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Chapter 436 - Combat Power Soars

"Guild Leader, you're finally Level 25," Blackie sighed with relief when he saw the golden brilliance illuminate Shi Feng's body.

"That's right," Shi Feng laughed bitterly. "After choosing this Blade Saint cla.s.s, I'm doomed to level up slowly."

"Guild Leader, here's the Level 25 Swordsman Fine-Gold and Secret-Silver Equipment we saved for you," Fire Dance said, retrieving a few pieces of equipment from her bag. She had deliberately held on to these items for Shi Feng. As for the other Level 25 equipment, she had sent them to the Guild's Warehouse.

Shi Feng's hidden cla.s.s was no secret among the core members of Zero Wing. This included Violet Cloud's Astromancer cla.s.s as well. Originally, everyone had envied and admired hidden cla.s.ses, searching desperately for a Legacy that would give them the chance to obtain a hidden cla.s.s. However, they could now see both Shi Feng's and Violet Cloud's leveling speed for themselves; their progression could only be described with one word—slow.

Some of the team members who were originally a lower level than Shi Feng and Violet Cloud had even surpa.s.sed the two over these past few days in White Fog Canyon.

More importantly, their levels were currently in the 20s. When they reached the 30s, 50s, or even 100s, the two's leveling speed would most likely slow to a crawl.

When the others thought about how they would level far slower than other players, they promptly dismissed their intentions of searching for a hidden cla.s.s. If they encountered an Advanced Legacy in the future, they would change cla.s.ses then. If not, so be it.

Levels were very important in G.o.d's Domain. Moreover, everyone paled at the thought of dying just once as a hidden cla.s.s.

"Thanks." Shi Feng accepted Fire Dance's offer. His current equipment mostly consisted of random Level 20 pieces. If he switched them out for Level 25 Fine-Gold and Secret-Silver Equipment, his Attributes would increase significantly.

Shi Feng also retrieved a fiery-red pair of boots from his bag. The delicate boots each had three beautiful Flame Crystals embedded in them, and a bright red glow circled the footwear.

These were super-top-tier boots that Shi Feng had obtained after killing the Scorching Lamia.

[Flame Boots] (Plate Boots, Dark-Gold Rank)

Level 25

Defense +175

Strength +21, Agility +30, Endurance +15

Movement Speed +8

Fire Resistance +5

Additional Skill-

Flame Rush: Increases Movement Speed by 100% for 10 seconds.

Cooldown: 2 minutes

The boots were worth at least 30 Gold. As Shi Feng had not met the level requirement for the boots when he had first obtained them, he had kept them in his bag until now.

After equipping the Flame Boots, Shi Feng's Attributes soared once more.  He had even obtained a new skill, Flame Rush. This was a must-have skill for both escape and pursuit. Undoubtedly, the Flame Boots had significantly increased Shi Feng's mobility.

"Guild Leader, what kind of boots are those? They're so beautiful!" Aqua Rose asked excitedly upon seeing the Flame Boots on Shi Feng's feet.

Aqua Rose wasn't the only person with this opinion as both Fire Dance and Violet Cloud similarly eyed the Flame Boots.

Women always loved beautiful things.

"I got these boots from killing a High Lord in the Flame G.o.d's Cave. However, you guys are mages, so you can't equip them. If you could, we'd go back and farm more High Lords." Even with his experience in countless battles, Shi Feng squirmed under the intense stares of the three beauties. In the end, he had no choice but to display the Flame Boots' data.

When everyone saw the boots' Attributes, they were stunned.

"Guild Leader, is this a Level 25 Dark-Gold item?" Flying Shadow's eyes nearly popped out of his sockets in shock. Originally, he had thought the Flame Boots were Level 25 Fine-Gold Equipment. After all, ever since they started killing Level 25 and above Lord ranked monsters, the best equipment they had obtained was Level 25 Fine-Gold Equipment.

"These Attributes are amazing!" Blackie said enviously. He was not particularly surprised that the Flame Boots were Dark-Gold ranked.

