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Chapter 339 - Making an Enemy Out of Everyone

What's going on in White River City? Shi Feng thought as he looked at the overbearing crowd blockading the entrance of the Teleportation Hall. Do they recognize me somehow?

However, Shi Feng quickly rejected this idea, realizing that he should not be this crowd's target.

In order to avoid attracting attention, Shi Feng donned the Black Cloak before he teleported to White River City, hiding both his appearance and ID. Moreover, he had not told anyone of his whereabouts, so why would anyone expect him? Furthermore, this was the Teleportation Hall of White River City. What reason was there to blockading this place? 

The White River City guards were not just for show.

Hence, Shi Feng was sure that these Guilds occupied the Teleportation Hall for some other purpose.

Interesting. I wonder what sort of evil plan these Guilds have this time? Shi Feng revealed a faint smile as he walked towards the entrance of the Teleportation Hall.

Currently, Zero Wing was like the sun at noon. Naturally, many Guilds would feel insecure about losing their position, so it was normal for them to take action.

At this moment, the entrance of the Teleportation Hall was filled with noise. Several Guilds had gathered, many of which were third-rate Guilds. Even the members of Dark Star and World Dominators, two of the top six Guilds of White River City, were present.

“What are you Guilds trying to do here?! Didn't we tell you already that we're not interested in joining you?!” a female Guardian Knight growled in annoyance. The woman was an extraordinary beauty with bright eyes.

“Lady, don't say that. Interest is something that can be nurtured. Your disinterest is simply because you don't fully understand us right now. I believe that as long as we spend some time together, your enthusiasm in joining us will grow,” a Level 18 male a.s.sa.s.sin insisted, laughing. The a.s.sa.s.sin was fully geared with Mysterious-Iron Equipment.

After the male a.s.sa.s.sin spoke, the tens of players behind him tightened their blockade of the entrance with no intentions of letting anyone get past them.

“Are all Guilds in White River City like you guys?” the female Guardian Knight said as she wrinkled her brows.

“Hahaha! Don't misunderstand us. We aren't forcing you to join any of the Guilds present. If you aren't interested in joining any of us, you only need to pay a 5 Silver Coin service fee. After all, you can't expect us to make a trip here for nothing!” the male a.s.sa.s.sin chuckled coldly.

“You all are going too far!”

In a fit of rage, the female Guardian Knight unsheathed her saber and shield. Although her equipment was a mix of Common and Bronze rank, her level of 17 was not to be underestimated.

Currently, the majority of players were only Level 13, and few among the average players had reached Level 14. Those who managed to reach Level 15 were all veteran players. As for those who were Level 16 or above, such players were usually the elite members of Guilds.

The fact that an independent player like the female Guardian Knight had managed to reach Level 17 showed that she possessed definite abilities.

“What? You want to challenge me? Come at me, then! I'll even stand here and let you hit me! Hit me if you can!” The male a.s.sa.s.sin laughed arrogantly. He even took the initiative to move closer towards the female Guardian Knight's saber.

“You shameless b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

Although the female Guardian Knight was furious, she did not take action. They were in White River City. If she attacked first, the guards would capture or kill her. Yet, with so many people blocking the entrance, there was simply no way to leave the building.

However, she was also unwilling to pay these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.

To teleport to White River City, they had spent a lot of money. Now, these Guilds wanted to charge them a pa.s.sage fee of 5 Silver Coins per person. That was practically everything an average player would have.

“Turtledove, don't let them get to you,” a tall and st.u.r.dy male Berserker said, pulling back the female Guardian Knight.

“Big Brother Shadow Sword, they are simply too much! I need to teach them a lesson! At worst, the guards will just lock me up,” the female Guardian Knight named Turtledove persisted, the expression on her face showing that she was not afraid of death.

“Even if you take action, you might not necessarily be able to deal with the problem at hand. We've just arrived at White River City, and we don't have any Reputation here. However, they are different. They have already acc.u.mulated a certain amount of Reputation in White River City. Even if they aren't n.o.bles, they will still be citizens of White River City. If we attack them, they can retaliate without suffering any consequences,” the Berserker named Shadow Sword warned.

