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Chapter 347 - Tier 4 Magic

Many players sighed in relief at Weissman’s arrival.

The Mechanical Slayer was too strong. Even though so many guards had attempted to slow its a.s.sault, over 50,000 players had died. Moreover, turned several White River City streets into ruins.

If given more time, the Slayer would have slaughtered every player in White River City. Meanwhile, the city itself would become nothing more than rubble.

Despite being only a Level 50 Mutant High Lord, the Mechanical Slayer had caused so much damage. If dozens of such powerful monsters appeared, wouldn’t they obliterate White River City?

However, among all of the players present, only Shi Feng understood how powerful a Mutant was. An ordinary High Lord could never be so strong.

Mutants were considered natural disasters.

“I wonder which is stronger: a Great Wizard or a Mutant.” At this moment, Shi Feng stood far from the commotion, quietly observing Weissman and the Slayer’s every action.

Great Wizard was a Tier 4 cla.s.s. Even in Star-Moon Kingdom, Weissman was one of the heavyweights. Such a powerhouse would only offer protection to a major city like White River City. Smaller cities would only be guarded by Tier 3 NPCs at best.

Meanwhile, the Mechanical Slayer was also unique. It was a Mutant that had transformed from a High Lord. If cla.s.sified as a Tier, Shi Feng’s initial judgment placed the Mechanical Slayer at Tier 3 Upper-rank. Otherwise, it could not have defeated a Tier 2 Guard General so effortlessly.

At this moment, the Level 200 Weissman and the Level 50 Mechanical Slayer were only 30 yards apart, staring each other down.

The level gap between the two was very wide. No matter how one looked at it, they were not equals. Yet, when Weissman and the Slayer stood together, n.o.body felt any sense of disharmony from looking at them.

“A Mutant? No wonder the guards could not defeat it.” Weissman did not rush to attack the Mechanical Slayer. Instead, he carefully observed the Mutant. He then shifted his gaze towards his surroundings. The s.p.a.cious streets around him no longer possessed the splendor they had in the past. There were collapsed buildings everywhere, and this caused Weissman’s gentle gaze to chill with anger.

Suddenly, Wiseman's body exuded an intimidating authority. Even while standing hundreds of yards away, everyone could feel their bodies grow heavy, their breath quickening.

As this authority grew increasingly powerful, some ordinary players who had withstood the pressure suddenly crouched, their faces filled with fear while their bodies trembled.

Authority was intangible, and it could not physically influence substantial change. This was closer to spiritual pressure. It was an instinctual warning for when living creatures faced an enemy that was far superior, altering them to the danger.

Humans had long since detached themselves from the various threats of mother nature, so their instincts were extremely weak. However, due to G.o.d’s Domain, players began to recover these instincts gradually.

Although players had recovered these senses, they still sorely lacked spiritual training. As a result, many were unable to withstand Weissman’s authority and had crouched in fear.

Aside from exuding his frightening authority, Weissman had also enveloped an area one hundred yards around him as his magic domain. As long as one were within this domain, the magic would suppress their strength unless they possessed equal or stronger magic. Simultaneously, this magic domain also strengthened Weissman. This was a frightening aspect of Tier 4 cla.s.ses.

As soon as a Tier 4 cla.s.s used their domain, Tier 3 cla.s.ses and below would be sheep for the slaughter.

At this time, the Mechanical Slayer also began to move. Raising its serrated greatsword, it sent a powerful slash at Weissman.

Just as countless air blades swept across the expanse, Weissman suddenly vanished. In the blink of an eye, he appeared on the other side of the Mechanical Slayer. Responding quickly, the Slayer swung its greatsword towards Weissman’s new location. However, the result was the same; Weissman dodged the attack using Instantaneous Movement again.

After over a dozen consecutive slashes, Weissman had yet to receive a single point of damage. Meanwhile, Weissman’s consecutive usage of Instantaneous Movement stunned the watching players.

It was common knowledge that the Instantaneous Movement that Elementalists possessed had a Cooldown of 25 seconds with a maximum moving distance of 20 yards. However, Weissman’s Instantaneous Movement looked like it did not have a Cooldown. Moreover, every time Weissman used Instantaneous Movement, he moved over 40 yards from his original position.

“It’s as expected of a Tier 4 cla.s.s. Even Instantaneous Movement has become far more powerful. If a Tier 4 a.s.sa.s.sin grasped this skill, the Slayer would have suffered over a hundred attacks by now.” Shi Feng had fought his fair share of Tier 4 cla.s.ses in the past, so he knew just how powerful they were. Among the many Tier 4 cla.s.ses he had fought, quite a few were Great Wizards. So, Shi Feng had a general understanding of Great Wizards.

From his knowledge, Shi Feng knew that there were differences between Tier 4 Great Wizards. As for Weissman, a Great Wizard capable of using Instantaneous Movement effortlessly over a dozen times in quick succession, at the very least, he should be an Upper-rank Great Wizard.

After a frenzied a.s.sault, scars around four meters deep and forty meters long were visible throughout the street. However, no matter how the Mechanical Slayer attacked, it could not land a single hit on Weissman. The Slayer had also started to panic. Gripping its serrated greatsword with both hands tightly, it stabbed its weapon into the ground. It was obvious that the Mechanical Slayer intended to use Storm Domain once more.

However, Weissman, who had continuously dodged the Slayer’s attacks, had begun his attack. One of his hands currently held up his White Jade Staff, gathering a horrifying amount of magic power around it, while his mouth chanted complex incantations and his other hand swiftly traced lines of runes.

Such quick writing and complex runes! The incantation for an ordinary Tier 3 spell normally only has around a dozen lines or so, yet Weissman has already written at least twenty! At the very least, he should be casting a Tier 4 spell! Shi Feng was shocked as he watched Weissman’s casting.

Ordinary, Great Wizards would need at least six to seven seconds to write over twenty lines of runes. Meanwhile, Weissman had only needed four seconds.

This is bad. This distance is still too dangerous. Shi Feng knew how powerful a Tier 4 spell was. Such a spell possessed the destructive force of a missile. With his distance of 150 yards, he could easily be caught in the crossfire. Hence, Shi Feng turned and ran.

As the ground started to fragment, blades of air shot up from the ground.

Weissman suddenly flew upward and hovered in mid-air.

The air blades exploded forth, shooting towards Weissman.

At this moment, Weissman had also finished chanting his spell. He pointed the finger he had used to write the runes with towards the sky, and in the next instant, a gigantic blue magic array appeared above the city.

“Tier 4 magic, Sky Piercer!” Weissman lightly waved his White Jade Staff, pointing it at the Mechanical Slayer.

Blue-colored gas flowed out of the magic array, transforming into a sharp blue spear that came crashing down.

When the air blades and blue spear collided, a violent shockwave swept through the area. Even houses over a hundred yards away were blown away.

Players who stood within a 200-yard radius died instantly, while players who stood 200 yards to 300 yards away suffered varying degrees of damage.

After the brief collision between the two skills, blue spear pierced through the air blades and struck the Mechanical Slayer’s body. The spear was like a meteorite crashing into the ground.

In the wake of the impact, strong winds blew, and dust rolled. A shockwave far more powerful than the one before also spread from the site of impact. It was as if a huge earthquake had just occurred.

After the dust settled, everyone’s gazes shifted towards where the Sky Piercer had fallen. Immediately, everyone’s jaws dropped in shock.

The spear’s landing site had become a ma.s.sive crater that was over 30 meters deep…. 

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