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Chapter 367 - Asura

A series of notifications flooded Shi Feng the moment he logged into the game.

"There sure are a lot of people trying to contact me," Shi Feng slowly browsed through the notification list, discovering that a vast majority were friend requests or private messages. Among them, there were plenty of messages from high-ranking members of first-rate Guilds. Most of them wanted to acquire Zero Wing.

There were also a few first-rate Guilds who had messaged Shi Feng with different intentions. These first-rate Guilds stated that, as long as Shi Feng willing joined their Guilds, they promised to promote him into an elder position in their Guild immediately and offered him a significant percentage of the Guild's shares. Shi Feng couldn't understand these offers. Since when had he become so valuable?

"Even Feng Xuanyang sent me a message? Interesting," Shi Feng read Feng Xuanyang's message, feeling slightly surprised. Although he had yet to discard all pretenses with Feng Xuanyang, they were already mortal enemies; neither would rest until one side was annihilated. Based on Feng Xuanyang's arrogance, it would be a miracle if he stopped trying to dispose of Shi Feng. So, why would Feng Xuanyang contact him? This wasn't his style at all.

When Shi Feng opened and read Feng Xuanyang's message, he could not but laugh.

"Feng Xuanyang sure is quick to change his att.i.tude. It's no wonder he was promoted to Underworld's management."

In the message, Feng Xuanyang had expressed his agreement to the conditions Shi Feng had previously stated. He was willing to invest one billion Credits in Zero Wing in return for 10% of Zero Wing's shares. As for the finer details, they could discuss that further once Shi Feng contacted him.

"What the h.e.l.l happened while I was away?" Everything had happened too suddenly, and Shi Feng was at a loss.

The looting war in White River City should not have warranted such a change in Feng Xuanyang. There must be some other reason.

Although Zero Wing had become a major force, in the end, it was limited to White River City. There over a hundred cities in the kingdom. To first-rate Guilds, the gain or loss of a single city was insignificant. As for Underworld, they surpa.s.sed even first-rate Guilds.

Moreover, among some of the messages Shi Feng had received, a few of the major Guilds from the other countries in G.o.d's Domain had invited Shi Feng to their Guilds.  They even offered very enticing salaries. No matter how Shi Feng looked at it, there was definitely something wrong with this situation.

However, even after a long moment of contemplation, he still couldn't figure it out. Hence, he logged onto the official forums to get a better understanding of the situation.

The moment he logged in, however, he was stunned.

Under the Star-Moon Kingdom's forum section, posts about Black Flame and the G.o.d's Domain Experts List flooded the page.

Star-Moon Kingdom's Top Player, Black Flame!

Appearance of the Experts List Top 500 in Star-Moon Kingdom!

G.o.d amongst men! One against ten thousand! Killing thousands and escaping alive!

Experts a.n.a.lyze of the various Guilds in Star-Moon Kingdom. Zero Wing overall strength ranked first.


However, among the numerous posts, the most popular was t.i.tled "One-hit Asura" with a view-count of over ten million. 

G.o.d's Domain Experts List Rank 481: Black Flame

Cla.s.s: Swordsman

t.i.tle: Asura

Black Flame had undergone numerous great battles in White River City. He once successfully killed Lone Tyrant, the Guild Leader of Dark Star, while surrounded by over a thousand Dark Star members. Afterward, he fought several hundred elite players in White River City, killing every player with a single hit. n.o.body could stop his mighty sword as he effortlessly annihilated over a hundred players. Shortly after, tens of thousands of players from multiple Guilds hunted him down. Not only did he paralyze those players with shock, but he also killed thousands of players by himself before safely departing the battlefield…. 

Secret Pavilion's Evaluation: One hit per person, possessing strength like a demon.

The Secret Pavilion hereby gives Black Flame the t.i.tle of Asura.

Below the introduction, the post contained video highlights of Black Flame's battles.

"Black Flame is simply too amazing! He is the role model of us Swordsmen! I must take him as my teacher! I heard that the Secret Pavilion doesn't give out t.i.tles casually. It's a pity that Black Flame has been in so few battles. Otherwise, he would definitely get a higher ranking on the Experts List."

