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Chapter 554 - Overwhelming Attributes

Although this new voice was not loud, Martial Dragon's sharp gaze immediately locked onto its origin.

In the direction Martial Dragon was looking at, a plain-looking man in armor slowly emerged the warring crowd.

Despite so many players focusing on killing each other, n.o.body had bothered to attack this man. It was as if none of these people had noticed him. Everyone was still focused on dealing with their own opponents.

Only when this man's black sword pierced through the backs of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's elites, did these elites notice the man's existence. By then, however, it was too late.

Since the war had begun, n.o.body had noticed that this ordinary-looking man had killed many War Dragon legionnaires and Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion elites. He was practically a G.o.d of silent death.

"One-hit Asura!" Surprise and excitement filled Martial Dragon's eyes as they landed on Shi Feng. "Sure enough, your reputation is well deserved. You really do possess some ability."

A technique that could allow one to move unnoticed was no trivial matter.

The concept might sound very simple, but when it came to its realization, not many could achieve it. This required a combination of special breathing techniques and footwork. Not to mention, Shi Feng even wielded this technique with such ease.

Despite having met many experts in the past, Martial Dragon had never encountered one capable of such a technique.

One could say that such a technique was extremely convenient in a group battle.

Since this technique could allow a player to avoid attention, then it could naturally be used in reverse as well, forcing others to focus on oneself.

Martial Dragon had originally intended to finish off Fire Dance with his last attack. However, due to that sudden surge of killing intent from Shi Feng, Martial Dragon felt as if someone had suddenly appeared behind him. Martial Dragon had no choice but to halt his attack in order to respond to the new enemy, allowing Fire Dance to escape with her life as a result.

"Fire Dance, go deal with someone else. Leave him to me." Shi Feng sent Fire Dance a private message.

"Guild Leader, be careful." Fire Dance nodded. Although Fire Dance was reluctant, she turned and moved to deal with other enemies.

Martial Dragon glanced at Fire Dance's departing figure, not bothering to chase after the a.s.sa.s.sin. Instead, he focused his attention on the slowly approaching Shi Feng.


"What's going on with Martial Dragon?! Fire Dance was within his grasp; why didn't he finish her off before moving on to deal with Black Flame?!" Feng Xuanyang, who watched the fight from afar, shouted with frustration and confusion.

His hatred for Zero Wing ran deep, and he wanted nothing more than to kill Zero Wing's upper managers hundreds of times. If not for Zero Wing, he would not have encountered so many problems. He would have long since become the hidden overlord of Star-Moon Kingdom's Eastern Region rather than ending up in his current dire state. He even had to obey the Seven Ghosts.

"Young Master Feng, Martial Dragon is not at fault here. It isn't because Martial Dragon didn't wish to finish her off, but because he couldn't," Third Ghost said, laughing bitterly. He then explained, "Fire Dance is much faster than Martial Dragon. If she focuses on running away, even Martial Dragon cannot catch her. Not to mention, Black Flame has currently locked onto Martial Dragon. If he attempts to chase after Fire Dance, he will reveal a gap in his defense, giving Black Flame an opportunity to attack. Black Flame's combat power is astounding. He is far above Fire Dance. Moreover, that technique that makes others ignore his presence is also the perfect technique for a.s.sa.s.sinations.

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