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Chapter 561 - Business

Overwhelming Smile's Guild Residence:

Overwhelming Smile's upper echelons currently filled the magnificent meeting room.

Every one of them wore depressed expressions.

Sitting at the head of the table, Feng Xuanyang appeared utterly defeated.

Zero Wing's victory over the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had dealt a psychological blow to every member of Overwhelming Smile.

Originally, n.o.body had believed that Zero Wing could survive the great war against the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion.

Now, however, Zero Wing was like the sun at high noon, and many Overwhelming Smile members in White River City had already considered withdrawing from the Guild.

Ever since Overwhelming Smile began warring with Zero Wing, ma.s.sive battles would ensue whenever the Guilds met outside the city. Previously, they had maintained a balance against Zero Wing, fighting on equal footing. Now, Zero Wing suppressed them completely. Their morale wasn't the only thing that fell with each consecutive fight; their Levels were decreasing rapidly as well.

On the other hand, Zero Wing grew more valiant and stronger with every pa.s.sing fight.

Right now, Overwhelming Smile's members no longer dared don their Guild's Emblem when they left the city, deeply afraid that Zero Wing's members would recognize them. As a result of this depressing situation, many players had begun withdrawing from Overwhelming Smile.


"Why do I have such bad luck? Back in the day, I had been adamant about joining Overwhelming Smile. If I had known something like this would happen, I would've remained in Zero Wing. At the very least, I would have been a party leader there by now."

"I know, right? Even being a normal member would be fine, not to mention being a party leader!"

Many of Overwhelming Smile's members resting in the Guild Residence chatted among themselves. At this moment, the players that had defected from Zero Wing regretted their decision.

It was especially true when they saw the Zero Wing members who had been less-skilled when they left that could now defeat them easily.

After only half a day, more than 3,000 Overwhelming Smile members in White River City had withdrawn from the Guild due to Zero Wing's recruitment. One could just imagine how huge of a blow this was to Overwhelming Smile. However, the most damaging aspect was that more players considered defecting as time pa.s.sed; even some of Overwhelming Smile's middle managers began to express such inclinations.


"Do any of you have any ideas of what we can do about this?" Feng Xuanyang asked as he swept his gaze around the meeting room.

However, none of the upper managers in the room answered Feng Xuanyang's question. They remained silent. It was not because they did not wish to answer Feng Xuanyang. Rather, they simply did not know what to say.

Before this, their Guild had recruited players in bulk and had even poached plenty of elite players from Zero Wing. Even now, their Guild's member count greatly surpa.s.sed Zero Wing. However, when it came to an actual fight, they realized that having the advantage of numbers was of little to no use.

Currently, whether it was in terms of Levels or equipment, Overwhelming Smile was no match for Zero Wing at all. Even its momentum was significantly slower than Zero Wing's.

What could they do in such a situation?

Moreover, the war between their Guild and Zero Wing was like a bottomless pit. No matter how much money they tossed into that hole each day, they could not fill it.

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