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Chapter 392 - G.o.d’s Will

“Sure enough, it works.”

Upon turning Doren’s Key, Shi Feng noticed the blue glow surrounding the key flow into the golden gate. Suddenly, the gate released a brilliant golden radiance. As if it were the sun, the gate illuminated the Eternal Courtyard.

The gate clanked as it slowly opened. Following which, a surge of cold air bubbles rushed out of the gate. Reacting quickly, Shi Feng immediately jumped backward.

However, as Shi Feng was currently underwater, he could not move as fast as usual. As a result, the bubbles blasted him backwards.

Shi Feng only felt a stinging pain before his HP instantly fell by 2,000 points.

The cold air here is so powerful.

Shi Feng looked at his HP bar in disbelief. Fortunately, his Ice Resistance was sufficiently high. Otherwise, that air bubbles would have killed him. Shi Feng then took out an Intermediate Recovery Potion from his bag and drank it, recovering some of his lost HP.

Despite having 60 points in Ice Resistance, he had still lost 2,000 HP instantly. How cold was it beyond this gate?

Fortunately, after the gate finally opened, the cold air scattered, and the spiraling tower was no longer as cold as before.

After Shi Feng entered the temple, he was immediately greeted by a large hall containing golden statues of various Ancient G.o.ds.

Among the many statues, there was one particularly eye-catching statue that depicted a valiant man raising up his sword. That man stood in the very center of the hall, and high-grade swords littered the area around him. A simple glance told Shi Feng that there were over a thousand swords stabbed into the ground. Meanwhile, every sword seemed like it was submitting to the man.

Shi Feng could even faintly feel the Abyssal Blade in his hand grow restless as if it, too, wanted to go forth and submit to that man.

Shi Feng was astounded.

That man in the center of the hall was simply a statue. Yet, the Abyssal Blade that Shi Feng feared even showed signs of submission to him. Just how powerful had he been when he was alive?

Meanwhile, a dark blue crystal ball sat below the statue. This crystal ball emitted an intense cold.

Upon seeing this crystal ball, Shi Feng came to a realization.

The reason the pool of water containing the Eternal Courtyard was so cold was that of the crystal ball before him.

Shi Feng’s heart suddenly trembled at this discovery.

If the crystal ball was capable of lowering the temperature of this large pool to such a degree, it was definitely a treasure.

Following which, Shi Feng quickly swam towards the crystal ball, hoping to claim it.

However, before Shi Feng could reach the crystal ball, a sharp pain shot through his fingers, a damage of -1,000 points appearing above his head. Shi Feng had no choice but to back off.

Shi Feng silently lamented as he gazed at the dark blue crystal ball. Despite such a powerful treasure sitting right before him, he could not take it as his own.

Just as Shi Feng was about to move on and look for other treasures, a system notification rang out.

System: The Will of an Ancient G.o.d drifts around this Eternal Hall. Are you willing to surrender to this Will?

Before Shi Feng could react, majestic voices suddenly a.s.saulted his mind.

“Submit to me! I can give you unparalleled strength and make you the most powerful man in this world! Even G.o.ds will tremble before your might!”

“Submit to me! I can give you eternal life and make you into the eternal master of this world!”

Listening to the tempting voices in his mind, Shi Feng was suddenly dazed and decided to submit to this Will.

However, just as Shi Feng was about to reply… 

Memories from the past suddenly surfaced in Shi Feng’s mind.

In the past, because he chose not to submit to World Dominators, Shadow had forced him out of G.o.d’s Domain. Even so, he still refused to submit and had planned to start all over again.

In this life, when he faced Martial Union, Dark Star, and Underworld, as long as he bowed down, he could live a better life. Yet, he still refused.

He would no longer allow others to dictate his life, becoming someone’s puppet.

How could he possibly give in now?

Just as Shi Feng was about to refuse, the majestic voice spoke once again, “Don’t you wish to become the master of this world? If you submit, I will give you anything and everything you want!” 

