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Chapter 591 - New Changes

Just after Shi Feng came online, he suddenly felt his body grow heavier.

It's been quite some time since I experienced the Gravitational System. It really is somewhat difficult to adapt to. Shi Feng stretched and absorbed the sights, sounds, and smells of his surroundings. Based on what his senses experienced, the gravity in this region should be around 1.5 times that of normal gravity.

After G.o.d's Domain evolved the third time, combat and environmental effects in the game had been optimized. Not only could players detect changes in temperature more acutely, but depending on the region one was in, they would also experience a gravitational shift. This change would easily throw players off balance, particularly in battle. This gravitational shift would significantly impact a player's display of their combat power.

A weapon that initially weighed 5kg might become lighter or heavier depending on the area's gravity. It would cause players, who had already grown accustomed to the weight of their weapons, to feel uncomfortable. This would cause deviations when these players activated their Skills, resulting in significant declines in Skill Completion Rates.

Shortly after Shi Feng logged into the game, the members of District One also began to load into the game, one after another.

“What's going on? Why do I suddenly feel sluggish?” A Shield Warrior very quickly discovered that something was amiss.

“It's true. It feels somewhat awkward when I try to swing my greatsword.” A Berserker on the same team clearly felt the problem with his body as well.

Although the other cla.s.ses were similarly affected, the impact to their performance was not as significant as it was for the plate armor cla.s.ses.

“The gravity must have changed.” As one of the top-tier experts in District One, Blue Frost immediately pinpointed the cause of their current predicament. “Since gravity has changed, let's not move unnecessarily for now. We'll leave this place after we adapt.”

Everyone else on the team suddenly understood upon hearing Blue Frost's words, and they began to familiarize themselves with their new weight.

Currently, it was still nighttime in the Dark Den. There were a lot of monsters hunting for food in the fields.

Although Shi Feng and the others had logged into the game in a safe location, a pack of Level 40 Elite ranked Demonic Light Jackals quickly discovered them. These Light Jackals maneuvered their way through the forest swiftly, rapidly approaching Shi Feng and the District One team.

“Not good! A pack of Jackals is approaching!” a Ranger with sharp senses shouted.

Demonic Light Jackals were this area's tyrants. At night, these monsters usually moved in packs of seven to ten. Moreover, a Chieftain and multiple Special Elites usually led these packs.

Facing such a group of monsters was normally extremely difficult. Even death was a possibility. Unfortunately, they were not only missing members, but the gravitational change also affected their combat power significantly. Fighting these Demonic Light Jackals as they were would be a big problem.

“Prepare for battle!” Blue Frost frowned. Hurriedly, he said, “MTs, just focus on pinning down the Jackals. Don't make any rash movements.”

The team from District One had not yet fully adapted to the gravitational shift. This sudden change greatly affected the plate armor cla.s.ses in particular, and it would be quite challenging for them to serve as reliable combatants. The team could only rely on the magical cla.s.ses for now.

“Yes, sir!”

Under Blue Frost's command, everyone on the team fell into formation, prepared to welcome the approaching battle.

Sure enough, after the team took up their positions, Demonic Light Jackals began to emerge from the dark forest, one after another. These Jackals split up into groups of three to five, each group setting their eyes on a single target. Meanwhile, among these groups of Demonic Light Jackals, there were also the larger Special Elite ranked Demonic Claw Jackals and Chieftain ranked Black Demonic Jackals.

[Demonic Claw Jackal] (Demonic Creature, Special Elite)

Level 40

HP 360,000/360,000

[Black Demonic Jackal] (Demonic Creature, Chieftain Rank)

Level 40

HP 1,000,000/1,000,000

“Our luck is really bad. There are eight Demonic Claw Jackals and two Black Demonic Jackals in this group.” Evening Lotus's expression turned grim when she saw the pack of Jackals. “Are there two packs here?”

Normally, each pack only had one Chieftain and three to five Special Elites. Now, the numbers had doubled.

