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Chapter 319 - Windbreaker

After Shi Feng accepted the 1-star Guild Crusade Quest, he led everyone to the Twilight Temple.

The Twilight Temple was a main hub for healer cla.s.ses.

Here Clerics, Oracles, and Druids could take on quests that rewarded high-level skills related to their cla.s.ses.

"Guild Leader, what are we doing here?" Aqua Rose asked, confused.

"We're looking for a.s.sistance." Shi Feng smiled faintly, not bothering to explain further.

After entering the main hall of the Twilight Temple, they saw Level 180 Elite Guards crowding the temple. This hall also contained the statue of the Twilight G.o.ddess, below which stood a Level 200 Priest dressed in red.

An Oracle advanced to Priest after reaching Tier 2. To Shi Feng and the others, a Level 200 Priest was an existence that they could only revere. At this moment, however, this Priest dressed in red took the initiative to walk up to Shi Feng and welcome him.

"Greetings, Lord Viscount," the Priest said, fawning.

"Greetings, Esteemed Lord Priest. I wish to purchase some Water of Life. Do you have some here?" Shi Feng asked softly.

The Water of Life was the spring water taken from the Fountain of Eternal Life; it was sacred medicine in G.o.d's Domain that could heal any wound in an instant. It could even regenerate a person's lost limbs, so The Water of Life was extremely valuable. To NPCs, the Water of Life held great importance.

The Twilight Temple worshipped the Twilight G.o.ddess. Meanwhile, the Fountain of Eternal Life was a G.o.dly Relic that the Twilight G.o.ddess had bestowed upon the Twilight Temple.

Hence, throughout G.o.d's Domain, only the Twilight Temple could possibly obtain the Water of Life.

"Lord Viscount, Water of Life is precious. This is a gift of the Twilight G.o.ddess to we humans, and every drop is a treasure. It is not something a Priest like myself can give to others casually, so I beg for Lord Viscount's forgiveness," the Priest said, appearing slightly angry. However, a Viscount was a person of relatively high status in White River City. Even if Shi Feng's request angered the Priest, the Priest still had to endure and hold it in. If any other player stood in Shi Feng's place right now, the Priest might have thrown them out of the temple already.

Naturally, Shi Feng knew this.

Although he had guessed that his ident.i.ty as a Viscount would not get him the Water of Life, the Priest's unwavering refusal still shocked him slightly.

Shi Feng then activated the Golden Stigmata and looked at the Priest, asking, "Will this not do?"

Suddenly, twinkling golden stars appeared in Shi Feng's dark pupils. His body began to emanate a terrifying aura. In the face of this aura, the Priest felt even his soul tremble.

"You are…" The Priest was the manager of this Twilight Temple, so it was only natural that he would possess vast knowledge regarding G.o.d's Domain.

Stigmata were the War G.o.d's Temple's symbol of supremacy, and they were categorized into three different colors: silver, gold, and purple. A person capable of controlling a Golden Stigmata was definitely a core character of the War G.o.d's Temple.

"Is it really not possible?" Shi Feng asked again. In truth, he was not confident in obtaining the Water of Life.

If players wished to purchase the Water of Life from the Twilight Temple, the prerequisite was sufficient status among humans. As to what degree of status, even Shi Feng was unsure. However, characters like Weissman, the controller of a city, could definitely purchase some.

Shi Feng was not a city lord, so if he wished to purchase the Water of Life, he could only try his other ident.i.ties. If it were not possible to obtain any, he would have to look for other a.s.sistance to help him with the Crusade Quest instead. After he gained sufficient status in the future, he would return and purchase Water of Life.

After some struggling, the Priest finally opened his mouth and said, "Lord Viscount, with your esteemed status, you can purchase one drop."

"Okay, I'll take it," Shi Feng replied, slightly excited.

However, his excitement confused the members of Zero Wing behind him. Wasn't it just a single drop of Water of Life? Yet, it actually caused their usually calm and indifferent Guild Leader to grow excited. Could this Water of Life possibly be an Epic item?

