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Chapter 503 - Yin-Yang Walker

Shi Feng looked at the Twilight Treasure Chest and pondered his situation carefully.

Currently, he had nearly 120,000 Thank You Gifts on him; they were definitely enough to raise his Reputation to a sufficient level.

The Luck Attribute could be applied in various aspects. Aside from monster drops, Luck also played a significant role in opening treasure chests and gift boxes, though the effects were not as prominent as they were with drops.

However, Icarus's Heart only gave Shi Feng 5 points of Luck under normal circ.u.mstances; that amount was too little to make a significant difference when opening treasure chests.

Based on Shi Feng's understanding of the Luck statistic, 5 points would not even double his drop-rate when opening a treasure chest.

Meanwhile, the Twilight Treasure Chest was famed for being a miser of good items.

Only by activating Divine Providence and boosting his Luck to 25 points would his chances significantly improve when opening a treasure chest. However, Divine Providence only had a duration of 30 seconds, whereas its Cooldown lasted one hour.

"Let's decide after I raise my Reputation," saying so, Shi Feng began opening the Thank You Gifts.

Each Thank You Gift only required one second to open.

Shi Feng opened ten Gifts in a row. Aside from obtaining some Copper Coins, he also obtained two Reputation Books, the Gifts yielding far more than he had expected.

Each Reputation Book could raise the user's Star-Moon City Reputation by 1 point. Unfortunately, the book could not be traded. Otherwise, Shi Feng really would sell them to the public.

However, these Reputation Books' effects weakened as a player's Reputation grew. Below 100 points, the book would raise a player's Reputation by 1 point with a 100% success rate. After reaching 100 points, there was only a 60% chance. At 200 points, that success rate fell further to 30%, 20% at 300 points, and 10% at 400 points. When a player's Reputation reached 500 points, there was only a 3% chance to increase their Reputation by 1 point when using the Reputation Book.

To become a Baron, players required 500 Reputation Points.

To become a Viscount, players required 1,000 Reputation Points.

If Shi Feng hoped to become a Viscount by relying on the Reputation Books, he would have to expend a staggering number. As for becoming a Count, which was one rank above a Viscount, that was practically impossible.

That was because a player needed 3,000 Reputation Points to become a Count.

"The effects of just having 5 points of Luck is really quite good. I wonder if it will be possible to obtain the Mastery Book?" Shi Feng grinned.

With 5 points of Luck, his chance of obtaining Reputation Books from the Thank You Gifts was indeed higher than other players.

However, other than Copper Coins and Reputation Books, there was also an extremely small chance for players to obtain Mastery Books.

Mastery was something very important to any player in G.o.d's Domain. Taking Shi Feng for example, as his Mastery was very high, his basic attacks dealt more damage compared to other players. If he could raise his One-handed Sword Mastery's rank to a Basic Sword Master, he could increase his basic sword attack damage by 30%; that was 10% more than an Advanced Swordsman.

With a 10% difference in basic attacks, the skill damage difference was even higher. Meanwhile, Shi Feng was only dozens of points away from becoming a Basic Sword Master.

If he could obtain Mastery Books, he could advance his combat power further. By the time he went to the Ancient Battlefield to sharpen his techniques, he would also obtain better effects.

Shi Feng then began to open the Thank You Gifts frantically.

One hundred… Three hundred… Five hundred… One thousand…

After spending several hours, Shi Feng opened more than 10,000 Thank You Gifts and obtained a total of 2,000 Reputation Books. In addition, he had also luckily obtained eight Mastery Books.

Each Mastery Book could give him 1 Mastery Point with 100% certainty.

"Will Divine Providence have an effect on the increase in Reputation?" When Shi Feng thought about how, after his Reputation reached 100 points, the Reputation Books no longer gave him 1 Reputation Point with 100% certainty, then meant that luck was involved.

Since luck was involved, then it was definitely related to the Luck Attribute.

Shi Feng grinned slightly as he activated Divine Providence. Suddenly, a faint golden glow covered Shi Feng's body as if he had received a blessing from heaven as he became the absolute focal point inside the entire treasury.

