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Chapter 585 - Perfect Skill

Although Shi Feng had bombarded the gray barrier all this time, his attention never once left the Great Lord Noya.

High-ranking Bosses in G.o.d's Domain possessed very high intelligence. In a desperate situation, they were capable of carrying out actions that surpa.s.sed one's imaginations.

Forcefully canceling Split caused a ma.s.sive backlash.

Initially, Noya still had over three million HP. Now, however, it only had over two million HP. Moreover, it was obvious that, overall, the Gargoyle had weakened significantly.

This Great Lord is simply insane!

Cold sweat slid down Shi Feng's back as he looked at the black fissure extending towards him.

This move was the Tier 3 Taboo Skill, Dark Annihilation, and it was a Skill known for having the highest single target Attack Power among all Tier 3 Skills. Its might could rival even the Tier 4 Skill, Dimensional Slash. It was a frightening Skill that could only be dodged, not blocked. However, as Dark Annihilation was a very powerful Skill, its user would also receive a strong backlash that would place them in a Weakened state for a long time.

Shi Feng had not expected the Great Lord to be so decisive.

First, it forcefully canceled Split. Now, it even used a Tier 3 Taboo Skill.

Without hesitation, Shi Feng immediately switched to the Aura of Earth and activated Absolute Defense, becoming invincible for five seconds.

Immediately, a golden barrier appeared around Shi Feng's body. The instant the black fissure collided with this barrier, the impact sent Shi Feng flying. He felt as if he had just been struck by a truck. Shi Feng flew over twenty yards through the air, his body slamming into a cliff.

However, Noya was far from done with its attack.

The Gargoyle continued to brandish its scythe, sending a stream of black fissures striking at Shi Feng, who was embedded inside the cliff.

Dark Annihilation was not a one-off Skill. Rather, the Skill functioned to enhance its user's attacks for a certain amount of time.

After suffering over a dozen attacks, the cliff collapsed, transforming into neatly cut gravel that exploded in all directions. This sensational scene stupefied the players of District One, who currently watched from afar.

Compared to their prior battle with Noya, Shi Feng's battle with the Great Lord was on an entirely different level. If Noya had used this move against them, it would have wiped them out instantly. They would not have had a chance.

“d.a.m.n! That Gargoyle had actually been toying with us!” The leading Elementalist tightly gripped his staff, feeling humiliated.

“Leader, this is weird. Why is Noya attacking a cliff instead of us? What's going on here?” a Level 29 Shield Warrior asked curiously. “Has Noya gone insane?”

“That's not it. I've already used Eagle Eyes to take a look. Noya is currently attacking a Swordsman player,” a Ranger explained.

“This Swordsman sure is dumb. He actually tried to steal the Chapter of Darkness while we fought Noya. Does he really think the Gargoyle will let him steal the Chapter so easily? If it were that simple, we would have done it long ago.”

Many players on the team began ridiculing Shi Feng's foolish actions.

“Alright, that's enough. Let's hurry and retreat. If Noya comes after us again, we will truly be finished,” the leading Elementalist said.

Everyone nodded silently before escaping the valley.

Despite their ridicule, they still felt very grateful towards Shi Feng. Just the brief battle against Noya's doppelgangers had reduced their numbers to less than 60. If things had dragged on, none of them would have walked out of here alive.

As everyone turned to leave, the Ranger who had previously used Eagle Eyes suddenly exclaimed, “Team Leader Blue Frost, that Swordsman is still alive!”

“Alive? How can this be? Not even a Shield Warrior with Protection Blessing and Shield Wall can survive. How could a Swordsman possibly live after that attack?” the leading Elementalist named Blue Frost could not bring himself to believe the Ranger's words.

“It's true! If you don't believe me, you can ask the other Rangers as well!” the Ranger replied, his shock clearly written all over his face.

Curious, the other Rangers also activated Eagle Eyes and looked towards the cliff. Immediately, they all found themselves tongue-tied.

When Blue Frost saw the shocked expressions on the other Rangers' faces, he had no choice but to believe it to be true.

“Who is that?” Blue Frost could not help but ask.

