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Chapter 455 - There Isn't Only One Expert

After everyone had been Silenced, only the physical cla.s.ses could display any considerable combat power. The magical cla.s.ses could only watch from the sidelines.

Youlan had long since prepared for this. Among the 2,000 players from Overwhelming Smile, close to two-thirds were physical cla.s.ses.

Moreover, Overwhelming Smile's attack formation was well organized. Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights led the attack, closely followed by the Berserkers, Swordsmen, and a.s.sa.s.sins. Rangers stood the furthest behind, launching a ranged attack.

The road leading out of White Fog Canyon had suddenly transformed into an ancient battlefield.

"Advance towards the left," Shi Feng took the lead and charged towards thinnest concentration of enemies.

His and Virtuous Cloud's teams promptly followed.

However, before Shi Feng and the others had taken even a few steps, hundreds of arrows suddenly blotted out the sky.

Virtuous Cloud's three magical cla.s.s members were simply too weak in terms of Agility and Strength. Moreover, magical cla.s.ses were usually not adept at dodging attacks as they usually dealt damage from a safe distance. Hence, when the first wave of arrows rained down on them, the three party members immediately died and dropped a piece of their equipment.

"Stranger! Mouse! Roach!" Virtuous Cloud's vision turned red after she watched her party members die. Glaring at the Overwhelming Smile members in front of her, she gripped her shield and charged forward, "Die!"

Unfortunately, although Virtuous Cloud's equipment and level were considerably good, she could not hold her own against five Shield Warriors and Guardians knights of the same caliber.

The Overwhelming Smile elites forced Virtuous Cloud back, preventing her from reaching the rear Rangers.

Virtuous Cloud's other two party members faced a similar situation. No matter how hard they tried to attack, the enemy held them off. In the end, Virtuous Cloud's party was forced into a constant retreat.

In the next moment, however, two figures suddenly brushed past Virtuous Cloud's party, slamming into Overwhelming Smile's MTs.

Among the two figures, the most dazzling was Fire Dance. Brandishing her Truefire Blades, she sent a blazing arc smashing into a Level 23 MT's shield. In the next moment, the a.s.sa.s.sin forced the MT back by over a dozen steps, and even the players behind said MT had to back up. Immediately after, Fire Dance swung one of her swords at a Guardian Knight beside her. She flung that Guardian Knight back by half a dozen yards as well, his body slamming into his fellow Guild members.

Her Strength was astonishing!

With a single attack, Fire Dance had shattered Overwhelming Smile's formation. Her strength was overwhelming. She fought like a war G.o.ddess. Everyone from Overwhelming Smile was left utterly speechless.

While the crowd from Overwhelming Smile was dazed, Fire Dance continued to brandish her short swords as she weaved her way across the enemy frontlines. Every time she swung the Truefire Blades, red streaks of light would follow. And wherever those red streaks of light pa.s.sed, the members of Overwhelming Smile would be blown off their feet. No one could block Fire Dance's swords.

In a short moment, the a.s.sa.s.sin had shattered Overwhelming Smile's interception.

Although Overwhelming Smile's members had tried to attack Fire Dance, the woman was too fast. Before they even swung their weapons, Fire Dance had already run off. She never focused on a single location, giving Overwhelming Smile no opportunities to surround her.

On the other hand, although Overwhelming Smile's members could not attack Fire Dance, she could bombard them easily. Against Level 23 MTs, her casual strike could deal close to -1,000 damage. If she was lucky and triggered a critical hit or Flame state, one attack could deal over -2,000 damage.

The elite MTs of Overwhelming Smile usually had around 4,300 HP, whereas those with better equipment had around 4,500 HP. Fire Dance only needed around four or five attacks to kill one of them.

Flying Shadow also fared quite well. Although his attacks were not as frightening as Fire Dance's, against MTs, he could still deal around -700 damage with each hit.

