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Chapter 437 - Tier 2 Combat Power

As the howls approached, everyone became more focused. They kept their eyes glued on the numerous stone pillars in front of the small path.

None of them spared even a glance for the loot that the thousand-plus Wolfman Warriors had dropped.

It was not because Shi Feng and the others did not want to, but because they couldn't afford to.

They had all experienced just how powerful and cunning a Lord ranked monster was.

Even Elites knew how to ambush players, much less Lords. The frightening aspect of Lords was that they knew how to strike a player's blind spots, landing a fatal blow. Previously, Zero Wing's Chief MT, Cola, had very nearly died several times in a Lord's ambush. If not for the Arclight Guard's heaven-defying skill, Time Arc, Cola would have died at least half a dozen times.

Currently, none of Shi Feng's party had such an overpowered skill. They would only taunt death if they moved forward to pick up the loot.

After a short moment, the howling stopped. Instantly, an aura of death washed over the party, and the air surrounding them seemed to freeze.

“Where's the monster?” Blackie asked, confused when nothing appeared.

“It has probably hidden itself. The stone pillars ahead are perfect cover, and it is highly likely that the monster is looking for a chance to strike,” Flying Shadow, who was in Stealth, answered. “Guild Leader, should I scout ahead and investigate?”

“No, it's already heading towards us,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head as he unsheathed the Abyssal Blade and the Purgatory's Shadow. With a grim expression, he said, “Everyone, prepare for battle. Flying Shadow and Fire Dance, cover me. Violet, you focus on healing. Aqua and Blackie, use your control skills but don't pull too much aggro. This monster is far more powerful than any of you can imagine.”

“It's coming? But I don't see it.” Aqua Rose scanned the area ahead of her, failing to detect any traces of a monster.

“It's normal that you can't see it. It's in Stealth right now; even I can barely see its blurred figure.” Due to the Heavenly Dragon's Breath, Shi Feng had ma.s.sively improved in all areas. Even so, he had almost missed his opponent's presence.

“Stealth?! It can't be possible, right?”

When the others heard Shi Feng's words and saw his solemn expression, they immediately grew anxious as they examined their surroundings.

A Lord that could use Stealth… It was a player's worst nightmare. A single careless moment could result in their deaths.

Not daring to take any risks, Shi Feng immediately activated Omniscient Eyes.

He immediately discovered a small-sized, red-furred Wolfman. This red Wolfman wielded two pitch-black sawtooth daggers in each hand. The Lord had already reached the small path and was less than 30 yards away, slowly approaching the party.

[Crimson Shadow Wolf] (Rare Lord)

Level 28

HP 1,000,000/1,000,000

Rare Lords were not as powerful as High Lords, and in terms of Attributes, they were the same as ordinary Lords. However, Rare Lords possessed an additional innate skill.

It was just like how a player with a hidden cla.s.s possessed Legacy Skills unique to their cla.s.s.

Hence, Rare Lords were significantly more powerful than ordinary Lords, and to certain players, that difference might even be fatal.

If Shi Feng had a team of 500 players, he could kill the Crimson Shadow Wolf with absolute certainty. However, not only did his party only consist of six players, but they also did not have an MT. Facing this Rare Lord would prove quite difficult.

When Shi Feng saw the red Wolfman's information, distress filled his heart. Fortunately, after equipping the Heavenly Dragon's Breath, his mind could remain extraordinarily calm. His Attributes had also significantly increased.

Strength increased by 40%.

Agility increased by 40%.

Intelligence increased by 30%.

Endurance increased by 50%[1].

Movement Speed increased by 20%.

Attack Speed increased by 30%.

The improvement that the Fragmented Legendary item had provided to his Attributes was much higher than the growth he had received when he became a Tier 1 Blade Saint.

Furthermore, he also had three new skills: Dragon's Authority, Dragon's Breath, and Heavenly Dragon's Power. With these new skills, he could easily contend with a Lord of the same level.

