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Chapter 563 - Epic Treasure Chest

Just as Shi Feng finished tidying up the Intermediate Mana Armor Kits he had forged and was about to head towards the Starstreak Trading Firm to complete his quest, Melancholic Smile suddenly rushed into the room, obviously agitated.

"Why the hurry? Did something big happened?" Shi Feng could not help but ask.

"People from the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion are here." Melancholic Smile hurriedly said, "They say they must meet with you. Moreover, they wish to hand you an item personally. They say that this item will be a huge help to you, and if you do not take a look at it, you will regret it in the future."

"Regret it, huh?" Shi Feng laughed. "This Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion truly is interesting. I've just defeated them, and already, they're sending gifts? Let's go see what they're up to, then."

The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion was a super-first-rate Guild. Although it had suffered ma.s.sive losses in its war against Zero Wing, with the Pavilion's background, it should have already recovered most of its losses. As for the possibility of the Pavilion starting another war with Zero Wing, that was highly unlikely.

Hence, the fact that someone from the Pavilion had come looking for him confused Shi Feng. He had no idea of what the Pavilion was up to.

After entering the reception room, Shi Feng noticed that the Pavilion had only sent one person to meet with him this time.

However, the moment Shi Feng saw this person, he was immediately shocked.

Why is she here?

Shi Feng looked at the girl, who approached him slowly, the scene of many legendary wars that occurred in his previous life surfacing in his mind.

This woman was none other than the protagonist of those legendary wars, Phoenix Rain.

The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion was split into two Pavilions. One was the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion, while the other was the Phoenix Pavilion. Of the two, Nine Dragons Emperor controlled the Heavenly Dragon Pavilion, while Phoenix Rain managed the Phoenix Pavilion.

Although Nine Dragons Emperor looked quite young, he had merely managed to retain his youth due to the technology of this era and exercise. In reality, Nine Dragons Emperor's real age had long since pa.s.sed 35.

Even so, the fact that Nine Dragons Emperor had been able to become the Pavilion Master of a super-first-rate Guild at the age of 35 showed that he was a promising talent.

However, Phoenix Rain was even more amazing. Despite still being in her early twenties, she had already become the Pavilion Master of the Phoenix Pavilion. In the past, her deeds in the virtual gaming world had been legendary. As a result, the time when Phoenix Rain had reigned over the Phoenix Pavilion had been hailed as the Pavilion's golden age. During that time, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had rapidly grown stronger.

At present, Phoenix Rain was the reason that everyone considered the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion as a Guild that was closest to becoming a Super Guild.

Even the extraordinarily mysterious Great Pavilion Master of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion was willing to allow Phoenix Rain to succeed him, becoming the Great Pavilion Master.

Currently, Phoenix Rain wore a bright red mage's robe, the robe showcasing her exquisite figure. Every one of her actions carried an air of bewitchment, causing others to submit voluntarily.

"h.e.l.lo, Guild Leader Black Flame. This young woman is known as Phoenix Rain, the Phoenix Pavilion Master of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion."

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