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Chapter 420 - Conditions for Cooperation

Although Shi Feng wasn’t sure what had happened, he felt better than ever after leaving the virtual gaming cabin. Even his body felt relaxed.

Shi Feng exercised lightly, throwing a few dozen punches at the empty air in front of him. Every time he punched, he could faintly feel his fists piercing the air.

My body has become a lot more flexible. Even the speed of my punches has improved significantly. It seems that the best way to train is with moderation. Shi Feng could immediately tell his body’s current condition after his workout. 

Previously, Shi Feng had trained relentlessly, constantly maintaining physical tension. Over time, he would become exhausted. Even when he drank Nutrient Fluids, the effect was limited and would never fully relieve his exhaustion.

After over thirty hours of rest, he was completely relaxed. As a result, he could now display his true power.

Although his physique had not improved, he was now more flexible than before. This was something that Shi Feng had always wanted.

After sleeping for so long, I wonder if anything has happened in the White Fog Canyon. Hopefully, Aqua doesn’t risk the team and delve further into the canyon. After Shi Feng’s brief moment of joy, his mind suddenly drifted to the dangers in the White Fog Canyon, and he began to worry.

The White Fog Canyon consisted of two regions: the outer and inner region. The Battle Monkeys in the outer region were tolerable, and there were only a few traps and forbidden areas. However, after entering the inner region, not only were all the monsters there Level 25 and above, but the majority of the monsters were also Special Elites. The danger in the inner region was many times higher than the canyon’s edges.

With only Zero Wing’s 500 members, even if they had a few dozen Tier 1 players in their midst, they would suffer terrible losses should they venture into the inner canyon.

Most of Zero Wing’s experts were on the team of 500. If they died, Zero Wing would suffer for it.

Worrying about the possibilities, Shi Feng hurriedly ordered takeout. At the same time, he also contacted the game store and purchased a large batch of Nutrient Solutions. He had nearly depleted the Nutrient Solution in his cabin, and although he could use the gaming cabin without it, the Nutrient Solution was meant to counter certain situations.

If he did not replenish the Solution, should he exceed his mental limit again, his body would not recover to its peak condition like it had this time.


After a short rest, Shi Feng was ready to enter G.o.d’s Domain once more. Suddenly, however, his quantum watch rang.

Looking at the caller ID, Shi Feng discovered that it was Manager Xiao of Big Dipper Training Center.

“Why is he contacting me all of a sudden?”

Shi Feng recalled that, regarding the matter of cooperation with Big Dipper, Manager Xiao said he needed to discuss things further with his superiors before making a decision.

In the end, four days had pa.s.sed since they spoke, Manager Xiao had not contacted him. a.s.suming that negotiations had failed, Shi Feng gave up on the notion of cooperating with Big Dipper. Beyond that, Shi Feng had been busy with his Legacy Trial, so he had forgotten about the matter entirely.

Only after seeing the caller ID did Shi Feng recall it.

Originally, Shi Feng had already prepared to start his own training center. In any case, he had thirty million Credits from Gentle Snow, so he had the funds to start one on his own.

After a moment, he answered the call. However, upon seeing Manager Xiao’s appearance, he had to ask, “Manager Xiao, what’s wrong with you?” 

In the image displayed by his quantum watch, Manager Xiao looked exhausted. It looked as if the man had not slept for days. There were even dark circles beneath his eyes.

Manager Xiao was a martial artist, so his physique was far from that of an ordinary person’s. He also had the benefit of the Nutrient Fluids. Even if Manager Xiao had stayed up for a few nights, he shouldn’t look this miserable.

“Hahaha! It’s nothing! It’s nothing!” Manager Xiao laughed. “Master Shi Feng, regarding our previous discussion, I’ve reported the situation to my elder brother. My elder brother held a Director’s Meeting specifically for this purpose. In short, we agree to your conditions. However, we have a condition of our own.”

“A condition?” Shi Feng chuckled before continuing, “What condition?”

Although Shi Feng was physically only 22 years old, he was mentally over 30. He had experienced many negotiations before, so he could instantly tell that Manager Xiao was hiding something.

Currently, G.o.d’s Domain’s popularity had exploded. An increasing number of people had become addicted to the battles in G.o.d’s Domain, and many had lost interest in the fights in real life. Naturally, this would affect locations such as training centers and dojos.

Based on Manager Xiao’s appearance, Shi Feng was sure of it.

Big Dipper Training Center’s business was declining rapidly, so much so that it had caused even those in power in Big Dipper to tremble. Hence, they needed someone that could revitalize Big Dipper.

Although fighting compet.i.tions were becoming less popular, there was still a market for them. Only, other than possessing first-cla.s.s facilities, Big Dipper had nothing else to offer. Compared to the dojo commanded by Jin Hai City’s champion fighter, Chen Wu, Big Dipper Training Center was significantly inferior.

If they had a martial arts master to lead the training center, helping them forge a name for themselves and acting as a combat instructor, they could save themselves from their current decline. After all, the combat techniques displayed in G.o.d’s Domain were mostly evolutions of the combat techniques found in real life.

“We require Master Shi Feng to compete against a well-known fighter. As long as Master Shi Feng wins, we have no issues agreeing with all of the conditions you have previously stated,” Manager Xiao explained. “May I know your thoughts on this?”

Even a fool could tell that the big shots of Big Dipper wished to test Shi Feng’s strength and at the same time, increase Big Dipper’s reputation. Meanwhile, to garner fame for the training center, Shi Feng’s intended opponent would certainly be powerful.

“Fine, but I have another condition,” Shi Feng answered.

“Master Shi Feng, please don’t hold back,” Manager Xiao said excitedly upon hearing Shi Feng’s reply.

“If I win, I want five virtual gaming cabins and fifteen S-rank Nutrient Fluids.”

Shi Feng coveted the S-rank Nutrient Fluids. It was something that he could not buy even if he had the money. The virtual gaming cabins were similarly in high demand. Currently, Zero Wing’s Workshop was still in its development phase. If he wanted to improve the Workshop quickly, he needed a large number of experts. However, ordinary experts of G.o.d’s Domain would not do. He needed top-tier experts.

With the virtual gaming helmet’s 90% sync-rate, it was simply impossible to nurture a top-tier expert.

However, until this day, Zero Wing only had a measly five virtual gaming cabins. Ignoring the ones dedicated to himself, Fire Dance, and Blackie, there were only two cabins available for the other core members of the Workshop.

If he could obtain another five virtual gaming cabins, although not every core member could have their personal cabin, rotating use should suffice.

“This…” Manager Xiao felt cornered upon hearing Shi Feng’s request.

Fifteen bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluids. With Big Dipper’s connections, they could barely obtain so many. As for the five virtual gaming cabins, there were no problems on that end, either. However, these items together were worth around thirty million Credits. Even to a successful corporation like Big Dipper, this was not a small sum of money.

Normally, they could have afforded to agree to Shi Feng’s request. Now, however, Big Dipper’s business was not doing too well… 

“No good?” Shi Feng frowned slightly as he said, “If you can’t do it, I can only look elsewhere.”

His demands were not particularly extravagant. After all, as long as he won the match, Big Dipper would double their profits. Moreover, thirty million Credits was spare change to Big Dipper. If they were unwilling to pay such a small price, Shi Feng might as well start his own training center.

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