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Chapter 566 - Epic Treasure Chest Secured

Shi Feng fell silent upon hearing Phoenix Rain's words.

Negotiations were normal when one sought cooperation, and people would normally strive to obtain the greatest benefits for themselves.

This might seem like a smart move, but contrary to popular belief, it placed one at a disadvantage. As neither side knew the other party's bottom line, the one to make the first offer would reveal their bottom line to their opponent.

Moreover, after Phoenix Rain had said as much, how could he possibly take advantage of her?

Even after a long moment, Shi Feng did not answer. However, Phoenix Rain was not anxious in the slightest. On the contrary, she leisurely admired the scenery.

"Twenty percent. What do think?" Shi Feng finally said after pondering for some time.

"Twenty percent?" Phoenix Rain was stunned, looking at Shi Feng as if saying, "Are you kidding me?"

The connections the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion possessed were exactly what the trading firm needed most, as having a wide range of connections meant that more people would purchase the trading firm's products. Not to mention, the Candlelight Trading Firm would also get its hands on a large supply of raw materials, recipes, and forging designs. These were items that a trading firm lacked the most.

Currently, although the Candlelight Trading Firm's range of influence had grown quite wide, it only had control over two truly useful cities. One was White River City, while the other was Star-Moon City. If the Candlelight Trading Firm worked with her, it could spread its influence to dozens of major cities. The profit it could rake in at that time would surpa.s.s its current income dozens of times.

Meanwhile, the only things the Candlelight Trading Firm could offer in this cooperation was Coins and products such as the Intermediate Mana Armor Kits, Light Stones, and Basic Strengthened Armor Kits. Aside from that, there was nothing special about the Candlelight Trading Firm.

Yet, Shi Feng had only offered her 20% of the Firm's shares.

Normally, anyone else would willingly offer 50%, or even 60%, of the Firm's shares.

"That's right, 20%. This is the most that I can offer. If you cannot accept this amount, we can let it go at that," Shi Feng said earnestly.

Phoenix Rain did not know that, before this, Shi Feng's offer to Gentle Snow was only 15% of Zero Wing's shares. Moreover, this included the annexation of Ouroboros. Although Phoenix Rain could provide far more connections than Ouroboros, currently, such things were unnecessary to Shi Feng.

Cooperating with Phoenix Rain would provide him with a ma.s.sive advantage during the early stages of the game. However, at its core, a trading firm relied not on connections, but on the products it sold.

To become iron, the metal itself must be strong.

Take the Overwhelming Trading Firm for example. Even though it possessed more connections than the Candlelight Trading Firm, so what?

If not for the Flame Dragon Potion, the Overwhelming Trading Firm would have long since lost its compet.i.tive edge.

As long as a trading firm possessed a product unique to itself, there was no need to fear a lack of customers.

For example, if the Candlelight Trading Firm sold an Epic item, even players from other kingdoms and empires would willingly foot the exorbitant teleportation fee to visit the Trading Firm.

Most importantly, the Candlelight Trading Firm possessed an advantage that no other trading firm possessed, and that was the Special Workshops available only in 2-star Shops or above. With these Workshops, the Candlelight Trading Firm could nurture a large number of Forgers and other Lifestyle players. Not only was this method efficient, but it was also cost-efficient.

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