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Chapter 409 - The Difference of Tiers

The seconds ticked past.

The crowd seated in the spectator stands were on the edge of their seats. Although they were not the ones fighting, they were just as focused on the battle as the combatants in the arena.

This was the final match.

The result of this match would determine the fates of both sides. The winner would become the Guild Leader of Ouroboros, and their team members would obtain success and prestige.  The loser, however, would have to leave G.o.d's Domain forever and those who followed them would struggle in the future.

As a result, the tension was practically tangible in the stands.

Even the Elders observing the fight from the side felt heavy.

“Nimble Snake, show yourself if you dare! It has already been more than twenty minutes, yet, you still act like a coward! Even with the advantage of your cla.s.s, you play such a dirty trick! Aren't you ashamed of yourself?!” Zhao Yueru shouted, her crescent brows tightened as she frowned at the quiet arena. From the beginning, Nimble Snake had shown no sign of attacking. Zhao Yueru was greatly tempted to charge into the arena and fight the a.s.sa.s.sin with Violet Cloud.

Nimble Snake was cunning. In order to gain victory, he would willingly act unscrupulously.

To guard against her opponent, Violet Cloud had to stay on high alert, focusing her senses to detect any movements.

At best, an ordinary person could only maintain their concentration for half an hour or so. If pushed any longer, not only would they greatly exhaust their mental fort.i.tude, but they would also become susceptible to distractions. Soon, they would unconsciously reveal flaws in their defense.

However, this was a type of defense mechanism, so it was unavoidable.

Meanwhile, the match had stretched on for almost half an hour now.

Even Zhao Yueru felt her concentration begin to reach its limit. If this stalemate dragged on any longer, she would definitely falter.

When experts fought each other, even the slightest distraction could mean death…

“Hahaha! We never set a time limit for the matches, so it is up to them to choose how they fight. If you must blame someone, blame yourselves for not thinking of this beforehand. Don't you think it's a little too late to regret it now?” Blackhearted Arrow laughed triumphantly.

Zhao Yueru was suddenly speechless.

The statement was not false. It was true that they had not set a time limit for this compet.i.tion. However, n.o.body ever expected Nimble Snake to do something so underhanded. Originally, Zhao Yueru had thought that she knew how low Nimble Snake would go.

However, it would seem that she still underestimated the treacherous b.a.s.t.a.r.d. It turned out that he did not have even the basic self-respect of an expert. He actually planned on dragging the match on for over half an hour.

“It was my mistake. I had forgotten to set a time limit despite knowing that we would face an a.s.sa.s.sin,” Gentle Snow said remorsefully as she watched Violet Cloud, who already began to show signs of mental exhaustion.

She had blundered during such a crucial compet.i.tion…

Without a doubt, her mistake had significantly decreased Violet Cloud's chances of victory.

“Don't be too nervous. Just watch. I believe that Violet Cloud knows what to expect,” Shi Feng advised, his gaze fixed on his guildmate as well.



Shi Feng was not the slightest bit worried at this moment.

Although Nimble Snake was indeed skilled, he still had a long way to go if he wanted to defeat Violet Cloud.

Finally, half an hour had pa.s.sed since the match had begun.

It seems that this little girl is close to reaching her limit.

All this time, Nimble Snake had carefully observed Violet Cloud from a distance. In reality, he had plenty of chances to make his move during this half an hour. However, he resisted. To be 100% certain that he would kill the Cleric, he chose to wait until this very moment.

Sweat had already appeared on Violet Cloud's forehead. It was obvious that her concentration had reached its limit. Nimble Snake even slipped up deliberately and made a little noise when he was about ten yards from her. An expert with acute senses would detect the sound. However, Violet Cloud failed to sense it at all.

Sure enough, she has grown tired.

Nimble Snake was overjoyed. He then circled to Violet Cloud's back, silently drawing closer.

Ten yards… Five yards… Three yards…

Soon, Nimble Snake arrived behind Violet Cloud and unsheathed his gleaming dagger, before stabbing it between the girl's shoulders.