"That will be 300 Gold, Lord Viscount." The Priest carefully took out a small crystal vial from his pocket. Within this vial, there was a single droplet of dark-blue liquid.

Aqua Rose immediately revealed a shocked expression when she heard the required price of 300 Gold. The others were stunned as well.

However, Shi Feng was not surprised by this price. Instead, he handed over 300 Gold to the Priest without hesitation; his actions even seemed a little impatient. 

Aqua Rose was speechless when she heard the price for a drop of Water of Life. There was not a single Guild in G.o.d's Domain that could possibly afford such an amount. Hence, when she saw Shi Feng hand over 300 Gold to the Priest, her disbelief was overwhelming. Although Aqua Rose had long since known that Shi Feng was rich, she never thought his fortune was this vast.

"No wonder Guild Leader said that 30 Gold was cheap before…" Snow Goose finally understood Shi Feng's words back at the Adventurer's a.s.sociation.

Indeed, compared to 300 Gold, the 30 Gold deposit for the Guild Crusade Quest was nothing.

With 300 Gold, one could fully arm a 100-man elite team with Mysterious-Iron Equipment.

In the end, just how deeply hidden is this guy? Just how much do I not know about Zero Wing? Aqua Rose shifted her gaze to Shi Feng, a complicated feeling possessing her heart.

If Lone Tyrant of Dark Star knew about this, he would definitely regret making an enemy out of Zero Wing.

Wars between Guilds were mainly compet.i.tions in financial power.

Meanwhile, by showing off its own financial power, Dark Star had simply shown off its slight skill in front of an expert. 

However, what Aqua Rose did not know was that Dark Star could have caused Shi Feng some significant problems had they really annihilated Zero Wing's core team. After all, Blackie wielded an Epic ranked staff. The others also possessed excellent Dark-Gold items. If Dark Star had managed to obtain these items, the consequences would have been unimaginably dire.

After Shi Feng obtained the Water of Life, he hurried over to a simple, and crude, looking house located in the Slums of White River City.

In this house lived a middle-aged man with only a single arm. Originally, this man had been a powerful Tier 2 Sword Master. However, during the Great Demon War, he had lost one of his arms, and subsequently, his strength deteriorated, reverting to an ordinary citizen.

This man was Kite. Even before he had lost his arm, Kite had not been very famous in Star-Moon Kingdom. After all, he was simply a Tier 2 Swordsman, something common.

The reason Shi Feng had come for Kite was mainly that of his potential.

Five years after G.o.d's Domain had officially launched, Kite had another name.


n.o.body would have thought that a one-armed man living in the Slums of White River City would, after becoming the personal guard of a player, one day grow to become a Tier 5 t.i.tled Sword Saint. The more shocking matter was the fact that the owner of this Windbreaker was actually just an independent player with subpar techniques, and this player was simply a Lifestyle player.

However, due to the presence of this Tier 5 t.i.tled Sword Saint, this insignificant, independent player had actually become an existence that n.o.body dared to provoke casually. The same went for the first-rate Guilds at that time.

Many first-rate Guilds and Super Guilds had also offered astronomical prices in order to recruit this independent player. Moreover, the prices they offered were much higher than what they would usually offer when recruiting a Tier 5 expert.

The reason being, NPCs were different from players. NPCs of the same rank were much more powerful than players, not to mention a Tier 5 Sword Saint that received a t.i.tle. Kite's strength far surpa.s.sed other ordinary Tier 5 Sword Saints. If ranked according to tiers, a t.i.tle Sword Saint could be considered a Tier 5.5 cla.s.s, and only Tier 6 G.o.d-ranked players could possibly suppress this Windbreaker.

"Esteemed Lord Viscount, how may I be of service to you?" Kite asked in a tone that was neither servile nor overbearing when he saw Shi Feng entering his house. Although he had become a cripple with low status, his bearing was completely different when compared to the Priest back at the Twilight Temple.

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