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Chapter 423 - Final Cave

“Are you serious?”

The red-haired beauty could not help but reevaluate her opinion of Shi Feng, going as far as using an identification skill on him.

However, other than the fact that Shi Feng was Level 22, she could not uncover any information about Shi Feng.

The beauty's companions had similarly focused on Shi Feng, hoping he would confirm their suspicions.

Shi Feng's offer of 10 Gold Coins for each piece of the Warfire Set far surpa.s.sed any offer they had received thus far. Furthermore, if they could collect the entire set, they could sell it to this Swordsman for 180 Gold, making a fortune.

“Of course. We can add each other as friends. As long as you obtain the Warfire Set Equipment, you can contact me anytime,” Shi Feng said, smiling.

What a joke! That was the Warfire Set Equipment. If he bought it for 180 Gold, he would only profit.

Fine-Gold Set Equipment dropped from Level 20, 50-man large-scale Team Dungeons. Moreover, only Hard Mode dropped them. Only 100-man h.e.l.l Mode Team Dungeons would drop Dark-Gold Set Equipment. Unfortunately, it was too difficult to collect a complete set.

As for the Warfire Set Equipment, Shi Feng recalled a few valuable farming locations for it.

It was not because those locations had higher drop-rates, but because the Battle Monkeys there were densely packed. The more Monkeys one killed, the higher chances they would have of the Set Equipment dropping.

Although Shi Feng wished to grind for a few pieces himself, those locations required a sufficiently powerful team. With Zero Wing's current 500-man team, farming in those areas would be suicidal. At the very least, they needed a team of 500 Tier 1 players.

For now, the only thing Shi Feng could do was to enter the inner region of the White Fog Canyon and mine Starfire Ore.

“Excellent! My name is Virtuous Cloud. We will contact you if we obtain the Warfire Set Equipment!” Virtuous Cloud sent a friend request to Shi Feng.

Shi Feng then clicked “Accept.”

“Black Flame, is it? Okay, I will remember it,” Virtuous Cloud nodded when she saw Shi Feng's alias appear on her Friends List. “I will contact you once we obtain the equipment. At that time, make sure you do not reject my call!”

Shi Feng simply smiled in response before walking towards the gorge. At the same time, he contacted Aqua Rose.

“Guild Leader, you're finally online. I have some important news for you,” Aqua Rose said, smiling.

“You must be talking about the large number of outsiders arriving in White Fog Canyon, right? I've already learned about it. Where are you right now? Why don't I see any of you in the gorge? What's the status of the team?” By this time, Shi Feng had arrived at the gorge. However, the area was desolate, which worried him somewhat.

“We don't know where we are right now. We had kept to the gorge, grinding. However, somewhere along the way, over a dozen Flame Guards suddenly ran out of the inner region of the canyon. These Flame Guards were all Level 28 Lords. Their Flame Domain was simply too powerful. As the Battle Monkey army waited for us outside the gorge, we had no choice but to go further into the White Fog Canyon.

“Fortunately, we got lucky. We retreated to a place called the Final Cave. The Flame Guards were huge; they couldn't follow us into the cave. However, they've been standing guard outside the entrance, so we can't leave…”

“Final Cave? Where is it?” Shi Feng was surprised.

He was very familiar with the White Fog Canyon. However, he had never once heard of the Final Cave.

“We don't know, either. The system map doesn't show our location. However, this cave is ma.s.sive. There are also plenty of monsters here. Fortunately, there aren't any Lord ranked monsters, so we have been able to cope.” Aqua Rose did not know their current whereabouts. While Shi Feng had been offline, they had been busy escaping for their lives and had no time to worry about where they fled to.

“Add me to the team. And don't venture too far into the cave. I'm on my way,” Shi Feng hurriedly said, frowning.

There were many dangerous areas in White Fog Canyon, and it was highly possible that Aqua Rose and the others had found one.

In G.o.d's Domain, dangerous areas were forbidden lands for players like the cold water pool Shi Feng had encountered in the Origin Sword Domain. If one did not possess the appropriate countermeasures, they would die with absolute certainty!

After Aqua Rose sent a team invite to Shi Feng, she reminded, “Guild Leader, you need to be careful. There are over a dozen Flame Guards outside the cave's entrance.”

“Ah, I understand.” Shi Feng nodded.

After Shi Feng joined the team, he activated Team Tracking.

With this mechanic, Shi Feng could locate a specific team member and meet up with them.

“The stone forest to the south?”

After activating Tracking, Shi Feng could see faintly glowing footprints on the shattered rocks. These footprints belonged to Aqua Rose.

The stone forest in White Fog Canyon's inner region was complex and chaotic. Even with a map, it was incredibly easy to get lost there. However, the paths in the stone forest were narrow, so it was the perfect location to shake off enemy pursuit.

Along the way, Shi Feng cautiously avoided the high-level monsters as he followed the footprints.

However, after Tracking Aqua Rose for over ten minutes, the footprints suddenly vanished. It was as if Aqua Rose had disappeared.

“How could they disappear?”

Shi Feng's frown deepened as he examined the empty s.p.a.ce before him. There was no sign of any caves nearby, much less the large forms of the dozen or so Flame Guards.

Shi Feng decided to explore his surroundings. Even so, he still could not find any tracks. Aqua Rose's footprints had just ceased to exist.

“Could there be a barrier?” After giving it some thought, he could only think of one possibility.

There were various kinds of barriers in G.o.d's Domain. Some trapped people inside, some were lethal, and some even contained hidden areas.

However, certain conditions must be met to enter a barrier.

Aqua Rose and the others must have fulfilled those conditions, so they were able to enter the barrier. Shi Feng, however, had not.

This was what had troubled Shi Feng…

With a team of 500 players, who knew what they had triggered in order to enter the barrier?

Who would even know what the conditions were?

“I wonder if the Omniscient Eyes will work.” Shi Feng walked to the location where the footprints had disappeared. He then activated Omniscient Eyes.

Omniscient Eyes could uncover all information within a 100-yard radius; nothing could hide from it.

After Shi Feng activated Omniscient Eyes, his heart skipped a beat.

A light blue wall loomed before him. Beyond the wall, there were over a dozen Flame Guards roaming around the entrance of a cave. However, due to their ma.s.sive bodies, they could not fit inside. However, they would certainly make it difficult for a player to enter.

[Flame Guard] (Lord Rank)

Level 28

HP 700,000/700,000

As these Flame Guards were in a berserk state at the moment, they were far more powerful than ordinary Lord ranked monsters. A single Flame Guard could easily exterminate a 100-man team. With over a dozen gathered, even an army of several thousand elite players would be nothing more than ants to them.

Originally, Shi Feng had considered his options of breaking into the barrier. However, as if the Flame Guards outside the cave had detected him, they all suddenly turned to stare at Shi Feng. Emitting low growls, they issued blazing flames from their hands that transformed into a sizable flame war hammers. One hit from this war hammer could instantly flatten a player, burning them to ash.

“No way.”

Shi Feng gaped at the Flame Guards as they charged at him, stunned. Every one of them radiated malicious intent.

Without hesitation, Shi Feng immediately turned and ran.

Before Shi Feng could get too far, the faint blue barrier wall instantly shattered as the Flame Guards' hammers struck it. The Lords then stormed towards Shi Feng.

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