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Chapter 473 - Black Dragon Phantom

Shi Feng could not help but admire Overwhelming Smile's decisiveness. They had actually increased the number of well-trained open-warfare experts they had to over 200.

Even first-rate Guilds would not dare station over 200 experts in a single city. Not even Star-Moon City would receive such treatment. After all, there were over a hundred cities in the entire Star-Moon Kingdom.

It was not wise to put all of one's eggs in one basket.

"Guild Leader, should I have our members go to areas with fewer resources to level? If we continue this exchange with Overwhelming Smile, it will severely affect our Guild's development rate," Aqua Rose inquired, worried.

Originally, Aqua Rose had been very confident of defeating Overwhelming Smile. After all, Shi Feng had earned quite a lot of money through the sales of the Dragonscale Set Equipment. He had earned over 1,700 Gold just from the auction in the restaurant. With so much Gold on hand and the follow-up income, they could easily drown Overwhelming Smile in Gold Coins if they wanted to.

However, Overwhelming Smile's current performance was too effective. How, exactly, had Overwhelming Smile managed to recruit so many experts? Overwhelming Smile gave them no room to breathe as its attacks became stronger with each consecutive wave. Although the experts on their side were more powerful, their opponents would flee whenever they encountered Zero Wing's Tier 1 players. Moreover, Overwhelming Smile had more experts on their side than Zero Wing. When comparing the number of players each side could kill, Zero Wing was outmatched.

"Sure enough, these mysterious experts are a big problem," Shi Feng scowled. If he did not deal with this matter properly, Zero Wing would fall. At that point, money would be useless.

However, experts that used hit-and-run tactics were also the most difficult opponents to face.

This was why so many powerful solo players and independent teams had caused the various large Guilds ma.s.sive headaches in the past, to the point where the latter did not dare provoke the former. After all, when these powerful independent players were forced into a corner, they could simply turn to guerrilla warfare and ambush the Guild's members. By the time the Guild's experts arrived, these independent players would be long gone.

Unless the Guild's experts arrived at the scene as soon as the independent players took action, catching them in the fields was only a dream.

Currently, although both Zero Wing and Overwhelming Smile employed these hit-and-run tactics, Overwhelming Smile's experts outnumbered Zero Wing's by four-to-one. In the long term, Zero Wing would definitely burn out first.

"Appear immediately? That's right! Appear immediately!" Shi Feng suddenly received a flash of inspiration. Smiling faintly, he said, "Aqua, notify the members out in the field to report their coordinates through the Guild channel should they meet Overwhelming Smile's experts."

"I've already tried that; it's useless. Our men cannot arrive in time. Moreover, those experts are very sly. Even if we encounter them, they run the moment they see our reinforcements," Aqua Rose said, shaking her head.

"Give the order and leave the rest to me," Shi Feng chuckled.

Anyone else might be helpless in this situation. At most, he could join the hunting parties and slaughter Overwhelming Smile's members. How could he possibly be more efficient alone than Overwhelming Smile's large number of experts?

However, he had the Seven Luminaries Ring. As long as his target was within 40,000 yards, he could easily arrive at the first sign of trouble.

"I understand." Although Aqua Rose was confused about Shi Feng's intentions, since he had given the order, he must have his own countermeasures.

Before, when she had worried over the lack of Guild Funds, Shi Feng had suddenly revealed so many sets of Dragonscale Set Equipment. He had even converted them into a large amount of Gold, utterly surprising her.

Moreover, after her act of purchasing the Dragonscale Set Equipment and the display of her frightening wealth, several representatives of first-rate Guilds had sought her out for cooperation and resource trading. Unknowingly, Zero Wing had obtained another channel for earning Gold Coins.

Shi Feng's single move had taken care of her worries in one fell swoop. He was G.o.dlike.

Aqua Rose struggled to believe that someone like Shi Feng had actually remained unknown all this time.

"It's about time I make Overwhelming Smile pay back some of its debt."

Following which, Shi Feng placed the remaining sets of the Dragonscale Set Equipment in the Guild's Warehouse. Of them, two were available for Guild members. He then took out one Level 25 Fine-Gold Weapon and ten Level 25 Secret-Silver Weapons.

Although his current combat power was already quite high, like a lion pouncing on a hare, it was necessary to go all out even when fighting a small enemy or tackling a minor problem.

Hence, Shi Feng intended to upgrade the Abyssal Blade's level.

He was currently Level 26; he could upgrade the Abyssal Blade to Level 25.

However, every time he upgraded the Abyssal Blade, the weapon would create quite a commotion. Hence, Shi Feng left White River City, teleporting to the Watch Cemetery.

Due to war, the Watch Cemetery had become a land of death. Even the sky here remained dusky, and tombs crowded the cemetery. The majority of the monsters that appeared here were Undead-type, and although there were a lot of them, their HPs were relatively low. As it was a Level 22 to Level 28 map with an extremely abundant amount of resources, over a quarter of White River City's Level 20-plus players had come here to level up.

The Watch Cemetery contained many treasure chests and Hidden Quests. However, the Cemetery was most famous for its treasure chests. In the past, countless lucky independent players had encountered Mysterious-Iron and even Secret-Silver Treasure Chests here, obtaining plenty of top-tier equipment and items.

Because of this, battles between players had frequently happened in the Watch Cemetery. Similarly, over half of the battles between Zero Wing and Overwhelming Smile occurred here.

"There sure are a lot of players who have died here…"

The moment Shi Feng teleported to the Watch Cemetery, he was greeted by the sight of corpses littering the ground.

The tragic scene could easily match the one in White Fog Canyon; this scene may have even been more tragic. After all, usually only elite players visited the White Fog Canyon, whereas ordinary players had come to the Watch Cemetery. One could just imagine how intense the battle here had been.

"n.o.body should be able to discover me here."

Shi Feng found a hidden underground tomb. After investigating his surroundings and failing to discover any nearby players, he unsheathed the Abyssal Blade.

"Devour!" Shi Feng lightly tapped the Abyssal Blade's "Level Up" b.u.t.ton.

After Shi Feng selected a Level 25 Fine-Gold Weapon and ten Level 25 Secret-Silver Weapons, the silvery-gray Abyssal Blade suddenly released a black fog. Compared to the previous level-ups, the black fog was denser this time.

The eleven sacrificial weapons instantly transformed into ash when they came into contact with this black fog. In the next moment, the power within these weapons flowed into the Abyssal Blade.

Immediately, Shi Feng felt the Abyssal Blade release a ma.s.sive pulse.

Rather than a pulse, it was more like a heartbeat.

Thump… Thump…

Each consecutive heartbeat grew clearer and more intense.

In the next moment, the Abyssal Blade struggled free from Shi Feng's hands, sending Shi Feng flying into one of the walls of the tomb.

"What's happening?"

Shi Feng watched the hovering Abyssal Blade, surprised. This was the first time he had encountered such a rejection.

As the pulses grew more intense, the tomb began to tremble. Suddenly, a large boom resounded as the entire underground tomb collapsed and vanished, revealing the dark gray sky above.

Soon after, the Abyssal Blade fragmented and transformed into a ma.s.sive pitch-black heart. Along with the heartbeat, the phantom of a ma.s.sive black dragon emerged. The black dragon was over a dozen meters tall, and its bone-chilling eyes focused on Shi Feng. Suddenly, it spread its maw and released a thundering roar!

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