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Chapter 553 - The Difference of Top-tier Equipment

"How about it? This should be sufficient to convince you to join the War Dragon Legion, right?" Martial Dragon asked once again.

This time, instead of replying, Fire Dance quietly stared Martial Dragon.

Just what kind of monster is this person? Why did I feel that death was right before me when he was still ten yards away? After undergoing special training for a time, Fire Dance's strength had undergone a qualitative improvement. Lei Bao's training had especially helped her improve her control over her own body. Her senses had become far more sensitive as well.

Meanwhile, as Fire Dance stared Martial Dragon, she felt as if she stood before a towering mountain.

Particularly, when Martial Dragon was only ten yards away from her, it felt like that towering mountain had instantly appeared above her and physically pressed down on her. At that very instant, she felt as if her life was no longer under her control.

This feeling was different from the pressure she normally felt when facing a powerful enemy. It felt as if everything within a 10-yard radius of Martial Dragon was completely under the Berserker's control.

Fire Dance could not believe it.

She could not figure out just how Martial Dragon had achieved such a feat.

Martial Dragon was clearly a Berserker. Aside from a few specific Skills, a Berserker's normal attack range was limited to five or six yards. Moreover, the Dark G.o.d's Descent had silenced everyone, and none of them could use any Skills. Yet, Martial Dragon had an attack range of ten yards and could even inflict a feeling of impending doom.

Even Fire Dance began to wonder if she was hallucinating due to her fatigue from her recent training. However, ever since she had started playing G.o.d's Domain, her senses had not led her astray, so how could she possibly be mistaken now?

Hence, Fire Dance immediately retreated from Martial Dragon.

However, dragging on this fight was not a solution. After giving it some thought, Fire Dance gritted her teeth as she prepared to test herself against Martial Dragon.

In the next moment, Fire Dance transformed into a black shadow as she dashed towards Martial Dragon.

In terms of Attributes, Fire Dance was confident that she was superior to Martial Dragon for no reason other than the Tier 1 Set Equipment for a.s.sa.s.sins, the Dark Melody Set Equipment, that Shi Feng had given her. After equipping this set, not only had her Attributes received a ma.s.sive boost, but she was also able to display her combat power more efficiently.

In front of absolute strength, all manner of trickery was useless.

Regarding techniques, Fire Dance and the others had already improved significantly due to Lei Bao and Shi Feng's training. They could be considered super-first-rate experts. In actual combat, they were definitely superior to the ordinary members of the War Dragon Legion. They might not be able to solo a Chieftain of the same level, but they could hold their ground against one for a relatively long time. After factoring in the Tier 1 Set Equipment and their top-tier Dark-Gold Weapons, they could easily solo a Chieftain of the same level. They could even challenge a Lord.

After all, a Tier 1 Set Equipment was only inferior to an Epic Set Equipment. The Attribute increase it provided was no small matter. Furthermore, every one of them had equipped three Intermediate Mana Armor Kits. In terms of Attributes, they completely overwhelmed the War Dragon Legion's ordinary members.

Even against the Commander of the War Dragon Legion, Martial Dragon, this was the case.

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