“Oh? It seems that you still possess some insight!” the male a.s.sa.s.sin sneered. “That's right. We have earned enough Reputation to become White River City citizens. Some of us here are even first-cla.s.s citizens, which is only a rank behind n.o.bles! I believe you should know what a first-cla.s.s citizen signifies, right?”

In G.o.d's Domain, citizens of any particular city would receive a special treatment. When a confrontation occurred between players inside a city, as long as no damage occurred, the guards of the city would not pay any attention. Meanwhile, when attacking a first-cla.s.s citizen inside a city, if one were not a citizen of that particular city, then the punishment they received would double.

If Turtledove dared to attack a first-cla.s.s citizen of White River City, a very severe punishment would await her. Even if said first-cla.s.s citizen killed her, she would still be arrested and jailed once she resp.a.w.ned. She would also have to pay a fine. If she did not possess sufficient funds to pay the fine, she would have to p.a.w.n the items she had on her to make up for it.

At this moment, Turtledove came to a realization. She was inwardly relieved that she had not acted rashly just now. Otherwise, she would have truly played into those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds' hands.

“Did you think that you could leave just because you didn't make a move?” The male a.s.sa.s.sin laughed, glaring at Turtledove contemptuously. “If first-cla.s.s citizens strike, I wonder how you will respond?”

“You shameless b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!” Turtledove understood what these Guild players were trying to do. Suddenly, she said in a frosty tone, “We have come to White River City to join Zero Wing. Are you guys not afraid that Zero Wing will retaliate because of this despicable display?”

“Hahaha! Zero Wing? So what? This daddy here is a member of Dark Star! Even if Zero Wing has great potential, it is still not a match for Dark Star right now! Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds from Zero Wing don't even dare to fight us out in the open!” the male a.s.sa.s.sin said in disdain. “Moreover, haven't you noticed that there are other Guilds present here as well?

“You guys are really foolish. You actually fell for the c.r.a.p that some newly-established Guild like Zero Wing spews. Did you guys really think that White River City belongs entirely to Zero Wing?

“Just Dark Star alone is enough to send Zero Wing trembling in fear! Right now, there are seven third-rate Guilds and more than ten unrated Guilds with over 3,000 members present. Even if Zero Wing grew a spine, do you think they would dare to provoke all of us?

“Do you really think Zero Wing is willing to make an enemy out of everyone present?”

Turtledove's composure wavered at the male a.s.sa.s.sin's words.

Zero Wing was indeed a newly-established Guild. Moreover, although there were over a million Guild players in White River City, only a fraction belonged to the top six Guilds of White River City, whereas the majority belonged to normal unrated Guilds. Although these unrated Guilds only possessed three to five thousand members on average, there was a large number of unrated Guilds in White River City. If their numbers combined, the total members that these unrated Guilds possessed far surpa.s.sed the top six Guilds of White River City.

If these unrated Guilds allied with each other, not even the top six Guilds of White River City would be a match for them.

With so many Guilds working together, how could Zero Wing possibly oppose them?

Thinking up to this point, Turtledove started growing anxious.

“Turtledove, my inconsideration has implicated you in this matter. In a moment, I'll hold them off while you take the chance to escape. As long as you leave the Teleportation Hall, none of these Guilds can do anything to you,” Shadow Sword whispered to Turtledove.

“No. At worst, we'll die together. Isn't it just losing some levels and equipment? It's not my first time suffering such a setback.” Turtledove shook her head, tightening her grip on her saber.

“I applaud you for your bravery. Unfortunately, you guys came at the wrong time. Brothers, go! Show these folks our pa.s.sion!” The male a.s.sa.s.sin's lips curled up into a mocking sneer. He then motioned with his hand. Immediately, three players possessing the status of first-cla.s.s citizens moved.

However, before the three first-cla.s.s citizen players arrived in front of Shadow Sword and Turtledove, a black figure suddenly appeared, blocking them.

This person hidden under a Black Cloak was none other than Shi Feng.

“Making an enemy of everyone?

“Such a bold claim... is Dark Star not afraid of biting its own tongue?

“Do you really think Dark Star is the overlord of White River City?”

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