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Chapter 559 - Growing Stronger

The number of equipment on the statistical list exceeded 20,000. Most of the equipment originally belonged to the Zero Wing members who had partic.i.p.ated in the war, so those had to be returned. In addition, they had to take into account the reward for killing enemy players as well as death subsidies. However, even after deducting all the necessary expenses, they still had over 5,000 pieces of equipment remaining.

Initially, Shi Feng thought Zero Wing would only gain a slight profit from this war. After all, Zero Wing's army of over 10,000 elites had practically suffered complete annihilation; only a few hundred elites remained alive at the end of the war. As for the Tier 1 core members, only several dozens survived.

The compensation for the losses of over 10,000 elite members and hundreds of core members was astronomical.

Having a surplus of more than 5,000 pieces of equipment surpa.s.sed Shi Feng's expectations entirely.

"We are fortunate that the Pavilion members' equipment is of excellent quality, unlike the previous battles we fought before when there were barely enough spoils of war to go around, even though our losses were not significant back then." At this moment, Aqua Rose was overjoyed.

The Guilds they had fought in the past were much poorer compared to the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. The enemy Guilds back then consisted mostly of ordinary players, with only a small number of elite players; the equipment they could drop was naturally of low quality. Bronze and Mysterious-Iron Equipment was considered top-tier goods for those Guilds. Now, however, the enemies they had killed were the elites and experts of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. Naturally, the items they dropped were on an entirely different level in terms of quality.

The majority of the equipment worn by the Pavilion's elite members was Level 20 Secret-Silver Equipment, with the weakest being Level 20 Mysterious-Iron Equipment, and the strongest being Level 20 Fine-Gold Equipment. As for the members of the War Dragon Legion, all the equipment they wore was Level 25, with the majority being Level 25 Fine-Gold Equipment, and the weakest being Level 25 Secret-Silver Equipment. A few legionnaires even had Level 25 Dark-Gold Equipment. Naturally, the items they dropped were astounding.

Currently, Level 20 Bronze Equipment was being sold for around 20 Silver. Even Mysterious-Iron Equipment sold for around 40 Silver only. However, the prices for Secret-Silver Equipment was a different story altogether.

With the difference of just one rank, the price increased from around 40 Silver straight up to around 90 Silver. If it were Secret-Silver Equipment meant for MTs, the price would go further, up to 1 Gold 20 Silver.

This disparity was mainly due to the sheer difficulty in obtaining Secret-Silver Equipment.

In Level 20, six-man Party Dungeons, even at h.e.l.l Mode, there was only a fixed chance for Secret-Silver Equipment to drop. Only ten-man h.e.l.l Mode Team Dungeons would drop Secret-Silver Equipment with 100% certainty, with a small chance of dropping Fine-Gold Equipment.

Most players in G.o.d's Domain were just beginning to raid Level 20, ten-man Team Dungeons, and the number of teams that could raid h.e.l.l Mode was very low. With the tight supply of Level 20 Secret-Silver Equipment, it was only natural for prices to be a lot higher.

As for Level 20 Fine-Gold Equipment, its prices were even more inflated. Each piece of such equipment sold for at least four Gold. Normally, only 20-man h.e.l.l Mode Team Dungeons would drop Fine-Gold Equipment with 100% certainty. Meanwhile, there was only a fixed chance for one to drop in Hard Mode. Hence, Fine-Gold Equipment was much rarer, and its price much higher.

If Level 20 equipment was already like this, there was no need to mention Level 25 equipment.

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