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Chapter 414 - Beast War

Every Zero Wing member laughed when they heard these independent players.

In the end, independent players only amounted to so much. Even with a party of six, two or three Elites had been too much for them. They were truly weak.

“Guild Leader is being too cautious. How could an independent party’s strength compare to ours? Now that Overwhelming Smile has taken the lead, won’t those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds claim the Great Lord kill?”

“It shouldn’t be possible. It’s a Great Lord.”

“Overwhelming Smile has dispatched over 6,000 members for this, and all of them are elites. Killing a Great Lord should be child’s play to them.”

“Indeed. Even though a Great Lord is very powerful, with 6,000 players, they could simply exhaust it to death.”

“I really don’t understand what the Guild Leader is thinking. Everyone has already arrived, yet, we’re just standing here. By the time we enter, who knows how many Elite monsters the other Guilds will have killed already. Why are we here anyway?”

While the members of Zero Wing grumbled about Shi Feng’s approach, a team of several hundred players left the White Fog Canyon.

These players’ equipment looked uniform, and they all wore the same Guild Emblem on their chests. They were clearly a Guild Team.

“What’s up with these people?”

The crowd from Zero Wing grew curious as they watched the members of this Guild Team, disgrace haunting these players’ expressions.

Following which, another large wave of players came out of White Fog Canyon, these players also belonging to a Guild. However, the second Guild Team had far more members than the first. Moreover, instead of slowly walking out of the canyon, these players ran in a panic.

This scene thoroughly confused the Zero Wing members waiting by the canyon’s entrance.

Had these people gone insane?

“Wait! There’s something behind them!” one of Zero Wing’s Level 22 Rangers with the Eagle Eyes skill said.

Everyone from Zero Wing then shifted their gazes and were immediately dumbfounded by what they saw.

Previously, they had not been able to get a clear view due to being too far away. Now that it had come to them, they could finally see it.

Behind the frantically running players, thousands of Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys stormed after them. These bloodthirsty Monkeys released frenzied roars as they charged at the escaping players like a tsunami, devouring everything in their path. 

[Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys] (Elite Rank)

Level 22

HP 16,000/16,000

Although these Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys did not have a lot of HP, compared to players, their bodies were half a size larger. Not only were they nimble and powerful, but they also possessed naturally long arms. In addition, they wielded weapons and were also capable of using these weapons as proficient as players. Defeating this monsters would not be easy.

Meanwhile, among these thousands of Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys, there were also a few larger Armored Battle Monkeys squeezed in. These Armored Battle Monkeys were covered in scars, a testament to the many battles they had fought. Compared to the Elite ranked Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys, the Armored Battle Monkeys were much stronger. It was not just because of their ranks as Special Elites, but more so because of their combat techniques, which were far superior than ordinary players’.

[Armored Battle Monkeys] (Special Elite)

Level 24

HP 54,000/54,000

Moreover, whenever the tide of Battle Monkeys caught up to some of the escaping players, they would only tackle and hack said players to death in groups of three to five; not every Battle Monkey would stop to attack. Although frenzied, these Battle Monkeys fought with intelligence and organization.

More players continued to die. 

“Save me! Save me, please!”

“I don’t want to die!”

Many players screamed as the Battle Monkeys caught up to them. As for resisting…. 

Most of them had forgotten how to do that. The players of G.o.d’s Domain had never experienced such horrific slaughter before, and their legs had long since gone limp with fear. At this moment, only those who possessed a strong heart managed to keep running, whereas the weaker-willed players had died under the monster tsunami.

Although some of the escaping players were also attacking as they ran, there were simply too many Battle Monkeys. Retaliation was no different than pouring a cup of water into a raging inferno.

After a short moment, over a hundred players had died.

In the end, the players who escaped the White Fog Canyon numbered less than 500. These players had even implicated the Guild Team that had escaped before them, causing the latter to suffer another loss of over a hundred players.

After watching the ma.s.sacre, the idle members of Zero Wing were stupefied.

These Battle Monkeys were terrifying!

“Are these really monsters?”

This question lingered in everyone’s hearts. The Battle Monkeys had behaved completely different from the monsters they had seen and fought before. Fighting these monsters was no longer “grinding.” Rather, it looked more like a full-blown war.

At this moment, the Zero Wing members who had previously complained about Shi Feng’s decision fell silent. Now, they only admired Shi Feng’s forethought. If they had not witnessed this scene and had foolishly charged into White Fog Canyon, it was highly possible that they would have suffered a similar fate to those players.

As for the other Guild members, they looked at Shi Feng with even greater reverence now.

While the crowd from Zero Wing continued to linger around the entrance, one Guild Team after another fled the canyon. As for the independent parties, very few had managed to escape as practically all of them had died inside the canyon.

Instead of calling the White Fog Canyon a precious grinding spot, it was more like a gigantic meat grinder.

“Alright, let’s join the party,” Shi Feng said after he finished organizing his map. He then said in the team chat, “You’ve seen for yourselves the various Guild Teams that have escaped. Most of those Guild Teams have more members than we do. However, as you can see, only half of them made it out alive. You can imagine for yourselves just how dangerous White Fog Canyon is, so I hope that everyone will obey the commands given to you. Do not take any arbitrary actions. If anyone violates their orders, I will deal with you personally!”

The crowd involuntarily trembled upon hearing Shi Feng’s words, tensing unconsciously.

“Since no one has any issues, stand by the groups and formations previously arranged.” Shi Feng nodded and said, “Let’s head in, then.”

After the meteorite shower, White Fog Canyon had ceased to be a grinding area. It was more like a super-large-scale Dungeon. Obtaining the Starfire Ore would not be an easy task. Instead of grinding monsters, they were about to wage war inside the canyon. Danger lurked around every corner of the map. Inside the canyon, they did not need to look for the Battle Monkeys, as the Battle Monkeys had long since been ready to ambush them. Hence, they needed to stay vigilant inside the canyon.

The formation Shi Feng had organized scattered the MTs around the team, whereas healers and ranged cla.s.ses were safer in the center of the group. As for the a.s.sa.s.sins, they were sent to scout ahead, reporting back any activities they discovered so as to avoid an ambush.

Under Shi Feng’s lead, the Zero Wing team quickly arrived at the inner region of the White Fog Canyon.

During this period, everyone had experienced several battles, and the Battle Monkeys they killed numbered over a thousand. Everyone’s experience bars rose significantly as a result. They had also obtained plenty of Level 20 and above Bronze Equipment and materials. Most importantly, the team had suffered zero casualties throughout the journey.

This situation caused everyone’s reverence towards Shi Feng to soar once more.

Previously, everyone had simply thought of Shi Feng as someone with impressive strength. They had never expected him to be a superior leader as well.

Suddenly, Fire Dance, who was in Stealth in a nearby tree, reported in the team chat, “Guild Leader, a group of nearly 300 Battle Monkeys currently approaches from the left side of the team. Contact in roughly 30 seconds.”

“Guild Leader, a group of close to 400 Crimson-eyed Battle Monkeys approaches from the rear. There are also a dozen or so Armored Battle Monkeys with them. They will reach the team’s current location in roughly one minute,” Flying Shadow, one of the Five Demon Generals, reported.

Everyone’s hearts trembled upon receiving these two reports.

The previous ambushes they had encountered had only come from a single direction. Now, these Battle Monkeys were initiating a pincer attack. Moreover, their numbers were far greater than before. The previous ambushes had only consisted of a hundred or so Battle Monkeys. Now, they had to face a total of nearly 700. They were outnumbered… 

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