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Chapter 564 - Demon Queen

Phoenix Rain did not grow anxious at the lack of response from Shi Feng. She simply sipped her black tea as she waited quietly for Shi Feng's answer.

It was as if she were not afraid of Shi Feng rejecting her offer whatsoever.

An Epic Treasure Chest was incredibly precious. One could say that it was far rarer than an Epic item. The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had been lucky to stumble upon it by chance. To secure it, they had even paid a colossal price.

As for what one could obtain from an Epic Treasure Chest?

Even if an Epic item with bad Attributes dropped, its value would still be significant.

There was no need to mention how much the chest would benefit a guild if it contained something even better than an Epic item. Just using it as a gimmick would allow a Guild's reputation to soar, not to mention letting an expert equip it and enter a Dungeon.

As there was a limited number of players allowed to enter a Dungeon at a single time, the quality of players entering a Dungeon would significantly impact the raiding progression. If a Guild allowed one of its experts to equip an Epic item, the total damage of any team said expert joined would instantly rise to a whole new level.

Naturally, the team's raid progression would be much faster than other Guilds, having a significantly higher chance of obtaining the First Clear of a Dungeon. The team could also challenge Dungeons that other Guilds found impossible to raid. The amount of money one could save from the losses the team suffered while raiding the Dungeon would be ma.s.sive.

No Guild with any ambition would let this golden opportunity slip through their fingers, much less the extraordinarily ambitious Zero Wing.

"Can Phoenix Pavilion Master tell me the method to open this Epic Treasure Chest?" Shi Feng asked after pondering for some time.

Although it was his first time seeing an Epic Treasure Chest, he had not forgotten the treasure chest's traits due to his excitement.

In G.o.d's Domain, the higher ranked a treasure chest was, the more difficult it would be to open.

Although Shi Feng had no idea how stringent the conditions were to open an Epic Treasure Chest, he knew that even a Dark-Gold Treasure Chest required a key. It was impossible that an Epic Treasure Chest would have no requirements.

The moment Shi Feng asked this question, Phoenix Rain could not help but carefully reevaluate her opinion of Shi Feng.

"I did not expect Guild Leader Black Flame to remain so calm despite seeing an Epic Treasure Chest. It would seem that Nine Dragons Emperor did not lose without reason," Phoenix Rain praised.

Any ordinary person's first reaction when seeing a treasure chest would be to claim it for themselves. Even the Guild Leader of a first-rate Guild, someone who had undergone the tempering of many storms, would grow excited should they encounter an Epic Treasure Chest. It was simply impossible to stay calm. After all, the potential benefits one could gain from an Epic Treasure Chest were almost limitless, so much so that it could be the turning point of a Guild. Hence, how could anyone possibly stay calm when an Epic Treasure Chest was within their reach?

Yet, Shi Feng had not forgotten the fact that there was no such thing as a free lunch in this world.

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