“All Elementalists, use Ice Wall! Try to split them up as much as possible and don't give them any chances to use group tactics!” This was not the first time Blue Frost had fought these Jackals, so he was very familiar with their attack methods.

Upon receiving the command, the dozen or so Elementalists in the team began chanting incantations, casting Ice Walls in an attempt to separate the Jackals. Even if they could not separate them, they could still slow their Movement Speed should the Jackals attempt to gang up on a player.

“Aooo!” the two Black Demonic Jackals howled.

Suddenly, the eighty-plus Demonic Light Jackals began to take action.

Under the command of the Black Demonic Jackals, the Demonic Light Jackals split into two groups. More than thirty mounted a frontal attack, while the remaining 50-plus rounded to the side for a pincer attack.


Four of the Demonic Light Jackals launched themselves towards one of the Level 29 Shield Warriors simultaneously. Although he tried to defend himself with his shield, due to the change in gravity, his movements were somewhat slow. As a result, he suffered the bites of all four Jackals, instantly losing more than half of his HP.

The other melee players faced similar situations. Only the magical cla.s.ses standing in the center of the team had an easier time.

“What's up with these Jackals?”

“Are they actually players in disguise?”

After fighting for some time, everyone quickly discovered that something was off.

The Demonic Light Jackals had actually torn a small hole in their formation, and the moment they did, the Demonic Claw Jackals and Black Demonic Jackals charged through that hole, dashing towards the team's healers.

Using Fierce Gale, one of the Black Demonic Jackals instantly arrived before a Tier 1 Oracle. Before this Oracle could use Mantra Resist, the Chieftain's attack sent him flying, his body transforming into particles of light.

“Something's wrong. These monsters have become smarter! Melees, hold them off as much as possible! We're retreating immediately!” Blue Frost's complexion paled. Even a fool could tell that these monsters had changed.

In the past, while players had pinned them down, these Jackals had not bothered the healers in the rear line at all. Now, the Chieftain and Special Elite ranked Jackals sent their underlings to keep the MTs busy, whereas they set their sights on the team's healers. To player teams, this sudden transformation was fatal!

At this moment, one Demonic Light Jackal had managed to locate a gap and pounced on Shi Feng.

[Demonic Light Jackal] (Demonic Creature, Elite Rank)

Level 40

HP 140,000/140,000

Just as this Elite Jackal's glistening claws were about to sink into Shi Feng's back, he suddenly took half a step to his left and tilted his body. As the Jackal's claws glided past Shi Feng, the Elite monster exposed its body.

The Demonic Light Jackal was as tall as a player, and pitch-black fur covered its entire body. There was also a horn on top of its head. Even if a player wore a Mysterious-Iron Breastplate, this horn could still easily penetrate the armor, breaking through the player's defense. These Jackals were natural-born killers of the night.

Shi Feng then unsheathed the Abyssal Blade, sending a Tier 1 Chop at the Jackal before him.

Three silver moons bloomed from the Demonic Light Jackal's body. Immediately, the Elite monster released an agonizing scream. Its body then slammed into a ma.s.sive tree, frightening damages of -3,076, -4,622, and -9,254 appearing above its head.

System: Chop Completion Rate 92%, resulting in 125% of Skill's effect. Skill Proficiency +4.

With just one Skill, the Demonic Light Jackal lost over 12% of its HP.

“Hmm. Sure enough, the 1.5 times of gravity has caused my Completion Rate to drop significantly.” Shi Feng frowned, disappointed with his attack.

As for the increase in these monsters' intelligence, Shi Feng was not one bit surprised.

As G.o.d's Domain evolved, the monsters in the game would grow increasingly smarter. Currently, these Jackals were only targeting the healers of a team. In the future, they would target the team's commander instead.

However, Shi Feng had no intention of letting these Jackals flaunt their arrogance in front of him.

Adjusting his footwork, he transformed into a shadow as he dashed towards a Level 40 Black Demonic Jackal.

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