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Chapter 314 - True Expert

When Shi Feng landed soundlessly on the ground, he was only 20 yards away from Lone Tyrant.

In the next moment, Sacred Heals graced Lone Tyrant, one after another.

Lone Tyrant was one of the top ten players on the Ranking List of White River City; he was one of the apex MTs throughout White River City as well. Although he was only Level 21 at the moment, he had over 3,700 HP, and he was not much weaker than Cola. With high HP and Defense, physical damage cla.s.ses such as a.s.sa.s.sins, Berserkers, Swordsmen, and Rangers would find it extremely difficult to kill Lone Tyrant. Not to mention, Lone Tyrant now had a large team of healers keeping him alive.

Moreover, there was also the great expert, Ming Sha, currently guarding him.

Hence, Youlan was greatly confused as she watched Shi Feng's foolish actions.

"Let me see what you are made of!"

Ming Sha smiled at the oncoming Shi Feng, and at the same time, he lifted the Bone Shatterer and slashed it down at his enemy. The Bone Shatterer was a ma.s.sive greatsword, yet, Ming Sha wielded it nimbly and accurately. In a single strike, he had completely sealed off Shi Feng's path of advance.

At this moment, the surrounding melee players of Dark Star charged at Shi Feng, intending to make mincemeat of him.

Meanwhile, the mages standing a short distance away also started casting their spells. As long as Ming Sha managed to delay Shi Feng for a few more seconds, Shi Feng would receive the bombardment of hundreds of spells. Even Zero Wing's Chief MT, the Guardian Knight Cola, would lose his life if he received so many spells, not to mention a Swordsman like Shi Feng.

Yet, as if he did not see these mages readying their attacks, Shi Feng continued to charge forward, showing no intentions of slowing. 

Just as Ming Sha's second strike was about to land on Shi Feng's body, however, Shi Feng's entire person disappeared. Subsequently, Ming Sha's Bone Shatterer struck only air, generating a powerful gust of wind.

The Elementalists, Cursemancers, Summoners, and all other ranged cla.s.ses that were about to launch their attacks also interrupted their chanting after they lost sight of their target.

"Where is he?"

When Ming Sha failed to find Shi Feng in front of him, he could not help but examine his surroundings. Suddenly, Ming Sha felt a chilling intent coming from behind him. Spinning around, he discovered that, just like a ghost, Shi Feng had soundlessly appeared behind Lone Tyrant. If not for his acute senses, he would not have detected Shi Feng's presence at all. 

After Shi Feng used Silent Steps to appear behind Lone Tyrant, he immediately activated Absolute Time. With himself as the center point, all enemies within a 50-yard radius were now unable to use any skills or tools. Shi Feng then brandished the Abyssal Blade, casting Abyssal Bind on Lone Tyrant.

Meanwhile, Lone Tyrant only felt a cold wind blowing on his back. Only after Shi Feng started brandishing the Abyssal Blade did Lone Tyrant notice that someone stood behind him. Horrified, Lone Tyrant hurriedly leaped forward, hoping to dodge the attack aimed at his back. As insurance, Lone Tyrant even intended to cast Protection Blessing on himself.

However, Shi Feng was simply too fast. He had activated Absolute Time and Abyssal Bind almost simultaneously. Discovering that he could not activate Protection Blessing, Lone Tyrant's heart grew extremely anxious. In the next instant, nine pitch-black chains bound his body, preventing him from moving even an inch.

Meanwhile, the healers standing in the distance could only watch this scene play out. With their skills locked, the most they could do was provide moral support.


Seeing that Shi Feng was the only person standing close to Lone Tyrant, Ming Sha realized that he had been tricked. Shi Feng had deceived him into leaving Lone Tyrant's side. Suddenly, a feeling that he had just been played for a fool grew in Ming Sha's mind. This was the first time he had felt such a feeling.

Lone Tyrant was bound and completely unguarded right now. He was unable to resist in the slightest. If he, Ming Sha, had stayed by Lone Tyrant's side, even if Lone Tyrant were bound, he could have still helped defend against attacks. Now, however, he was almost a full ten yards away from Lone Tyrant.

If this were any other day, he could have closed the distance between them using the Charge he had specifically reserved. Now, however, none of his skills would work. Even if he wanted to save Lone Tyrant, he was powerless to do so.

However, he only needed around two seconds to close a distance of ten yards. As long as Lone Tyrant could survive that long, Ming Sha was confident in stopping Shi Feng, preventing Shi Feng from dealing any more damage to Lone Tyrant.

Naturally, Lone Tyrant had considered this as well. Hence, even when faced with Shi Feng's Abyssal Blade and Purgatory's Shadow, he still revealed his confidence as if saying, "What can you do to me?"

He was a Guardian Knight who possessed 3,700 HP. It was simply impossible for Shi Feng to kill him in two short seconds.

Unfortunately, reality had cruelly slapped Lone Tyrant in the face.