As if they were in a world of their own, Fire Dance and Flying Shadow started a bloodied ma.s.sacre within Overwhelming Smile's frontlines. On the other hand, Overwhelming Smile's players found it difficult to catch either of them, much less deal damage.

A Tier 1 cla.s.s was significantly stronger than a Tier 0 cla.s.s. Even without skills, a Tier 1 cla.s.s could still overwhelm and suppress a Tier 0 cla.s.s with their Attributes. Furthermore, Fire Dance and Flying Shadow both possessed equipment that was far superior to the enemy elites.

By this time, Shi Feng had also activated the Seven Luminaries Ring's Aura of Time. Although Silence prevented the usage of skills and spells, it did not impact pa.s.sive effects. Immediately, enemies within a 150-yard radius of Shi Feng had their Movement Speed and Attack Speed reduced by 30%. This debuff weakened Overwhelming Smile further in close quarters combat.

In the meantime, Shi Feng was responsible for protecting Aqua Rose and the other magical cla.s.ses as they slowly advanced.

Realistically, this task should have fallen to Flying Shadow. However, Shi Feng's Attributes were currently reduced by 80%; he was about on par with a Level 20 ordinary player right now. On top of that, he couldn't use any skills. Melee combat was a compet.i.tion of Attributes and techniques. Compared to Fire Dance and Flying Shadow, the power he could display was significantly inferior. Hence, it was better if he focused on deflecting arrows for the others.

In a few moments, Fire Dance and Flying Shadow had carved out a path of blood, allowing Shi Feng and the others to pa.s.s safely.

"How did that Fire Dance become so strong?"

Lone Tyrant, who observed the battle from afar, was dumbfounded as he watched the unstoppable a.s.sa.s.sin, his fists clenching. He refused to believe this scene was real. He had personally witnessed Fire Dance's strength before. Although she was certainly a top-tier expert, she had not been unstoppable.

Moreover, Fire Dance was an a.s.sa.s.sin, not a Strength-based cla.s.s. Yet, her attacks could even overwhelm Berserkers. Against MTs, Fire Dance still required four or five hits to finish them off. Against other a.s.sa.s.sins, however, one of her attacks devoured their HP. If she achieved a critical hit, they would die instantly. This scene had frightened Overwhelming Smile's a.s.sa.s.sins to a standstill.

"Sure enough, Zero Wing is trouble."

Youlan frowned as she watched Fire Dance's performance. When she had planned this a.s.sault, she had not considered Fire Dance and the others as forces to be reckoned with. Facing 2,000 players in a melee battle, a top-tier expert was limited in what they could accomplish. However, Youlan never expected such a performance from both Fire Dance and Flying Shadow.

"Kill them! Those in the back, keep up! Do not let them escape!" Youlan shouted anxiously.

Originally, one Black Flame was enough trouble. Now, however, there were Fire Dance and the slightly weaker Flying Shadow. If Overwhelming Smile did not kill these three people today and hinder their growth, they would only become more dangerous in the future.

The longer Youlan watched Fire Dance and Flying Shadow slaughter her people, the more she felt that G.o.d's Domain was completely different from past virtual reality games. It was far more beneficial to have individuals with overwhelming combat power than it was to rely on the strength of numbers.

Overwhelming Smile members began to converge on  Shi Feng's group faster. However, due to the Aura of Time's effect, the army could not keep up with Shi Feng and his team's Movement Speed. As a result, the distance between them only increased as time pa.s.sed.

Meanwhile, the number of enemies between Shi Feng's group and freedom continued to decrease.

Just as the Zero Wing members and their surviving allies were about to break free from the encirclement, a dark figure emerged from the crowd and dashed towards Shi Feng. This was none other than the Level 26 a.s.sa.s.sin, Summer Sunshine.

Even with the Movement Speed Reduction effect of the Aura of Time, Summer Sunshine was still frighteningly fast. He quickly caught up with Shi Feng, who covered Aqua Rose and the others' retreat.

"You should just stay behind!" Summer Sunshine chuckled as he stood in front of Shi Feng, blocking his path.

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