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Chapter 322 - Crusade Against Creek Town

Creek Town was one of the border towns within White River City's jurisdiction. The town was nestled in a desert, and it was so desolate that not even birds would come to lay their eggs.

However, such a small town was a popular gathering place for Red Names and those who walk the path of darkness.

Unlike towns, cities like White River City were managed strictly. Hence, Red Names who had often killed other players for equipment during the initial stages of the game could only find a desolate place like Creek Town to receive quests and level up.

Near Creek Town, high leveled monsters dwelled, ranging from Level 15 to Level 30, which were perfectly suitable for players at this stage of the game.

In Creek Town, Red Names crowded the streets. Most of these players were above Level 15, while only a few were below Level 15. The Blood Hand a.s.sociation, a dark force, managed the town. So, naturally, the NPCs here would not kill these Red Names. On the contrary, the NPCs welcomed these Red Names. Red Names could also receive better quests depending on their Crime Value, and through completing these quests, they could raise their Reputation among the dark forces they served.

"Guild Leader, there are over a thousand players in this town. In addition to the NPCs guarding this place, I don't think we can conquer it successfully." After spending a long time scouting, Aqua Rose had obtained a general grasp on Creek Town's overall combat power.

Setting aside the fact that there were over a thousand Red Names in this town, there were more than 500 NPCs guarding the town, the lowest of which was Level 50. Among them, there was no lack of Elite Guards. There was even a few Level 70 Tier 1 guard captains. If they charged in, the actual number of enemy NPCs might increase further. With only 100 players and 49 guards, they stood no chance at all.

Also, if a town were attacked, the NPCs within would not wait for players to close in on them before retaliating. Instead, all of the guards in the town would gather and fight back. Moreover, there was a huge difference between NPCs and monsters. The reason being, unlike monsters, NPCs knew how to coordinate with each other, making them far more difficult to deal with.

Furthermore, these Red Names would definitely try to take advantage of their battle with the NPCs, inconveniencing them at the very least. Moreover, these Red Names were not easy opponents. The fact that these players that could survive as a Red Name until now and possessed such a high level indicated that they had strong fighting techniques. Naturally, the equipment they used would be of high quality as well.

Killing and plundering was their main occupation in the game, so even if they were not fully equipped with Secret-Silver Equipment, at the very least, they would possess Bronze Equipment or above.

If any of these Red Names were in a Guild, they could easily become the elite or even core players of the Guild. Moreover, the frequent PKs they took part in allowed them to gain plenty of combat experience, so there was no shortage of experts among these Red Names.

To put it simply, although there were only around a thousand Red Names in Creek Town, these 1,000 or so players could easily rival 2,000 elites of Dark Star.

Thus, if they wished to conquer Creek Town, the task could only be described with one word—challenging!

"Of course, we stand no chance against them if we attack normally. However, we have come here with a Crusade Quest." Shi Feng knew how difficult it was to capture a town. How could a Crusade Quest possibly be easy? If it were, the system would not reward players with shocking rewards and Reputation.

These Red Names were usually the bandits; they were not used to being the victims.

This time, however, it was their turn to shed some blood.

"Fire Dance, how are the preparations coming on your side?" Shi Feng asked through the team chat.

The 48 Level 50 Tier 1 guards Shi Feng had recruited were no pushovers. Although these guards could not be used to kill monsters or raid Dungeons, they could defend a town or private residence. More importantly, they could also help players complete large-scale Guild Quests. If not for this fact, Shi Feng would not have recruited so many Tier 1 guards.

However, even though all 48 were Tier 1, they were insufficient to deal with all of the NPCs in Creek Town. Moreover, Shi Feng had not intended for them to launch a frontal a.s.sault on the guards of Creek Town.

