As for Secret-Silver rank, the price would multiply by tenfold. If those Coins were converted to Credits, it was enough to allow an ordinary person to live the rest of their lives without working. However, even now, no one had offered any Mysterious-Iron guards for sale, much less Secret-Silver.

A moment later, a Ranger left the testing room with an excited expression. Loudly flaunting to his own party members, he said, "Hahaha! Let's head to the Rose Bar! I'll treat everyone to a cup of Icefire Wine!"

Rose Bar was one of White River City's high-cla.s.s bars. Meanwhile, the Icefire Wine was a must-try drink, and it was extremely popular among players. However, the drink was not cheap, with each cup costing 10 Silver. Even elite players only occasionally ordered a cup to sate their addiction. If they drank a cup every day, they would become a pauper very quickly.

"Sure, but what was your test result?" one of the Ranger's teammates asked curiously.

"My NPC can become an Adventurer. Moreover, he even obtained a B-rank rating for the Shield Warrior's evaluation! They say he'll become a powerful Shield Warrior in the future!" the Ranger boasted.

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