"Guild Leader, when did you kill a Level 25 or above High Lord?" Aqua Rose asked with disbelief.

When Fire Dance and the others heard Aqua Rose's question, they suddenly realized the weight of Shi Feng's words.

Zero Wing had only recently entered White Fog Canyon. Based on Shi Feng's behavior, he had obtained the Flame Boots long before entering the canyon. However, only High Lords had a chance of dropping Dark-Gold Equipment. Moreover, as the Flame Boots had a Level 25 requirement, Shi Feng would have had to kill a Level 25 High Lord at the very minimum. Meanwhile, since Shi Feng always acted independently, it meant that he had most likely killed a Level 25 High Lord by himself.

Was something like that really possible in G.o.d's Domain?

"If I remember correctly, I think it was around the time when I was Level 15," Shi Feng said after giving it some thought. "However, I used some special methods to defeat that Scorching Lamia. If it were a direct confrontation, she would have killed me instantly."



"Guild Leader, you're too insincere! We are all in the same boat, yet you still keep so many secrets to yourself!"

Due to their shock and surprise, Aqua Rose and the others were utterly speechless.

They all knew full well how powerful a High Lord was. They also knew how inconceivable it was to kill a High Lord. A team of 50 players stood no chance against one, much less a solo player. Even if Shi Feng had used some particular method to kill one, it was still an amazing feat.

It turns out that Guild Leader has hidden his strength all along. It seems that I'll need to work harder from now on. Aside from her shock, Fire Dance was also disappointed. She inwardly lamented over her lack of strength. Originally, she had thought that she was only a short distance from catching up with Shi Feng. She now realized that not only had the gap not shortened in the slightest, but it had even grown wider. However, this revelation had not discouraged Fire Dance. At the very least, she could see how wide the gap was now.

Shortly after Aqua Rose and the others had renewed their opinion of Shi Feng's strength, a terrifying roar echoed throughout the Land of the Fallen Star.

"This is a wolf's howl."

"The sound seems to be moving closer."

"Is the boss coming for revenge because we killed the wolf pups?"

Aqua Rose and the others were no ordinary players; their five senses were very acute. By sound alone, they could feel danger approaching. Meanwhile, anything that could instill that kind of feeling was not a typical monster. Immediately, everyone went on high-alert, searching for any movement.

"The monster heading for us is at least Lord ranked. All of you, stand back." Shi Feng could feel the threat of death.

When one had reached his standards, they could determine an enemy's strength through the degree of danger they instinctively felt without even seeing their enemy. If it were a Chieftain, although Shi Feng would feel danger, he would not sense the threat of death. For him to feel such a threat meant that the approaching monster was at least a Lord.

While everyone waited quietly for the enemy's arrival, Shi Feng retrieved the Fragmented Legendary ranked Heavenly Dragon's Breath from his bag.

Previously, Shi Feng's Intelligence had been below the required 120 points, so he had not been able to equip the Fragmented Legendary item. Now, however, he finally possessed enough points in his Intelligence.

As he had a Tier 1 cla.s.s, he received 8 Free Attribute Points each time he leveled up. In addition, the Abyssal Blade also gave him two points for each level. The Golden Stigmata also gave him 10 Free Attribute Points and raised all Attributes by 5 points every 5 Levels.

When Shi Feng reached Level 25, he had received a total of 20 Free Attribute Points. After increasing his Intelligence to 120 points, he added the remaining points into Strength.

The Equipment Requirement of the Heavenly Dragon's Breath was 200 Strength, 200 Agility, and 120 Intelligence.

Both Shi Feng's Strength and Agility had long since exceeded 200 points; they had even exceeded 300. Now that his Intelligence had reached the minimum requirement, he could equip the Heavenly Dragon's Breath.

"Such power."

After equipping the Heavenly Dragon's Breath, Shi Feng could feel an immeasurable strength flow into him from the Fragmented Legendary ring. Although this was not his first time equipping the item, the ring still gave his mind a clarity that he had never had before. He also felt warm and fuzzy, power leaking from his body. It felt as if he was capable of destroying anything and everything in his path.

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