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Chapter 308 - Black Flame and Ye Feng

“Good, I’ll head over there now,” Shi Feng said. Standing atop a tree, he inspected his surroundings before jumping off the tree and proceeding towards the meeting point.

Now that Fire Dance and the others had accomplished the difficult first step, what remained depended solely on luck.

If his plan worked, then Fire Dance’s group would succeed in escaping.

As for directly confronting Dark Star, choosing to face over 3,000 elites from Dark Star was simply suicidal.

Oh? Someone’s coming over.

While Shi Feng was transversing the forest, his keen five senses suddenly picked up on movement a short distance away. He promptly jumped up onto a tree.

Towards the west side of the forest, a team of over one hundred elite players was currently searching the vicinity as they moved. The majority of these players were Red Names, creating a very eye-catching sight. Moreover, none of them tried to hide their presence—which made it very easy for Shi Feng to discover them.

“Uncle South Wolf, Zero Wing has played a significant role in the war between Ouroboros and World Dominators this time. We also can’t overlook the combat power Zero Wing displayed. It is definitely not as simple as it appears in the video recordings of their battle. If Zero Wing had not suddenly ambushed World Dominators from behind, World Dominators would not have lost so overwhelmingly.

“Now, World Dominators in White River City is only an empty sh.e.l.l of its past self. Blood Halberd is also continuously lambasting Lone Tyrant with a barrage of curses. However, since Lone Tyrant does not dare to become hostile with Blood Halberd, he has no choice but to suffer in silence. Black Flame is truly decisive with his actions.

“Not only did he eliminate World Dominators from White River City, he has also severed a large portion of Dark Star’s support. In addition, the post he made before declaring war on Dark Star has led to the war between Zero Wing and World Dominators receiving widespread attention. Using only 3,000 players to defeat a first-rate Guild like World Dominators, with such a brilliant battle record, Zero Wing has instantly risen to fame from this single battle.

“Killing three birds with one stone. Even I am starting to admire this person named Black Flame.”

The commentary of the female Summoner walking beside South Wolf on Zero Wing’s battle was eloquent. She spoke as if she knew every little detail of Shi Feng’s plan.

This girl was around 20 years old. She had a pair of beautiful eyes that was both bright and dazzling, making it difficult to discern the girl’s thoughts. Her cherry lips were currently tilted up slightly, while her eyelids were curved into small crescents. The girl exuded a calm and mysterious aura. During the few occasions when she giggled, she would also reveal a n.o.ble and elegant temperament that drew the attention of others despite themselves.

“Youlan, you are Underworld’s female Zhuge[1]. How can you uplift others’ prestige while downplaying your own worth? That Black Flame simply got lucky. He definitely isn’t as smart as you make him out to be.” South Wolf felt that Youlan overestimated Black Flame, who South Wolf believed was simply an arrogant and despotic person. Meanwhile, Zero Wing’s victory in the war this time and the subsequent trouble that visited Dark Star were simply coincidences. There was nothing worthy of their concern.

“Maybe I am overthinking things,” Youlan laughed, having no intention of refuting South Wolf’s words.

“Although Zero Wing has risen to fame with this single battle and they have also managed to cause us some trouble, their core team is still trapped in this Silverleaf Forest. We have them completely surrounded now. Even if Ouroboros and the rest of Zero Wing rush over here right away, they will still be too late to change anything. As long as Zero Wing’s core team is annihilated, the Guild itself will receive a fatal blow. At that time, we’ll see how Black Flame can continue acting rampantly,” South Wolf scoffed proudly.

Zero Wing had only managed to garner the reputation it had today due to their continuous monopoly of the top ten positions on the Ranking List of White River City. The eight experts of Zero Wing were known by all, and they still occupied the top eight positions on the Ranking List until this day; n.o.body had managed to threaten their positions all this time. If these eight players died today, they would definitely fall out of the top ten. Subsequently, Zero Wing would also lose the fame and prestige it possessed.

“I guess this could be considered a flaw of Guild Leader Black Flame. Players have always worshiped the strong. Although occupying the top position on the Ranking List would bring him great benefits, if he fails to maintain this position, it would instead become a sword that will stab him in the heart.” Youlan nodded.