Against such an attack, their team of one hundred could only embrace their deaths; it was simply impossible for them to block it. Yet, this mysterious Swordsman had survived against that frightening power. In Blue Frost's memory, a person with such capabilities did not exist. Even those Mavericks he knew of were incapable of doing so.

At this moment, Shi Feng slowly stepped away from the broken cliff, his HP holding steady at 100%.

“Such frightening power.” Shi Feng stretched, the bones all over his body cracking and popping.

After receiving over a dozen Dark Annihilation attacks, he felt as if his entire body was about to fall apart.

If not for the Invincible effect of Absolute Defense, he would be a dead man by now. In G.o.d's Domain, attack and defense Skills were not absolute. In front of absolute power, even invulnerability was useless.

Fortunately, Absolute Defense was not a Skill that current Bosses could overcome. If he had chosen to use Parry or Defensive Blade, he would most likely be dead.

Seeing Shi Feng still alive, Noya's anger burned even brighter. Ignoring its weakened body, the Great Lord swung its scythe towards Shi Feng, adamant in reaping the Swordsman's life.

“You're still not giving up? Do you really think that I won't fight you?” Shi Feng frowned. Immediately, he activated Heavenly Dragon's Power and Blade Liberation, jumping up to meet the Gargoyle in battle.

Even if the Great Lord were in peak condition, Shi Feng would still be confident of putting up a good fight.

Heavenly Dragon's Power increased Shi Feng's Strength Attribute by 100%, and Defense and HP by 300%. Immediately, Shi Feng's HP broke past 30,000; his Defense climbed to more than double that of an MT of the same level.

As for Blade Liberation, when the Skill was used on the Level 30 Abyssal Blade, Shi Feng's Strength increased by 90%. His Agility also increased by 90%.

Although Shi Feng's body had not changed, the power within him right now resembled that of an ancient beast.

The Abyssal Blade transformed into a streak of light as it struck the black scythe in Noya's hands.


An explosion shook the air.

Shi Feng's attack grounded the Level 40 Great Lord, forcing the Gargoyle to retreat by two steps as it landed on the ground. The ground shattered with each step. In contrast, Shi Feng managed to land effortlessly. Turning his feet slightly, he dashed towards the Great Lord.

After activating Heavenly Dragon's Power and Blade Liberation, Shi Feng's mind experienced serenity and clarity like never before. As he arrived before Noya, he activated Purgatory's Power, increasing both his Attack Speed and damage once more. His arm that held onto the Abyssal Blade then reflexively used Chop.

Three full silver moons struck Noya's body from three different directions.

The Abyssal Blade instantly pierced Noya's skin, which was harder than steel. The Great Lord released an anguished cry as the force of the attack threw it backward, frightening damages appearing above his head, one after another.

-5,540, -8,346, -16,650.

The final strike of Chop was even a critical hit. In total, Chop devoured more than 30,000 HP from Noya.

System: Chop Completion Rate 98%, resulting in 160% of Skill's effect. Skill Proficiency +4.

Shi Feng broke his previous record.

Noya raged. It tried to counterattack, but unfortunately for the Great Lord, Shi Feng had long since sensed its intentions. Shifting his body slightly, he easily dodged the Gargoyle's claw. He then leaped into the air, tightening his grip on the Abyssal Blade. In the next moment, countless arcs of lightning and scorching flames emerged from the Abyssal Blade, which then transformed into a meteor that plummeted towards the Great Lord's head. Every movement had been fluid and natural.

Shi Feng felt as if he had gathered all his Strength to a single point, the tip of his sword. The instant he swung the Abyssal Blade, he felt incomparable satisfaction.

Although Noya tried to defend with its scythe, the spatial suppression of Thunder Flame Explosion caused the Great Lord's movements to turn sluggish. Noya could not keep up with the Abyssal Blade's descending speed at all.


Fire and lightning consumed Noya.


System: Thunder Flame Explosion Completion Rate 100%, resulting in 220% of Skill's effect. Skill Proficiency +4.

“Is he human?”

The District One players who watched from afar were stupefied, shock filling their hearts.

A player was actually capable of overwhelming a Level 40 Great Lord all by himself. If others heard of this, n.o.body would believe such a tale. Yet, that was exactly the situation they had just witnessed…

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