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Chapter 412 - Great Lord

“Relax; slow down,” Shi Feng said.

Blackie wanted to calm down, but he couldn’t contain his panic after surviving something so intense.

“Brother Feng, listen to me! A meteorite shower rained down on the White River City Region!” Black said excitedly. “Originally, everyone thought nothing of it. However, a system notification suddenly appeared in White River City, stating that the meteorite shower had destroyed the entire White Fog Canyon, a Level 20 to Level 30 grinding area!

“All the monsters within White Fog Canyon have gone berserk, and based on the information our Guild uncovered, these monsters have a surprisingly high drop-rates, and the EXP they give is also significant. On top of that, a Ruined Shrine has appeared inside the White Fog Canyon. We received information of powerful monsters guarding something inside the shrine. A few powerful a.s.sa.s.sins even snuck in to have a look. They discovered that there was actually a Level 25 Great Lord ranked monster deep inside the Ruined Shrine. Currently, the various Guilds are organizing their personnel and preparing to raid the Level 25 Great Lord.”

A Great Lord was an existence that surpa.s.sed a High Lord. Such monsters did not even exist in Level 50 large-scale h.e.l.l Mode Team Dungeons. At most, the Final Boss of said Dungeon might be a High Lord.

Yet, now, a Great Lord had actually appeared. Without a doubt, its appearance would draw Guilds to it.

The ironclad rule of G.o.d’s Domain was that the stronger a monster was, the better its drops would be.

For Great Lord ranked monsters, at the very least, they would drop Dark-Gold items. There might even be a chance for Epic items to drop.

“Brother Feng, how many people do you think we should send?” Blackie asked.

“You’re saying a meteorite shower has destroyed the entire White Fog Canyon?” Shi Feng’s eyes suddenly shone. “Excellent! Blackie, notify Aqua and have her organize some personnel. We don’t need for too many; around 500 people will do. However, they must all be strong. We’ll meet up in White Fog Canyon later.”

The matter regarding White River City’s meteorite shower incident in the past was still deeply engraved in Shi Feng’s mind.

Because of this incident, players engaged each other in a long-standing war. Whether it was the independent players or the various Guilds, if one set foot into White Fog Canyon, they would become entangled in this war.

However, what player could resist the temptation of the items inside White Fog Canyon?

In the past, even Shi Feng died no less than a dozen times for that particular treasure.

That’s right; he died half a dozen times. That was equivalent to losing half a dozen levels.

Yet, Shi Feng had still thrown himself into the fray.

Everything he had done was for equipment and money.

“Okay! I’ll contact Sister Aqua immediately!” Blackie disconnected the call and did as he promised.

Sure enough, history has changed significantly. The meteorite shower has happened so early. I must take full advantage of it this time. When Shi Feng thought about how he could enter the White Fog Canyon so soon after the meteorite shower’s appearance in this life, excitement filled his heart.

Shi Feng sorely lacked money right now. Currently, the Starstreak Trading Firm granted him a daily income of over 1,000 Gold. In addition, he received a dozen or so Gold when Guild members completed quests from the Guild Residence. Overall, it was a hefty income.

However, the Starstreak Trading Firm did not belong to Shi Feng. Moreover, his quest still demanded 30,000 Gold. Right now, he had not even acc.u.mulated half that amount of money.

On another note, there was not much time left before the Great Demon’s Curse that afflicted Shi Feng would take effect. If he failed to gather the 30,000 Gold and obtain the Tier 4 Position Teleportation Scroll, he could not locate the Bible of Darkness and remove the curse. If he failed, Shi Feng would only have one end waiting for him.


Originally, Shi Feng had planned to exploit the market and increase his income through the Strengthened Armor Kits Melancholic Smile and the others produced. Now, however, there was no need.

His problems would be solved as long as he had the White Fog Canyon.

