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Chapter 376 - Great Divine Official

Based on Gentle Snow’s tone, Shi Feng did not think that things were as simple as he had first imagined.

After experiencing a decade of battles and socializing between various Guilds in G.o.d’s Domain, Shi Feng was no longer the young and immature student that he had been in the past.

This was merely the First Clear of a large-scale Team Dungeon. At most, Ouroboros would lose the chance to earn some fame. Such a loss would not greatly affect the strength of the Guild itself.

In other words, Gentle Snow must have made some sort of personal bet regarding Overwhelming Smile being the first Guild to claim the First Clear of a large-scale Team Dungeon. However, she had obviously lost.

“Five days, huh? It seems that I can’t slack off.” Now that Shi Feng had agreed to help, he would not go back on his word. 

Unfortunately, even Shi Feng was not completely confident that he could gain the help of three Tier 4 NPCs in Star-Moon Kingdom. He needed to waste a lot of time to earn their a.s.sistance.

It was not easy to ask NPCs for help. It was especially true for high-tiered NPCs.

Following which, Shi Feng took out the pa.s.s to Blackwing City, teleporting immediately.

Being a neutral zone as well as a famous city in G.o.d’s Domain, Blackwing City was many times stronger than Star-Moon Kingdom. Naturally, a lot of high-tiered NPCs would reside there. If luck would have it, he might even meet a Tier 5 powerhouse. One could not meet such an NPC even in the capital city of Star-Moon Kingdom.

It had been quite some time since the launch of G.o.d’s Domain. The population of the game had increased rapidly. The number of players who had obtained Blackwing City Pa.s.ses had also increased.

As Shi Feng walked down the wide streets of Blackwing City, he discovered far more players than before.

Among these players, a majority were the upper echelons of Guilds. Like Shi Feng before, these upper echelons were here to trade with each other. They mainly traded Hard Stones, taking advantage of the price difference to make a huge profit.

However, as more players began visiting Blackwing City, the potential profits would start to dwindle. This was also why Shi Feng had stopped Aqua Rose from sending her subordinates to cooperate with other Guilds. He planned to save the Blackwing City Pa.s.ses, only using them to attend the Blackwing City Auction or purchase special tools such as the Frost Grenades.

In reality, aside from being a trade hub, Blackwing City had one other fascinating feature: the city’s beautiful scenery. In the past, when G.o.d’s Domain was in its middle-stages, many upper echelons of Guilds would frequently visit Blackwing City for leisure.

Nothing could beat the Stargazing Tower of Blackwing City.

The Stargazing Tower’s interior was like a dream world; it looked absolutely stunning. In the past, many players even longed to spend the rest of their lives living inside the Stargazing Tower.

“It’s been a long time since I entered the Stargazing Tower,” Shi Feng muttered as he gazed at the distant tower that pierced the sky. The Stargazing Tower was one of the architectural symbols of Blackwing City.

Meanwhile, the reason Shi Feng had come to Blackwing City this time was none other than to visit the Stargazing Tower.

Based on Shi Feng’s understanding of G.o.d’s Domain’s history, the Stargazing Tower of Blackwing City was older than the city itself. Blackwing City was established here because of the Stargazing Tower.

The Stargazing Tower was a monument that had existed in G.o.d’s Domain before the Great Destruction. As for exactly when it had been built, not even Shi Feng knew that.

If there were anywhere in Blackwing City where one could find three Tier 4 NPCs at the same time, aside from the City Lord’s Mansion and Magic Tower, the Stargazing Tower would be it.

The City Lord’s Mansion was self-explanatory. As for the Magic Tower, it was the residence of many mage NPCs of G.o.d’s Domain who single-mindedly pursued the limits of magic. Meanwhile, high-tiered NPCs had guarded the Stargazing Tower since ancient times. Hence, all three of these locations housed many high-tiered NPCs.

However, players could not easily gain access to the City Lord’s Mansion and the Magic Tower.

Only a sightseeing spot like the Stargazing Tower permitted players to enter and leave as they wished.