“Since it is the case, I only want the ability to say ‘no.’ Can you give me that?” Shi Feng refused to submit.

“Foolish mortal!

“You will regret your decision today!

“Since you do not wish to become my servant, die!”

Seeing as it had failed to delude Shi Feng, the Will of the Ancient G.o.d grew furious, and the entire hall became stifling.

Suddenly, the thousands of swords that had been thrust into the ground rose into the water. Aiming for Shi Feng, every one of these swords shot towards him.

In response, Shi Feng hurriedly attempted to use Replace Doppelganger to swap positions with his doppelganger. However, he discovered that he had been Silenced, the debuff preventing him from using the skill.

Now that he could not swap positions with his doppelganger, Shi Feng tried to raise his swords to defend against the incoming attack. However, he discovered that not only were his skills sealed, but he also couldn’t move.

At this moment, he could only watch the thousands of swords slice through the water towards him.

However, just as the swords were about to pierce Shi Feng’s body, the dark blue crystal ball suddenly released a silver radiance. The swords flying at Shi Feng immediately froze. At this moment, it looked as if time had come to a halt.

A second later, the thousands of swords shattered like gla.s.s, the metal shards drifting to the floor.

After which, a loud bang echoed throughout the s.p.a.ce of the hall. Black cracks began to appear around the hall, and soon, the s.p.a.ce inside the hall shattered as well. Along with the shattering of s.p.a.ce, the stifling pressure Shi Feng felt before also vanished, his body regaining its freedom.

“d.a.m.n! d.a.m.n!

“You actually dare spoil my business!

“Although this heaven-blessed individual has rejected me, I can still look for others! You cannot stop me forever! Meanwhile, this despicable heaven-blessed individual will die here!”

The Will of the Ancient G.o.d’s rage grew, and even the hall trembled. The golden gate suddenly closed as the hall began to collapse.

At this moment, as if having lost its power, the crystal ball darkened. It no longer released the astonishing cold as it had moments before.

Although Shi Feng did not know what was going on, when he heard the Will claim that this heaven-blessed individual would die here, he knew what he needed to do.


Shi Feng immediately grabbed the dark blue crystal ball and placed it into his bag before activating Replace Doppelganger.

In the blink of an eye, Shi Feng appeared outside the pool.

The doppelganger had only been one second away from disappearing when Shi Feng activated Replace Doppelganger. It had truly been a close call.

That was close. A second later and I would have been dead. Shi Feng inwardly celebrated his escape as he watched the pool of water suddenly explode.

Replace Doppelganger was truly a G.o.dlike escaping skill.

Although Shi Feng had come very close to losing his life, he also managed to obtain a treasure from his excursion into the pool. At the very least, he had not returned empty-handed.

When Shi Feng recalled the frightening might that the crystal ball had displayed, his heart pounded with excitement.

The crystal ball could actually break the seal of the Will of an Ancient G.o.d. It was no ordinary treasure.

With this thought, Shi Feng impatiently opened his bag, wanting to investigate the dark blue crystal ball.

Not even Legendary items had such frightening abilities.

However, when Shi Feng tried to check the crystal ball’s information, it revealed nothing. Shi Feng then used Omniscient Eyes.

To Shi Feng’s shock, however, the Omniscient Eyes, which could a.n.a.lyze even the Destroyer of Immortality, also revealed nothing. 

Moreover, Shi Feng could not even touch the crystal ball now, as he instantly lost 1,000 HP the moment he tried…

Shi Feng felt utterly helpless. He had no choice but to set aside this treasure for now.

If he wanted to use this crystal ball, at the very least, he needed to raise his Ice Resistance to one or two hundred points.

Although Shi Feng could not do anything about the dark blue crystal ball, the Legacy Book had a surprise for him.

Indeed, just as Shi Feng had guessed, the Eternal Courtyard where he could raise the Legacy Trial’s Completion Rate.

Now, instead of a 70% Completion Rate, the Legacy Book displayed a 92% Completion Rate. Shi Feng had obtained an SS-rank evaluation.

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