Although the meteorite shower had caused the appearance of the Ruined Shrine and had driven the monsters in White Fog Canyon berserk, greatly increasing their drop-rate and EXP, neither aspect was really important.

What mattered the most was the Starfire Ore!

After White Fog Canyon was destroyed, Starfire Ore had been found all over the area.

Starfire Ore was incredibly rare, and it could only be found around the crash sites of meteorites. Starfire Essence could be extracted from refined Starfire Ore and could increase the success rate of forging. The more Starfire Essence one used, the higher their success rate would be. Although Starfire Essence was ineffective when forging Dark-Gold ranked items and above, it could still allow forgers to produce various Secret-Silver and Fine-Gold Equipment. Hence, Starfire Essence was very valuable.

In the past, a piece of Starfire Ore could sell for 1 Silver Coin, whereas a piece of Starfire Essence could sell for 4 Silver Coins.

Even the independent players of White River City had hungered for Starfire Ore.

In this life, Shi Feng would not let this opportunity pa.s.s him by.

For the moment, everyone was still focused on the Great Lord of the Ruined Shrine. n.o.body had discovered Starfire Ore or realized that it littered the demolished White Fog Canyon, let alone its value. Hence, this was the perfect chance for Shi Feng.


Half an hour later, Shi Feng and Violet Cloud arrived in White Fog Canyon.

The layer that previously hid the canyon had dissipated. Instead, craters and flames filled the area. A dilapidated shrine loomed in White Fog Canyon’s center. Plenty of monsters also patrolled the surroundings of said shrine.

After Shi Feng arrived, he discovered that players crowded around the entrance to White Fog Canyon. There were tens of thousands of players. However, although all of the Guilds of White River City had come, the majority consisted of independent players.

“Guild Leader, from our investigations, we discovered that Overwhelming Smile has dispatched over 6,000 members to White Fog Canyon, Emperor’s Light has sent over 2,000, a.s.sa.s.sin’s Alliance has sent over 2,000 players, and Ouroboros has also sent over 3,000 players. All of these players are elites who are Level 21 and above. Yet, we’ve only brought 500 members with us. Do we really have enough players?” Aqua Rose asked worriedly. 

“It’s enough. Having too many people isn’t necessarily a good thing. Moreover, our goal is different,” Shi Feng stated.

Before his arrival, Shi Feng had done his own calculations. White Fog Canyon was not particularly large. The crash sites were also limited in number. Five hundred people were just about right for the task he had in mind. Sending any more would just be a waste of manpower.

“Are we not going to the Ruined Shrine?” Aqua Rose was greatly surprised.

Had they not gathered the top combatants of the Guild to raid the Great Lord inside the Ruined Shrine?

It would not benefit Zero Wing if Overwhelming Smile managed to raid the Great Lord successfully first.

Currently, their Guild also had quite a number of Tier 1 players.

Compared to Overwhelming Smile, they would have a much easier time raiding the Great Lord. Yet, that wasn’t their goal? 

“How could a Great Lord be defeated that easily? We are here simply to level up. Even if we want to defeat a Level 25 Great Lord, at the very least, everyone must be at 25 or above. Since they wish to raid it, just let them raid it,” Shi Feng laughed.

What was a Great Lord?

A Great Lord was a monster would only appear as the Final Boss of a 100-man h.e.l.l Mode Team Dungeon. With only a group of Tier 0 players, what could they possibly hope to achieve?

Even if they drowned the Great Lord with corpses, the price they would pay would be unimaginable.

In the past, many Guilds had attempted to raid the Level 25 Great Lord inside the Ruined Shrine. However, after the death of several thousand players, they submitted and gave up the hope of defeating the monster.

Moreover, the various Guilds back then even had Tier 1 players in their midst. But what about now?

The meteorite shower had appeared a lot earlier in this life. Currently, aside from Zero Wing, none of the Guilds had even a single Tier 1 player. How were they supposed to defeat the Great Lord?

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