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Chapter 568 - Epic Ranked Tool

The moment Shi Feng said these words, Schneider's eyes suddenly glowed. It was obvious that the Berserker King was tempted.

The Starstreak Trading Firm had only offered him 1,000 Gold as remuneration for getting rid of the Black Scorpion Corps. However, the Captain of the Black Scorpion Corps was a Tier 3 expert. It would not be easy for him to secure a victory. Not to mention, the Captain of the Black Scorpion Corps also had plenty of underlings.

On the other hand, taking a single contract from the President of the Starstreak Trading Firm would be child's play, and the remuneration he would obtain was six times what the Starstreak Trading Firm had offered him.

Sure enough, there is room for negotiation in this quest.

Seeing Schneider's tempted gaze, Shi Feng knew that he was in for a show.

As one part of an Epic Quest, how could the final reward possibly be limited to a ticket leading to the next phase of the quest?

Moreover, a Tier 3 NPC would be considered a big shot in whichever city they visited. Such a character would not appear in a small place like the Starstreak Trading Firm for no good reason.

At this moment, Henry could no longer remain calm. Hurriedly, he said, "Your Excellency Ye Feng must be joking. Since you are so sincere, I believe that Anna will have a better future if she follows Your Excellency."

After Henry agreed, he immediately took out Anna's contract.

Shi Feng also handed over 36,000 Gold without hesitation. This was all of the capital currently in his possession.

If not for the Candlelight Trading Firm and Guild Residence earning him quite a lot of money these past few days, he would not have had so many Coins. After this transaction, he was a pauper once more.

However, Shi Feng did not mind.

Coins were meant to be spent. Otherwise, by the time players reached higher levels, the value of Gold would depreciate. Moreover, this exchange had been a bargain. After all, he had only spent 6,000 Gold to obtain a possible Fine-Gold ranked guard.

In the past, even Mysterious-Iron ranked physical guards went for over a thousand Gold; the price was equivalent to an Epic item of average quality. If it were a Secret-Silver physical guard, that price would multiply by tenfold, reaching over 10,000 Gold.

Meanwhile, the cost for a Secret-Silver magical guard would multiply by another ten. In other words, the value of a Secret-Silver ranked magical guard was at least 100,000 Gold. Even so, the supply of Secret-Silver magical guards was practically nonexistent. Anyone who discovered such guards would keep them for their own. n.o.body would be so foolish as to give a Secret-Silver magical guard away, to say nothing of Fine-Gold ranked guards.

After Shi Feng obtained Anna's contract, the sound of a system notification rang out by his ears.

System: Anna's Favorability towards you has increased by 30 points.

"Your Excellency Ye Feng, this is the Tier 4 magic scroll that President Henry promised you," Anna said as she revealed a tattered scroll surrounded by a flashing purple glow.

Although the scroll looked worn, the magic power contained within caused even Schneider, a Tier 3 Berserker King, to palpitate with fear.

There was even less of a need to mention Shi Feng, who was only a Tier 1 Blade Saint.

The power within a Tier 4 magic scroll was the equivalent of a full-powered blow from a Tier 4 cla.s.s. It could easily and heavily injure a Tier 4 cla.s.s. It could even wound a Tier 5 cla.s.s, not to mention Tier 3 cla.s.ses or ant-like Tier 1 cla.s.ses.

A magic scroll that has survived through the ancient times is extraordinary. It can practically rival the strength of an Epic item.

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