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Chapter 614 - Demon Gate

Just as Shi Feng pondered Sharlyn's ident.i.ty, a hint of shock surfaced in the Red Official's golden eyes.

“You have actually obtained it!” Sharlyn could not help but reevaluate her opinion of Shi Feng. “And here I thought you would bring me a replica to help you solve your problem.”

Hearing this, surprise appeared on Shi Feng's face.

He had only discovered the truth about the replica from the Fallen Angel Serena. He had not expected Sharlyn to know about it as well.

Sharlyn could see the question floating in Shi Feng's mind. Smiling, she explained, “The Bible of Darkness is not an ordinary item. The Lord of Destruction crafted this item, and it is a treasure used to gain dominance over all Demonic Creatures. Even though the Bible has been destroyed, it still holds boundless power. There are countless powerhouses who wish to obtain it. In the past, plenty of strong people tried going to the Dark Den to obtain the Bible of Darkness. In the end, however, they only managed to return with replicas.

“Even so, a replica of the Bible of Darkness still possesses a certain degree of power. There are no problems with using it to solve your Great Demon problem. Only, at the end of the day, a replica is still a replica. While it might be useful to a weak little Adventurer like you, to high-tiered powerhouses, it is hardly worth anything.”

It is no wonder why Fantasy Extinguisher stopped using the Bible of Darkness after he became a Tier 4 cla.s.s. Shi Feng came to a realization after listening to Sharlyn's explanation.

In the past, Fantasy Extinguisher had made a name for himself by relying on the Bible of Darkness and had even enabled the Fantasy Shrine to overwhelm the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's Guild Branch. However, after Fantasy Extinguisher became a Tier 4 Spirit Emperor, he stopped using the Bible of Darkness. Back then, everyone had thought that Fantasy Extinguisher had dropped the Bible of Darkness and lost it after someone had killed him.

Epic items, particularly special Epic items like the Bible of Darkness, an item that would take effect even when inside a player's bag, would not lose its worth with the pa.s.sing of time. Even a Tier 5 expert could continue to use it. After all, Fragmented Legendary and Legendary items were simply too rare. Even Tier 6 G.o.d-ranked players would not necessarily own such items. Owning a unique Epic item was still quite impressive.

As Shi Feng reexamined the situation, he realized that it was highly possible that the replica of the Bible of Darkness could only display its worth up until Tier 3. If it were not helpful to Tier 4 cla.s.ses, Fantasy Extinguisher would not have continued to use it.

“Take it out, then,” Sharlyn said softly, her eyes smiling.

Shi Feng carefully retrieved the Bible of Darkness from his bag and placed it on the table beside him.

“Mhm. Sure enough, it's the real deal. You really are quite the capable fellow. Do you know just how many powerhouses are trying to retrieve the Bible of Darkness? In the end, everyone only returns with a replica. If they knew that a little fellow like you had the real thing, they would most likely go crazy from anger.” Sharlyn nodded, smiling as she scrutinized the Bible of Darkness. She then continued, “Since you brought me the genuine article, I'll give you two options.

“The first option is free of charge. For this option, you'll be able to solve the problem of the Great Demon descending on you.

“The second option will cost you 1,500 Gold and 100 Soul Crystals. For this option, you can be done once and for all, destroying the Great Demon that targets you.”

Sure enough… Shi Feng could not help but send Sharlyn a contemptuous gaze. Currently, he had a little over 1,600 Gold in his bag. This was the money the Candlelight Trading Firm had made while he had been absent. If he gave it all to Sharlyn, he would become a pauper once more.

However, even so, Shi Feng gritted his teeth and handed over the money.

If he had chosen the first option, although it might seem like he had dealt with the Great Demon, in reality, Sharlyn would only weaken the descended Great Demon to a level that he could cope with. He would still have to deal with the Great Demon's will descending on him every so often until he could defeat and kill it.