Among the 48 Tier 1 guards Shi Feng had recruited, some were Rangers and a.s.sa.s.sins. Hence, Shi Feng had tasked Fire Dance and the others to take along one of these guards to lure the Blood Hand a.s.sociation's NPCs out of town. After all, the intelligence the Tier 1 guards possessed was much lower than players. If Shi Feng allowed the Tier 1 guards to lure the enemy NPCs, they could easily fail. Yet, if players lured the enemy NPCs, due to the great disparity in Attributes, the NPCs could catch up and kill the players. Hence, Shi Feng's solution was to have players instructing the Tier 1 guards individually.

"We're all ready. We've grasped most of the basic commands,  so we're only waiting for your command now," Fire Dance said with a smile.

"Good. After I initiate the Crusade Quest, all of you take action immediately. Remember not to lure the town guards too far. Otherwise, they will run back to town." After Shi Feng gave a few reminders, he then walked towards Creek Town.

Shi Feng stopped a few hundred yards before the town, taking out the Crusade Order. He then pointed the Crusade Order at the sky.

Suddenly, rays of golden light shot from the Crusade Order, and in the next moment, a golden magic array appeared above Creek Town. In the evening sky, this magic array was extremely conspicuous, and it quickly attracted the attention of many players inside the town.

A short moment later, the magic elements of this array burst open, and one after another, golden ripples spread from this magic array, enveloping the entire region of Creek Town. At this moment, if viewed from the outside, a protective, golden dome appeared, covering Creek Town.

Creek Town System Announcement: Zero Wing has started a crusade against Creek Town. Unrelated parties, please leave immediately!

Creek Town System Announcement: Zero Wing has started a crusade against Creek Town. Unrelated parties, please leave immediately!

Creek Town System Announcement: Zero Wing has started a crusade against Creek Town. Unrelated parties, please leave immediately!

The Crusade Announcement repeated three times, and all of the Red Names in Creek Town were shocked by this notification. There was actually a Guild that dared to capture a Red Name Town. 

Shortly after, all of the players belonging to the dark forces in Creek Town received another message. However, the message this time was from the Blood Hand a.s.sociation. The message stated that, as long as they could successfully defend the town, all players would receive bountiful rewards. Moreover, players would receive Achievement Points for each enemy they killed. After the battle was over, players could exchange these Achievement Points for weapons and equipment.

"Zero Wing sure is kind. They have actually come to gift us money."

"Do they think they are amazing? Since they dared to come into our territory and make trouble, we'll annihilate every single one of them!"

The players of Creek Town's blood boiled, their killing intent rose to new heights. Although Zero Wing shone like the sun in midsky[1] in White River City, in their eyes, Zero Wing wasn't worth mentioning. After all, they all had impressive techniques and none of them mingled in White River City, so they had no need to fear Zero Wing's  vengeance. Even if Zero Wing tried to take revenge on them, they only needed to hide, and Zero Wing could do nothing to them.

The barefooted are not afraid of those who wear shoes. They were the hoodlums of G.o.d's Domain, so why would they fear Zero Wing?


Inside one of the bars in Creek Town, an a.s.sa.s.sin clothed in black currently drowned himself in alcohol. The man felt like a piece of ice to others; he exuded a chilling intent that made others instinctively distance themselves. Shockingly, this man was actually Level 20, and he all of his equipment was Secret-Silver Equipment. In White River City, this man would definitely be considered a first-rate expert.

This black clothed a.s.sa.s.sin was stunned when he received the system announcement, the beer bottle in his hand falling to the ground.

"Zero Wing? Doesn't that mean that Ye Feng might show up as well?" The black clothed a.s.sa.s.sin's lips curled upward, forming a sinister smile. "The last time, I lost to him because of equipment quality. This time, I'm going to take back everything that he owes me."

If Shi Feng could see this a.s.sa.s.sin's appearance, he would recognize this person as none other than Absolute Heaven, the a.s.sa.s.sin that he killed in the past.

TL Notes:

[1] like the sun in midsky: heyday (definition: the period of a person's or thing's greatest success, popularity, activity, or vigor.)

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