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Chapter 343 - Slaughter Time

The players in White River City grew excited when they heard the announcement.

It was extremely rare for monsters to attack a city. Furthermore, they could obtain bountiful rewards and witness experts' techniques.

These factors alone were reason enough for players to involve themselves.

“Let's head over to the city gates and have a look. We won't get any rewards if we let the guards wipe out all of the monsters.”

“I heard that a monster has appeared at the Teleportation Hall. Hopefully, they haven't killed it already.”

“Let's hurry to the Teleportation Hall, then.”

Immediately, groups of players resting inside bars and hotels started running towards the Teleportation Hall, which was only a short distance away from White River City's gates.


At this moment, silence filled the inside of the Teleportation Hall. The steel giant that had suddenly appeared currently captivated everyone's attention.

[Mechanical Slayer] (Mutant, High Lord Rank)

Level 50

HP 40,000,000/40,000,000

Compared to the first time Shi Feng had seen it, the Mechanical Slayer's current HP had undergone an earth-shattering change. It's HP of 40,000,000 shook the players inside the Hall, despair seeping through the crowd.

Moreover, the Mechanical Slayer had killed over a hundred players with a single attack. Any player who witnessed this scene would feel one thing—fear.

However, what surprised everyone was that the steel giant's gaze was locked on Black Flame.

It was clear that the steel giant's words “Finally found you,” were meant for famed Guild Leader.

But why was such a powerful monster looking for Black Flame? This question filled everyone's minds.

“Why would a Level 50 High Lord appear here?” Lone Tyrant looked at the Mechanical Slayer that had suddenly appeared, feeling greatly astonished. This was also the first time Lone Tyrant had heard of or seen the rank Mutant High Lord.

There were hundreds of Level 150 guards and Level 150 Tier 2 Guard Generals in White River City. The Mechanical Slayer, a Level 50 High Lord ranked monster, stood no chance against these NPCs. Yet, the Mechanical Slayer still chose to appear here. Such a situation was simply unbelievable.

However, what was even more surprising was the Mechanical Slayer's performance and actions. Its speech, which carried a playful tone, was nothing like a monster. In Lone Tyrant's opinion, the Mechanical Slayer seemed more like a haughty and overbearing player than a monster. These factors revealed that this Mutant High Lord was definitely more powerful than an ordinary High Lord ranked monster.

“Boss Tyrant, what should we do about that monster?”

“Should we escape?”

The members of Dark Star struggled to swallow their fear when they thought about the Mechanical Slayer's level and frightening, destructive power.

“Escape?” Lone Tyrant sneered. “With such a G.o.d-given opportunity, why would we escape?

“Right now, the monster has the exit blocked. Meanwhile, Black Flame is clearly its target. Who else could be a better guard than that monster? First, we need to deal with Black Flame. After we get rid of him, we can deal with that monster.

“Everyone, charge! We must not let Black Flame get away today!”

Since Lone Tyrant had given the command, as members of Dark Star, they could not disobey his orders. One after another, the Dark Star members charged towards Shi Feng.

At the same time, Lone Tyrant had also mobilized members through the Guild channel, instructing more to join him.

Whether it was Black Flame or the Mechanical Slayer before him, Dark Star would be the one to take them both down. It was especially true for the monster before him. Despite it clearly being a High Lord, the Mechanical Slayer possessed intelligence that far surpa.s.sed that of an ordinary High Lord. Moreover, it was also frighteningly strong. If they could kill it…. 

When the other Guild players saw Dark Star's hundreds of members charging at Shi Feng, they, too, started contacting their respective Guilds and rallied for more troops, not wanting to miss out on this opportunity. In addition to taking Black Flame's life, they all intended to fight over the contribution and drops of killing the Mechanical Slayer.

“It's over! There's a tiger at the front and a wolf at the back! I told him that he should have escaped earlier! It's too late now!” Turtledove panicked when she saw their opponents surrounding Shi Feng. The steel giant also had the exit blocked off. She then suggested, “Why don't we rush over to help him now?”