In the past, the darkness's descent plagued Fantasy Extinguisher, requiring him to deal with a weakened Great Demon every-so-often and throwing his Guild, Fantasy Shrine, into chaos.

The fact that he had a second option was considerably lucky.

This might be the difference between a replica and the genuine product.

Sharlyn received the Coins and Soul Crystals with a saintly smile. Nodding with satisfaction, she said, “Alright, step back.”

Following Sharlyn's request, Shi Feng moved more than thirty yards away from her.

Meanwhile, Sharlyn held up the Bible of Darkness. After flipping through a few pages, she began chanting a series of incantations, her hand continuously tracing out a line of runes in the air.

As the line of runes grew longer, the Power of Darkness filling the Star-Moon Hall grew denser and denser, to the point where Shi Feng could even see faint black mist appear. This black mist desperately gathered in front of Sharlyn, forming a fourfold magic array. The surrounding s.p.a.ce began to blur as well. The powerful Mana was even capable of suppressing the s.p.a.ce within the hall.

This Mana is simply too powerful. I can't move at all! Shi Feng was shocked as he stared at the fourfold magic array suspended in midair.

A magic array was actually capable of forming its own s.p.a.ce... Chances were that only Tier 5 existences like Sharlyn were capable of forming such an array.

After Sharlyn finished writing the runes, she casually scattered the 100 Soul Crystals before her. Immediately, all 100 Soul Crystals transformed into gray smoke. This gray smoke then formed a pair of silvery-gray gates. There were countless images of Demons engraved on these ancient gates, and every one of these Demons was quite famous throughout G.o.d's Domain. These were existences that even ordinary Tier 4 powerhouses would not dare provoke.

“Are you trying to summon a Demon?” Shi Feng frowned at the gray gates. He could clearly feel how frightening their power was. If the gates opened, horrific creatures would most likely crawl out.

“You've guessed correctly. I am trying to summon a Demon. Moreover, I am summoning the Great Demon that targets you. Otherwise, how you going to get rid of it?” Sharlyn rolled her eyes at Shi Feng. Her golden eyes then shifted back to the gray gates. “In the name of Darkness, I summon thee! Emerge, Great Demon Kildred!”

The moment Sharlyn finished speaking, the gray gates abruptly opened.

“Who dares to summon me?” a cold, dark voice boomed through the gray gates.

Following which, a figure pushed through the gray gates. This figure sported a large pair of black bat wings and two pitch-black goat horns on his head. Pitch-black scaled covered his entire body, and killing intent filled his blood-red eyes.

The moment Kildred appeared, he surveyed his surroundings with his blood-red eyes, and he could not help but sneer at what he saw.

“And here I wondered who had summoned me. It turns out that it's just you, little Divine Official, and that foolish Adventurer,” Kildred said disdainfully as he flapped his wings. “I did not expect that little ants like you could actually obtain the real Bible of Darkness. As your reward for summoning me, I'll collect your souls and the Bible.”

Is this Great Demon stupid? Shi Feng frowned at Kildred, confused.

Kildred was a Level 180 Tier 4 Great Demon. On the other hand, Sharlyn was a Level 200 Tier 5 Red Official. No matter how he looked at it, they were on entirely different levels. Moreover, the Great Demon had actually called Sharlyn a 'little Divine Official.'

Did Kildred believe that he was a Tier 6 Demon G.o.d?

“Huh? Wait a minute…” Shi Feng immediately discovered the problem. For some reason, the Sharlyn before him had somehow fallen from being a Tier 5 Red Official to a Tier 3 Divine Official.

“Little Brother, stop daydreaming. Right now, your task is to kill him,” Sharlyn instructed as she looked at Shi Feng. She paid no attention to the Great Demon Kildred's provocation.

“You wish to kill me, the Great Demon Kildred?! You two must be insane! I'll show you what the consequences are for summoning a Great Demon!” Kildred revealed a malicious grin upon hearing Sharlyn's words. Suddenly, black flames appeared in his hand.

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