The moment Shi Feng set foot inside the Stargazing Tower, he was met with cute little Elemental Sprites hovering and dancing around in the air. The center of the main floor contained a spiraling staircase leading to the top floor of the Tower. Despite the absence of sunlight inside the Stargazing Tower, a faint blue glow illuminated the interior. Moreover, the walls looked like the starry skies at night, glimmering starlight covering the pitch-black walls to create a mesmerizing sight.

In addition, the Stargazing Tower also possessed another mysterious effect.

Calming Heart!

Any player that entered the Stargazing Tower, even those filled with burning rage, would find tranquility inside this place.

At this moment, however, Shi Feng did not have the time to appreciate the view. Immediately, he ascended the spiral staircase until he arrived at the Weeping Moon Pavilion of the Stargazing Tower. Before Shi Feng could enter the Weeping Moon Pavilion, the two Level 180 Tier 2 Black Robe Knights guarding the entrance stopped him.

“Outsiders are not allowed entry into the Weeping Moon Pavilion.”

“This humble one is called Ye Feng, a Demon Hunter. I wish to meet Lord Aslan Hartberu; can I trouble you to inform the lord?”

Shi Feng immediately flashed his ident.i.ty as a Demon Hunter to the two Knights. As for his ident.i.ty as the Viscount of White River City, it was utterly worthless here.

“Look, another fool is trying to enter the Weeping Moon Pavilion.”

“I bet that he’s a newcomer who has just arrived in Blackwing City. Everyone in Blackwing City knows that the Weeping Moon Pavilion is the most important place in the Stargazing Tower. It’s where many power NPCs reside. I heard that there are many high-level quests available inside as well, and many experts have attempted to get in. But even after wasting a lot of time to become citizens of Blackwing City, the Knights guarding the entrance still chased those experts away. Does that newcomer think he can get in just by asking?”

The Stargazing Tower was well-known in Blackwing City. If a player visited the city often, they would know that the Weeping Moon Pavilion was off-limits to players.

Hence, when the players inside the Stargazing Tower saw Shi Feng’s presumptuous actions, they all started ridiculing him.

“Outsiders are forbidden from entering the Weeping Moon Pavilion,” the Knights ignored Shi Feng’s ident.i.ty as a Demon Hunter; the gaze they directed at him was as cold as before. They then moved to chase Shi Feng away.

However, before these Black Robe Knights could take action, a voice came from inside the Weeping Moon Pavilion.

“Let him in. I know him.”

The two Black Robe Knights immediately halted their a.s.sault. They then opened the doors to the Weeping Moon Pavilion, allowing Shi Feng to enter.

“What the h.e.l.l!?”

“d.a.m.n, that player actually got in!”

The players who had come to enjoy the show were all stupefied. Until now, not a single player had been allowed into the Weeping Moon Pavilion. Now, however, a newcomer actually got in…

The first floor of the Weeping Moon Pavilion was a large and s.p.a.cious hall. The hall was filled with books and crystal tools. Meanwhile, the ceiling was made of a gigantic water mirror that reflected the starry skies of the outside world.

“You’re late. You’ve kept me waiting for a long time. How are you going to pay me for my time?”

A crisp and melodious voice reached Shi Feng’s ears. Turning around, Shi Feng noticed a female priest in white robes walking down the staircase at a distance. Meanwhile, this female priest who emitted a sacred aura was none other than the Divine Official Sharlyn.

Listening to Sharlyn’s accusatory tone, Shi Feng suddenly recalled the scene back at the City Hall of White River City. Back then, Weissman had told him that Sharlyn would wait for him in the Stargazing Tower. However, as he had been preoccupied at the time and had completely forgotten about it.


Watching Sharlyn’s slowly approaching figure with a saintly smile plastered on her face, a sense of foreboding bloomed in Shi Feng’s chest.

Moreover, Sharlyn was no longer the Tier 3 Divine Official that Shi Feng had known.

Now, she was a Tier 4 Great Divine Official!

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