"You don't say? One hit per person. Black Flame even killed a Level 19 Shield Warrior with a single hit, and he only took a few seconds to kill over a hundred players. With such G.o.dlike strength and techniques, no matter how you look at it, he should not rank at just 481. In my opinion, first place should be just about right. The Secret Pavilion is definitely pulling some strings, so they're using the t.i.tle of 'Asura' to divert people's attention."

"I had hesitated about joining Zero Wing before. Now, however, I've decided to head straight for White River City. I must join Zero Wing no matter what!"

"Hah! I've long since arrived at White River City. I heard that the benefits Zero Wing offers to its members are superbly good. The weapons and equipment available for trade are also top-tier. In particular, the core members' equipment is a feast for the eyes. You'll just be ashamed if you wear Secret-Silver Equipment in front of them. The lowest quality equipment is at least of Fine-Gold rank! Moreover, Zero Wing also has a Guild Residence. I hear that there are private rooms in the Guild Residence, and even normal members can rent these rooms. After I join Zero Wing, it will only be a matter of time before my equipment surpa.s.ses a major Guild Leader's."

Many players had begun discussing Shi Feng's t.i.tle of Asura and the revelation of the various benefits that Zero Wing offered its members. At this moment, Black Flame and Zero Wing had become the most popular existences in Star-Moon Kingdom, and their fame far exceeded first-rate Guilds' like the Star Alliance and Ouroboros.

As Zero Wing did not recruit players outside of the city, White River City had become Zero Wing's recruitment center. Many players throughout the Star-Moon Kingdom began pouring into White River City, causing the population to rise suddenly. Unknowingly, Zero Wing had become the most dominant force in White River City.

While the reputation of One-hit Asura spread, many players also cursed Shi Feng as a shameless villain.

Shi Feng had lured the Mechanical Slayer to kill countless innocent players, dragging many players into the fray. These players claimed that Shi Feng should compensate them by handing over all the drops from the Mechanical Slayer. Meanwhile, these players cursing Shi Feng were all the subordinates of Lone Tyrant and the Guild Leaders of the various Guilds in White River City who had joined to take down Shi Feng.

After the looting war, their hatred for Shi Feng was higher than the sky and deeper than the ocean.

Any players who the Slayer had killed had lost two levels. They also had to wait one natural day before they could revive. Moreover, after reviving, they suffered a weakened state for two natural days. During this time, all of their Attributes had reduced by 30%, and their EXP gain reduced by 50%.

Dark Star had already suffered severe losses during the looting war. However, Lone Tyrant had never imagined that it was only the start of his nightmare. With this penalty, how Dark Star ever catch up to the other Guilds in the future?

The other Guilds were in a similar situation as well. At this moment, their eyes had turned b.l.o.o.d.y-red with rage. Just why had they so foolishly sent their members after Shi Feng?

Thinking up to this point, their hearts crumbled.

However, regardless of how much regret filled their hearts or how many curses they spewed at Shi Feng's despicable behavior, at this moment, n.o.body paid them any attention. Rather, they had set themselves up to become the joke that served to uplift Zero Wing's fame even further.

"So that's why. Rank 481 and a t.i.tle. It's no wonder why even first-rate Guilds from other kingdoms and empires have made such grand offers. Even Feng Xuanyang has swallowed his pride and agreed to invest in Zero Wing." Reading up to this point, Shi Feng finally understood the reason behind all those messages.

There were countless experts in G.o.d's Domain. However, there could only be 1,008 players on the Experts List at a single time. These players were the at the apex in G.o.d's Domain.

Players capable of placing on the Experts List were also symbols of strength and status for Guilds. The more Experts List players a Guild possessed, and the higher the rank of said players, the more potential and strength a Guild would have. As a result, players on the G.o.d's Domain Experts List became targets for first-rate Guilds and various organizations.

Take Red Feather for example. Despite ranking only within the top 900, the Star Alliance treated him like their precious baby. The Star Alliance had even given Red Feather a certain percentage of the Guild's shares.

As for Shi Feng, not only did he rank within the top 500 on the Experts List and was the number one player in Star-Moon Kingdom, but he had also received a t.i.tle from the Secret Pavilion. Naturally, he was quite valuable.

Just as Shi Feng was about to contact Aqua Rose and have her appraise the drops from the Mechanical Slayer with him, he suddenly received a call request from Feng Xuanyang. Shi Feng had only logged into the game moments ago, and already, Feng Xuanyang had contacted him. Feng Xuanyang's speed left even Shi Feng speechless.

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