When Shi Feng's Chop landed on Lone Tyrant, who now had his Defense reduced by 100% due to the effects of the Abyssal Bind, a frightening damage of -1,500 appeared above Lone Tyrant's head.

This single slash had erased Lone Tyrant's confidence. Now, an expression of fear decorated Lone Tyrant's face instead. Immediately, Lone Tyrant struggled to escape Abyssal Bind. However, no matter how much energy he expended, the bone-chilling chains remain unperturbed.

This was the first time Lone Tyrant had felt so powerless. He had over a thousand subordinates and a team of experts protecting him. Yet, Shi Feng regarded them all as nothing. Now, he could not even resist while Shi Feng arbitrarily slaughtered him.

Shi Feng lifted the Abyssal Blade high. In the next moment, the Abyssal Blade, which was covered in green arcs of lightning, descended, and three arcs of lightning penetrated Lone Tyrant's body.

-984, -1370, -1892.

After Thundering Flash ended, Lone Tyrant's body fell to the ground.

From beginning to end, Shi Feng had only used two moves to finish off Lone Tyrant, and the time he spent doing so had not exceeded one second. Shi Feng's Attack Power thoroughly shocked everyone from Dark Star.

Shi Feng's performance was simply stunning. Even when faced with over a thousand elites from Dark Star, he managed to kill Dark Star's Guild Leader, Lone Tyrant.

Ming Sha was also stunned by this scene. He had never imagined that Lone Tyrant would die so quickly under Shi Feng's a.s.sault.

"Everybody, get him! No matter what, do not let him escape!" Ming Sha bellowed as he felt unprecedented humiliation.

After finishing off Lone Tyrant, Shi Feng sent a chilling gaze to his surroundings. Those who received his gaze inadvertently halted their steps, and none dared to look Shi Feng in the eyes. Shi Feng was like a king that had descended from heaven; n.o.body dared compete with him over dominance.

Faced with Ming Sha's glare, Shi Feng simply raised his index finger at Ming Sha. He then made a hooking motion with his finger and softly chuckled.

Ming Sha's rage burned even brighter after receiving such a blatant provocation. Immediately, he lifted his greatsword and charged at his opponent.

In reply to Ming Sha's actions, Shi Feng gently waved the Abyssal Blade as he walked forward. Shi Feng had the presence of a king facing an ant's challenge, his mind appearing completely at ease.

When the two swords collided, sparks flew.

The impact of the attack forced Ming Sha to retreat multiple steps before he could stabilize himself. Shi Feng, however, had not moved an inch. The gap in strength between the two was clear at a glance.

Giving Ming Sha no time, Shi Feng instantly charged forward and brandished his sword.

One slash… Two slashes… Three slashes… 

Shi Feng's attacks were like a violent gale.

Ming Sha desperately dodged and blocked the onslaught. However, each time Ming Sha was knocked back, it was very difficult for him to stabilize his form. After receiving over a dozen attacks, Ming Sha finally failed to block an attack. He received a hit to his abdomen, and the blow sent him flying.

However, Shi Feng was not done. Shi Feng's feet suddenly exerted an explosive force, creating a deep pit in the ground as his body shot towards Ming Sha like an artillery sh.e.l.l.

While his body remained in mid-air, Ming Sha was unable to exert any force to retaliate or dodge.

The moment Shi Feng shot past Ming Sha, he brandished his swords multiple times. Each and every attack struck Ming Sha's vital points, all of them causing over -600 damage. In the blink of an eye, Ming Sha's life was no more.

The scene dumbfounded the audience from Dark Star.

What they had witnessed was simply Shi Feng flying past Ming Sha, followed by silvery sword streaks wrapping around Ming Sha's body. By the time Shi Feng pa.s.sed Ming Sha's body, Mind Sha was already dead. Meanwhile, after Shi Feng dove into the dense forest, with a few leaps, his figure completely vanished.

At this time, some of Dark Star's members finally responded and rushed in the direction Shi Feng had disappeared.

"Youlan, do we chase after him?" South Wolf worriedly asked as he looked to Youlan.

South Wolf was very clear about just how powerful Ming Sha was. Yet, such a powerful expert still died at Shi Feng's hands. Moreover, from beginning to end, Shi Feng had not used any Skills in the exchange with Ming Sha. He relied purely on techniques to kill his opponent. This was something that South Wolf had never dared to imagine possible in the past.

Now, however, South Wolf finally realized what a true expert was.

Youlan shook her head and released a soft sigh, saying, "No. If Black Flame possesses such strength, even if we chase after him, what can we actually do to him? Not to mention, our speed can't compare to his at all. We should save our energy and give up."

First, he had killed Lone Tyrant, Dark Star's Guild Leader, amidst an army of thousands. Next, while he was escaping, he managed to kill an expert like Ming Sha. This time, Dark Star had truly lost all dignity.

Even if Dark Star managed to exterminate Zero Wing's core team at a later date, it would only add on to the gossip about Dark Star.

This time, Dark Star had truly suffered a defeat.

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