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Chapter 475 - Silent Ma.s.sacre

As the independent teams departed, many had sent pitying gazes to Shi Feng.

"That fellow sure is unlucky. If we had gotten ahold of him, we would have let him live so long as he handed over the treasure. Now that those people have arrived, he won't survive."

"I heard that those Red Names seem to have some sort of special treasure that causes the players they kill to drop more items than normal."

"It's not 'seem to,' but 'must have.' One of Overwhelming Smile's expert parties killed a friend of mine, and he lost three pieces of equipment when he died. He had even dropped some of the items from inside his bag. Because of that, my friend was so frightened that he refuses to return to the Watch Cemetery."

"Shut up. We need to hurry up and leave this area. We won't be so lucky if we encounter those killing G.o.ds a second time."

"That's right. Let's get out of here."

Although these independent teams possessed the numerical advantage, the expert parties of Overwhelming Smile were like fearsome tigers. They picked up the pace, leaving as quickly as possible.

Shortly after the independent teams left, the expert party from Overwhelming Smile approached the motionless Shi Feng.

"Brother Deep, that fellow must be scared stupid; he isn't even trying to escape. How boring," a simple and honest-looking Berserker laughed as he watched Shi Feng. "And here I thought that we had encountered a somewhat powerful player that can use for exercise. Killing noobs has become really boring."

"Enough, Little Whistle. Don't think that I don't know what's going through your mind. You just want to test out your new battle axe. Since this player has a fairly high level and is traveling alone, he should be relatively skilled. You can take care of him." The Level 26 a.s.sa.s.sin referred to as Brother Deep laughed as he glanced at the simple-looking Berserker. "Right, his items seem quite good. Don't forget to use that thing; we might get some good stuff from him."

"Leave it to me!" the Berserker, Little Whistle, squinted as he smiled at Shi Feng, excitement flashing in his eyes. Step by step, he approached Shi Feng slowly. He also retrieved a black potion from his bag and emptied the contents into his mouth. "This thing seriously tastes horrible. If you didn't seem to have some valuable stuff on you, I wouldn't have to suffer such a nasty fate.

"Brat, stand still. I'll be done in just a second."

Saying so, Little Whistle raised his blood-red battle axe and swung it down towards Shi Feng.

Although this swing seemed casual at first glance, it contained speed, accuracy, and ferocity that far surpa.s.sed any ordinary player's attack. Moreover, the battle axe flew towards Shi Feng's neck, making the attack difficult to dodge. Little Whistle's casual, yet well-calculated, attack was clearly a habit developed after many years of training. He was unlike other players whose attacks would contain many unnecessary actions and were easy to dodge.


The battle axe struck the ground heavily.

"Huh? I missed?" Little Whistle looked at his battle axe, which landed next to Shi Feng's feet. He had aimed properly. "Did I have too much to drink earlier?"

However, just as he was about to lift his blood-red battle axe once more, he suddenly saw a streak of black light flash across his eyes. Before he could react, his field of vision began to flip. In the next moment, he felt a slight pain, and his vision began to gray as his body fell to the ground.

As Little Whistle was a Red Name, over half of his equipment dropped upon his death. Immediately after, his Immortal Soul flowed into Shi Feng's hand.

Although he can't be considered an expert, he is still a skilled veteran. He is significantly stronger than an elite player. It's no wonder a single party has been able to wipe out teams easily. Shi Feng thought as he frowned at the Berserker lying at his feet. He then shifted his gaze to the five other party members a short distance away, paying no attention to the large amount of equipment scattered before him.


When the five experts from Overwhelming Smile saw their teammate suddenly fall to the ground, disbelief colored their faces.

Just what had happened here?

Why was Little Whistle suddenly dead?

From the beginning, they had focused on Shi Feng. However, they could say with certainty that Shi Feng had not moved. They only saw a streak of black light flash across Little Whistle's body.

"Black light. Right, it's that black light. Everyone, be careful. That brat has some sort of special item," the a.s.sa.s.sin named Brother Deep cautioned his team. He immediately activated Stealth and melded with the darkness.

The other four party members responded by unsheathing their weapons, watching Shi Feng's every action.

They had finally understood that they had encountered a slightly more difficult foe. If they did not respond properly, they might lose their lives without even knowing how they died.

However, while they watched Shi Feng, they discovered that the Swordsman had suddenly disappeared.

"Where is he?"

The five of them examined their surroundings, failing to discover any signs of movement. A player had disappeared so simply right before their eyes…

Was he an a.s.sa.s.sin?

This thought suddenly popped into their minds.

However, they had previously checked and could say with certainty that Shi Feng was definitely a Swordsman. Otherwise, they would not have been so carefree. After all, it would be extremely difficult to catch an a.s.sa.s.sin in Stealth.

While the five experts from Overwhelming Smile searched for Shi Feng, he suddenly appeared behind the five players.

"c.r.a.p! Behind us!"

All five players were war veterans, so their sensitivity towards danger was extraordinary. They instantly discovered Shi Feng, turning to attack him.

At this moment, however, several streaks of black light emerged from Shi Feng's hand. The black lights gave the five experts no time to react at all, even with their acute sensitivity.

"d.a.m.n!" the a.s.sa.s.sin named Brother Deep hurriedly used Vanish, utilizing the moment of invincibility to block this mysterious strike.

However, the a.s.sa.s.sin's four party members were not as fortunate as the Abyssal Blade bit into them; their HPs, ranging from 3,000 to 4,000, instantly fell to zero. When the five experts saw this horrific damage, they looked as if they had seen a ghost.

This is bad; I'll definitely die if I stay here! When Brother Deep, the only survivor remaining, saw Shi Feng look directly at him with a smile, his heart pounded as gooseb.u.mps covered his body. He was clearly in Stealth; other players should not be able to see him at all. Yet, pinned by Shi Feng's gaze, it was obvious that the Swordsman saw him as clear as day.

However, Brother Deep did not know that, as a Tier 1 cla.s.s, Shi Feng's perception was very high. Moreover, he also had Omniscient Eyes. An a.s.sa.s.sin's Stealth was practically useless.

Due to his momentary shock, Brother Deep failed to avoid the streak of black light. Immediately, his HP depleted, and he was forced out of Stealth. Before he knew it, his body had fallen to the ground.

Such a quick sword!

Even in death, the a.s.sa.s.sin could not figure out when Shi Feng had attacked.

Their party had consisted of people who had experienced life-or-death situations many times, so their awareness of danger was particularly sensitive. However, none of them had detected the slightest precursor to Shi Feng's attacks. They had not been able to detect Shi Feng's sword when it was a few inches from their faces, much less been able to defend themselves.

"You'll be the sixth!" Shi Feng spoke softly as he looked down at the shocked a.s.sa.s.sin. "Relax; you'll have more companions soon."

"Just who are you?" Upon hearing Shi Feng's words, Brother Deep craved the answer to this question. However, as his HP had reached zero, he could no longer open his mouth. When Brother Deep thought about such a person slaughtering his companions, gooseb.u.mps rose all over his body. If such an expert suddenly decided to take action against them, none of them would have any hope of survival.

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