Ambush placed the target in a Fainted state for four seconds. During the early stages of G.o.d's Domain, control removal skills were extremely rare. As long as his attack landed, Nimble Snake could kill her quickly with a chain of skills.

To ensure his victory, Nimble Snake had even used Second Acceleration. Even if Violet Cloud discovered his attack, it would still be impossible for her to block it.

The moment before Nimble Snake's dagger sank into the Cleric, Violet Cloud released a mighty roar.

Terrorizing Roar!

Terrorizing Roar Feared all enemies within a radius of 8 yards. Feared players would lose all control over their bodies.

Suddenly, Ambush struck Violet Cloud, and she entered a Fainted state, while Nimble Snake had been Feared by Terrorizing Rawr.

“Violet is amazing. She actually managed to use Terrorizing Roar at the very last second. Now, neither side can attack each other. Moreover, now that Nimble Snake has been exposed, he has also lost the initiative of this fight. Next, once Violet distances herself from Nimble Snake, she can wear him down and finish him,” Zhao Yueru exclaimed after seeing Violet Cloud's performance.

However, Gentle Snow said, “No.”

“Snow, is there a problem?” Zhao Yueru asked curiously.

“Nimble Snake is Level 24, but Violet is only Level 22. Though both of their control skills have a duration of 4 seconds, as Nimble Snake is two levels higher, the effect of Violet's Terrorizing Roar will definitely be slightly weaker. It is highly possible that the skill's effect will only last 3.5 seconds. However, Violet will remain incapacitated for a full 4 seconds. Nimble Snake can do a lot of things during that 0.5-second gap,” Gentle Snow said with a grim expression. Although Violet Cloud's counterattack was marvelous, there was a small level-gap between them.

“Does that mean… we've lost?” Zhao Yueru's expression suddenly became melancholic.

Cao Chenghua had also revealed a victorious smile.

As soon as the control effect on Nimble Snake ended, the result of this match would be set in stone.

However, Shi Feng suddenly smiled and said, “No, we've won.”

“Won?” Zhao Yueru turned to look at Shi Feng. Whispering, she said, “But Violet's Fainted duration is longer than Nimble Snake's. How is she going to win?”

“You'll find out,” Shi Feng laughed.


Shi Feng confused every spectator. However, since an expert like Shi Feng had said such a thing, he had his own reasons.

“What nonsense,” Blackhearted Arrow scoffed as he glanced at the distant Shi Feng. Ridiculing, he said, “It is common sense that the level suppression in G.o.d's Domain is severe. One will only suffer if there is a difference of three levels. Although Nimble Snake is only two levels higher, it is enough to weaken a skill's effect significantly. What an ignorant fool–”

However, before Blackhearted Arrow could finish… 

Inside the arena, Violet Cloud suddenly recovered ahead of Nimble Snake.

“No… How is this possible! It hasn't even been three seconds!” Blackhearted Arrow's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

Shi Feng was the only player who was not surprised.

None of them could understand how Violet Cloud recovered first.

What a pity. You might be two levels above me, but I am one tier above you.

Violet Cloud looked at Nimble Snake, who currently shivered uncontrollably on the spot, smiling faintly as she waved her staff. A black magic array then formed beneath Nimble Snake's feet.

Good. I still have a chance. Nimble Snake, who had originally begun to despair, suddenly saw hope. Violet Cloud had foolishly chosen a spell with a long casting time.

Although Nimble Snake still had no control over his body, he could see and hear without any issues.

The magic array forming beneath him needed one second to complete. Meanwhile, he was less than one second from reaching the 3.5-second duration of his Feared state. At that time, he could simply use Vanish to avoid Violet Cloud's spell.

However, as if ignorant of this fact, Violet Cloud continued chanting her incantation.

Just as the 3.5 seconds were almost up, and Nimble Snake was about to use Vanish… 

What's going on? Nimble Snake suddenly noticed that he still had no control over his own body.

Meanwhile, the magic array Violet Cloud summoned began to activate.

Tier 1 Advanced Spell: Black Coffin!

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