“Hold on,” Shadow Sword pulled back Turtledove. Softly, he said, “Let's listen to Guild Leader Black Flame and think of a way to escape.”

“Big Brother Shadow Sword, the situation has changed! He will die if we don't help him!” Turtledove said.

“Even if we try to help, what can we actually do?” Shadow Sword shook his head. Although he wished to help Shi Feng as well, a dark feeling had surfaced in his heart. Meanwhile, this darkness told him that, if he stayed here, the situation might really conclude as Shi Feng had said.

“It would be better than doing nothing at all!” Ignoring Shadow Sword's words, Turtledove charged towards the crowd.

However, before Turtledove made it too far, something unbelievable happened.

A ma.s.sive figure suddenly appeared above Shi Feng. The figure then landed heavily on the ground, easily crushing the stone floor into dust and sending tremors throughout the entire Teleportation Hall.

More than a hundred players who had charged at Shi Feng died instantly under the figure's descent.

Only Shi Feng, who had activated Defensive Blade, had barely remained standing.

“You've finally taken action. I've been waiting for a long time now,” Shi Feng smiled faintly. At this moment, he had less than 50% HP remaining. If he continued battling the sea of players, sooner or later, he would have no choice but to run. However, now that the Mechanical Slayer had made its move against him, things were vastly different.

“Little ant, you sure are persistent. However, in front of Us, only death awaits you.” The Mechanical Slayer lifted its serrated greatsword, slashing the weapon down at Shi Feng.

Countless air blades flew towards Shi Feng.


Faced with the countless air blades, Shi Feng's smile only widened. Using Silent Steps, Shi Feng dodged the air blades that a.s.saulted him like a tsunami easily and appeared where the healers of the various Guilds had gathered.

Although Shi Feng had evaded the Mechanical Slayer's attacks, the Dark Star elites who had focused on Shi Feng were not as lucky.

Under the a.s.sault of the countless air blades, these elite players were as weak as tofu, crumbling with just a touch.

In an instant, over a hundred elite players died.

However, the battle was not over yet. Seeing that its attack had missed, the Mechanical Slayer sent another slash at Shi Feng.

Shi Feng hurriedly activated the Aura of Wind in conjunction with Windwalk, his speed soaring. Shi Feng then jumped abruptly, barely dodging the second wave of air blades.

Following which, the healers and mages of the various large Guilds suffered a tragedy.

“c.r.a.p, Black Flame is trying to use that Mechanical Slayer's strength to deal with us! Everyone, move away from him!”

Everyone finally noticed that something was amiss.

Although Shi Feng seemed to be evading the Mechanical Slayer's attacks, in reality, he took advantage of the Mechanical Slayer's wide range to deal with them.

Within a few seconds, the various large Guilds had lost over eighty percent of the elites in the Teleportation Hall, while Dark Star had lost over half of the elites who had just arrived.

If they continued to allow Shi Feng to have his way, they would face annihilation in just a moment.

“Black Flame!”

Looking at his subordinates that had died, Lone Tyrant clenched his jaw close to the point of shattering his teeth.

“Change of tactics. All ranged players restrict Black Flame's movements.” Lone Tyrant immediately issued new orders.

“You only now noticed?” Shi Feng simply smiled. “Unfortunately, you're too late. Let me help you host a grand blood fest!”

If Lone Tyrant and the others had prepared earlier and stolen the aggro of the Mechanical Slayer from Shi Feng before it appeared in front of him, Shi Feng would have been forced to flee. However, after the Mechanical Slayer had focused on him, it would be meaningless even if Lone Tyrant and the others managed to figure out his plan.

Shi Feng had already seized control of the Mechanical Slayer's initiative.

So long as Shi Feng did not die, he would have control of the giant's actions.

Fortunately, n.o.body in White River City could surpa.s.s his survivability.

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