Immediately, Shi Feng began to activate the 2,000 Reputation Books.

The activation process of a Reputation Book was very fast. The book would activate with a single click. Shi Feng could gain many Reputation Books in just 30 seconds.

In the next moment, Shi Feng's finger transformed into an afterimage. With Shi Feng's speed, he could click dozens of times every second. Following which, Shi Feng heard the ringing of a continuous stream of system notifications.

System: Congratulations! You have gained 1 Star-Moon City Reputation Point!

System: Congratulations! You have gained 1 Star-Moon City Reputation Point!

System: Congratulations! You have gained 1 Star-Moon City Reputation Point!

Thirty seconds later, of the 2,000 Reputation Books Shi Feng obtained, only a little more than 700 remained. Meanwhile, Shi Feng's Reputation in Star-Moon City had also risen to 436 points; he was only 64 points away from becoming a Baron. The Divine Providence's effects were remarkable.

"Sure enough, it is effective," Shi Feng immediately grew excited.

Using this method, he could save a large number of Thank You Gifts. At this rate, not to mention becoming a Viscount, he could even give becoming a Count.

Hence, Shi Feng frantically opened Thank You Gifts once more. It just so happened that Divine Providence was on Cooldown during this period.

An hour later, Shi Feng began another round of clicking Reputation Books.

Thirty seconds later, Shi Feng's Reputation rose from 416 points to 578 points.

Following which, Shi Feng continued opening the Thank You Gifts.

After opening more than 30,000 Gifts, Shi Feng's Reputation had finally reached 1,000 points, becoming a Viscount of Star-Moon City. In addition, he had also obtained a total of 21 Mastery Books.

Originally, Shi Feng still intended to continue raising his Reputation. However, seeing as there were less than 90,000 Thank You Gifts remaining, even if he used Divine Providence, it would not be enough for him to become a Count. Hence, Shi Feng gave up on the notion.

However, this result had already surpa.s.sed Shi Feng's initial expectations. Normally, 120,000 Thank You Gifts might not even be enough for him to become a Viscount.

In this aspect, Divine Providence had truly played a significant role.

However, now that Shi Feng had 21 Mastery Books, as long as he strived, he could raise his One-handed Sword Mastery to 150 points, reaching the standard of a Basic Sword Master. Hence, Shi Feng continued the process of opening the Thank You Gifts and had even used Divine Providence to aid him in his endeavor.

After opening another 10,000 or so Thank You Gifts, Shi Feng acc.u.mulated a total of 48 Mastery Books.

Immediately, he upgraded his One-handed Sword Mastery to the standard of a Basic Sword Master, his basic damage increasing by 30%.

At this moment, Shi Feng had less than 80,000 Thank You Gifts remaining. At once, Shi Feng exchanged all of them for Twilight Treasure Chests.

Each Twilight Treasure Chest cost 100 Thank You Gifts. In the end, Shi Feng had gained close to 800 Twilight Treasure Chests. He would have to spend close to 800 Gold if he bought so many anywhere else.

After Divine Providence's Cooldown completed…

"Twilight Treasure Chest, you better not disappoint me!"

Shi Feng took out nine Twilight Treasure Chests and set them on the ground. Taking a deep breath, he immediately activated Divine Providence and swiftly began activating the treasure chests before him.

As time pa.s.sed, the silver colored treasure chests inlaid with purple crystals were swiftly opened.

One chest… Two chests… Three chests…

Finally, Shi Feng managed to open the nine Twilight Treasure Chests within 30 seconds.

The nine Twilight Treasure Chests released a colorful brilliance as their lids were removed, making the entire treasury shine beautifully.

Shi Feng then began collecting the items inside the treasure chests.

As Shi Feng collected the items inside the sixth Twilight Treasure Chest, he suddenly froze. With disbelief, he retrieved a beautiful chestplate that gave off both a black and white glow.

"Yin-Yang Walker!"

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