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Chapter 555 - Winner and Loser

Black Flame pushed Martial Dragon back!


Every Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion member within Zero Wing's Residence was dumbfounded!

Meanwhile, the players watching from afar were similarly rendered speechless, their minds repeatedly playing that scene from before.

Although neither side had used any profound techniques and had only exchanged a straightforward blow, it was precisely this simplicity that allowed everyone to see the difference between the two very clearly.

Shi Feng's Attributes were absolutely mind-blowing.

"s.h.i.t! Just what kind of equipment is Black Flame wearing?!" Feng Xuanyang's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets at this scene.

Martial Dragon was a Level 28 Berserker. Moreover, the majority of his equipment was Level 25 Dark-Gold Equipment. The weapon he wielded was even one of indiscernible quality, but judging from its appearance, it should certainly be above Dark-Gold rank. This equipment composition could definitely be among the very best in G.o.d's Domain. Even if Black Flame were fully geared in Dark-Gold Equipment, he would not be that much stronger than Martial Dragon.

Moreover, Black Flame was only a Swordsman, a very well-balanced cla.s.s in terms of Attributes. Normally, a Swordsman's Strength would be inferior to a Berserker's, and his Agility would be inferior to an a.s.sa.s.sin's. Yet, now, Black Flame had actually managed to force back an apex Berserker like Martial Dragon with a single hit…

Just how outstanding was Black Flame's equipment to pull off such a feat?

At this moment, Nine Dragons Emperor, who was leisurely watching the battle from afar, had an expression of immense joy on his face, his eyes fully focused on Shi Feng—as if he had just seen a peerless beauty.

Although Nine Dragons Emperor was indeed surprised at seeing Martial Dragon forced into a retreat, he was much more delighted at discovering the peerless equipment that made such a feat possible.

"Uncle Chen, order the ones below to obtain Black Flame's equipment!" Nine Dragons Emperor instructed the old man beside him, his eyes shining brightly.

"Understood!" The old man addressed as Uncle Chen immediately made a bow and left his position.

A short moment later, the old man arrived with quick steps at the balcony of the private room, then abruptly shouted, "War Dragon Legion, listen up! Plunder every piece of equipment on Black Flame's body and leave nothing behind!"

Although the old man was quite aged, his voice was extraordinarily loud when he shouted. Practically everyone in the neighborhood had heard him.

"Is the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion stupid? Didn't they see how Black Flame repulsed Martial Dragon in a single hit? Who could possibly kill him and plunder his equipment? Also, even if they plan on plundering someone's equipment, there shouldn't be a need to announce it publicly like that, right?" some ordinary players spectating from the sidelines ridiculed.

When the members of Zero Wing heard the old man's words, they nearly spat out blood in anger.

The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion was completely looking down on them.

For a time, Zero Wing's members fought with even greater ferocity.

Although the spectating ordinary players made fun of Nine Dragons Emperor's foolishness, none of the upper managers of other first-rate Guilds were laughing.

They knew full well just how powerful the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion was.

Despite the currently brief duration of the battle, the death toll was already extremely frightening.

The battlefield, which initially had nearly 30,000 players, now had less than 20,000 players remaining. The majority of the survivors also belonged to the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. Even the War Dragon Legion had over 800 members still alive. Overall, the Pavilion's losses were light. In contrast, Zero Wing's side…

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