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Chapter 557 - Qualifications to Become an Overlord

"What kind of NPC is this?"

Nine Dragons Emperor shot up from his seat the instant he saw Blood Dragon and Dust Dragon instant-killed, an expression of shock plastered over his face.

n.o.body had a better understanding than he did of Blood Dragon's and Dust Dragon's strengths.

Although the two of them were not a match for Martial Dragon, no one was likely to be a match for them when the two of them were working together.

Even a Level 40 High Lord would not be able to kill both of them in a single strike.

The only possibility was that this NPC was too powerful—so powerful that players simply had no way of resisting him.

"Kite, kill them all! Leave none alive!" Shi Feng no longer held back. He immediately commanded Kite to begin his slaughter.

In the past, Kite was t.i.tled the Windbreaker.

In the entire G.o.d's Domain, very few Personal Guards possessed a t.i.tle. The t.i.tle itself, though, was only a t.i.tle; it did not provide any bonus Attributes or contribute to the improvement of the Personal Guard's combat power.

However, having a t.i.tle signified that an NPC was not an ordinary cla.s.s but a hidden cla.s.s.

Some hidden cla.s.ses were weak, while some were strong. Windbreaker definitely ranked within the Peak Cla.s.ses. In addition, as a Personal Guard, Kite himself also possessed frightening Growth Potential. Hence, Kite had become practically invincible when going up against an enemy of the same Level and Tier in the past.

Back in the days, the Lifestyle player that owned Kite had relied on this Personal Guard to become an existence that n.o.body in G.o.d's Domain could ignore. Even Super Guilds did not wish to offend this Lifestyle player casually.

What about now?

Back then, even a Lifestyle player had managed to nurture Kite into a Tier 5 Sword Saint capable of overwhelming any Tier 5 player or NPC. Meanwhile, in this life, Shi Feng was the one nurturing Kite. Not only could Shi Feng provide greater financial support, but Kite's current Growth Potential was also higher than what he had in the past. Now, dealing with players of a lower Level and Tier was practically child's play to Kite.

After Kite received Shi Feng's command, he transformed into a fierce gale that swept across the members of the War Dragon Legion.

The Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights of the War Dragon Legion hurriedly dashed to the forefront, attempting to block Kite's a.s.sault.

Unfortunately for them, Kite was just too fast. With a simple leap, he arrived behind the Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights. He then used a Tier 2 Skill, Wind Ferret, sending all players within thirty yards flying up into the air. In the next moment, Kite began brandishing his swords, shooting hundreds of wind blades outwards like a lotus flower that pierced the bodies of the players suspended in midair.

Even though these players were Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights, their HPs still fell by the thousands. In the blink of an eye, their 6,000 or 7,000 HPs bottomed out, though a fortunate few managed to survive Kite's barrage of attacks. However, as they were too high up in the air, when they landed on the ground, the fall took away their last strand of HP…

In just a moment, the War Dragon Legion had lost dozens of members.

Seeing this scene where players fell to the ground like dumplings, one after another, everyone was utterly stupefied.

n.o.body had imagined that a Tier 2 NPC could actually be this mighty. Moreover, aside from him being strong, even Kite's combat techniques were more powerful than those of many experts.

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