If Shi Feng had not equipped the Heavenly Dragon's Breath, he would most likely have given a single command.


In G.o.d's Domain, a Tier 1 cla.s.s could compete with a Special Elite, whereas a Tier 2 cla.s.s was on the same level as a Lord.

This was why Shi Feng could not face a Lord in direct combat. However, now that he had the Heavenly Dragon's Breath, although it was not as impressive as a Legendary item, it could still allow a player to transcend tiers, granting Shi Feng the combat power of a Tier 2 player.

It was the equivalent of crossing the threshold to a Tier 2 cla.s.s. Right now, Shi Feng's Attributes approached that of a Tier 2 cla.s.s. He only lacked Tier 2 skills.

Simply put, Shi Feng was fully capable of contending with a Lord of the same level.

He also had the skill, Heavenly Dragon's Power. This skill was even more powerful than the Tier 1 skill, Blade Liberation. Previously, when Shi Feng had activated Heavenly Dragon's Power, he had been able to suppress the final Boss in the Demon's Castle.

When Shi Feng activated Omniscient Eyes, the Crimson Shadow Wolf knew that it had been discovered. It dashed towards Shi Feng with astonishing speed. Before Shi Feng could react, the Crimson Shadow Wolf had closed the distance by more than 20 yards and stood before him. Without hesitation, it slashed its sawtooth daggers towards Shi Feng's neck.

Startled, Shi Feng hurriedly activated Defensive Blade. The two sawtooth daggers froze just before they struck him, unable to proceed by even an inch.

So fast! Shi Feng was shocked.

If anyone else stood in his place right now, they would have been a dead man.

Shi Feng had activated Defensive Blade the instant he discovered the Crimson Shadow Wolf, yet he had nearly been Decapitated…

Not only could Decapitate Silence players, but it could also inflict a ma.s.sive Bleeding DoT and significant damage.

If players were Silenced, they would only be able to defend themselves by relying on their Basic Attributes. However, not even an MT of the same level could fend off a Lord for more ten seconds.

Realizing that its first attack had been unsuccessful, the Crimson Shadow Wolf spun backward and vanished right before Shi Feng's eyes. In an instant, it appeared behind Shi Feng and used Backstab. Fortunately, Defensive Blade deflected that attack as well.

Standing in the back, Aqua Rose and the others were stupefied by this scene.

They had only seen the Crimson Shadow Wolf when it first launched its attack. Then, in the blink of an eye, it had appeared behind Shi Feng and launched another attack.

However, the Rare Lord was far from done. Within one second, it had launched no less than six attacks. Just as Defensive Blade was about to run out, the Crimson Shadow Wolf sent a Flying Knee-kick towards Shi Feng's abdomen.

A Flying Knee-kick could easily break an enemy's combat stance and send them flying through the air, making it difficult for them to dodge or attack.

Just before the Crimson Shadow Wolf's Flying Knee-kick struck Shi Feng, the Rare Lord revealed a human-like sneer. Suddenly, it reversed its grip on one of its daggers and sent an Eviscerate at Shi Feng's chest, intending to end Shi Feng's life with one strike.

“Guild Leader!”

Everyone watched anxiously.

However, they were helpless. The Crimson Shadow Wolf was simply too fast. This was the first time they had witnessed such speed since they started playing G.o.d's Domain.

However, just as the sawtooth daggers were about to slide into Shi Feng's heart, the screech of metal against metal reached the team's ears.

The Crimson Shadow Wolf was confused when it heard this sound. Looking at his adversary carefully, the Wolfman's cold smile suddenly vanished. Now, it wore a grim expression as it bared its fangs and growled.

TL Notes:

[1]Endurance increased by 50%: Uh, I mistranslated this back at Chapter 160 and Chapter 267. It should be 50% instead of 30%. I've made the changes to both chapters. Sorry for the mistake.

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