In the middle of South Wolf and Youlan’s conversation, an a.s.sa.s.sin suddenly spoke in the team chat, “Brother South Wolf, I’ve found them.”

a.s.sa.s.sins were not only proficient in the art of a.s.sa.s.sination, they were also proficient in the art of tracking. Hence, a.s.sa.s.sins were definitely the best choice when hunting for players.

“Good! Even the heavens are aiding me! I will bring an end to Zero Wing! Blade, immediately inform Guild Leader Tyrant of this and have them come quickly. We’ll go ahead and delay Fire Dance’s group. The moment everyone arrives will be their time of death.” South Wolf laughed. “It is a pity Ye Feng isn’t with them. Otherwise, I will definitely make him regret making a mockery out of Underworld. Regardless, I will use the deaths of Zero Wing’s core team members as a greeting gift to him.”

“Ye Feng? Uncle South Wolf, are you referring to the G.o.d-ranked expert of White River City, that Ye Feng?” Youlan suddenly grew interested.

“What dog’s fart expert? If he had not hidden himself, I would have already made him kneel and beg for forgiveness by now,” South Wolf said in disdain.

Youlan entered a deep contemplation after hearing South Wolf’s words. Suddenly, a smile appeared on her face and a hint of joy glimmered in her eyes. It was as if she had found a new toy to play with. Laughing lightly, she said, “First, there is Black Flame, and now, there is Ye Feng, a G.o.d-ranked expert. Zero Wing is truly an interesting existence.”


Just as South Wolf’s group was closing in on Fire Dance and the others, Shi Feng hid himself within the dense treetops, waiting for South Wolf’s group to approach him.

“Guild Leader, we’re ready,” Fire Dance said through the team chat.

“Good. Fire Dance, you and the other a.s.sa.s.sins sneak over to their healers and prepare an ambush. Make sure to maintain a certain distance from their group and be careful of detection. Although it is unlikely that any of them have learned a stealth-erasing skill, we cannot rule out even the slightest possibility. Wait until they have entered Blackie’s attack range, then make your move. No matter what, do not let them discover our tracks,” Shi Feng said quietly.

After Shi Feng had discovered South Wolf’s group, he had immediately contacted Fire Dance and ordered them to ready themselves to get rid of these players.

Shi Feng had chosen to do so mainly because it was of utmost importance that Dark Star not find out where they were going.

South Wolf’s elite team consisted of over a hundred players. All of them possessed relatively good quality equipment. Although there were a few Bronze Equipment mixed in, most of them were using Mysterious-Iron Equipment. This team was definitely one of Dark Star’s core teams. 

Conversely, although Shi Feng had only around 30 players on his side, every one of them was an expert. It was not exactly impossible for them to eliminate these 100-plus elite players in a short amount of time. Not to mention, Shi Feng still had plenty of Basic Frost Grenades and Tier 1 Magic Scrolls on him. Naturally, he had distributed quite a lot of them to Fire Dance and the others.

In addition, if they could kill all these elite players, the deaths would cause significant damage to Dark Star.

So, why not?

“Leave it to me.” Saying so, Fire Dance immediately led five a.s.sa.s.sins and snuck over.

Although South Wolf’s group consisted of 100-plus elite players, their levels were only around Level 17, with Level 19 being the highest. Meanwhile, Fire Dance was currently Level 21. Fire Dance’s techniques and equipment also surpa.s.sed these elite players by leaps and bounds. All these factors combined allowed Fire Dance to effortlessly sneak up on the enemy’s healers.

The five other a.s.sa.s.sins accompanying Fire Dance were not weaklings, either. They were all core members of Zero Wing, sporting equipment of Mysterious-Iron rank or above, and were also at Level 20 right now. When they snuck up on the healers of Dark Star, none of them were detected.

So when South Wolf and his group walked into Blackie’s attack range, they all remained unaware of the looming danger.


Shi Feng commanded through the team chat, and immediately, everyone sprang into action.

TL Notes:

[1] Zhuge: a genius strategist during the Three Kingdoms period.


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