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Chapter 260 - Top Six

Fire Dance halted her steps and turned around to look at Shi Feng. She immediately noticed that Shi Feng had brought a few items, and each and every one of them had a golden glow surrounding them. They certainly did not look like ordinary items.

“This pair of daggers is for you. There’s also this shield for Cola. Tell him to make sure he lives up to this shield.” Shi Feng traded the three items to Fire Dance.

Of these, the pair of daggers were none other than the Fine-Gold ranked Ice Thorn and Raging Flames Dagger that Shi Feng won at the Blackwing Auction. As the team leader of the Guild’s main force, Fire Dance’s equipment naturally should not lose out to others. These two daggers were just right to give a boost to her current equipment.

In addition, there was also the Dark-Gold ranked Arclight Guard. If Cola equipped this shield, no other Guardian Knight in White River City could even hope to match him.

“This…” Fire Dance was instantly mesmerized by the Attributes of the two daggers.

Although the daggers she currently used were of relatively good quality, when compared to the Ice Thorn and Raging Flames Dagger, the difference was like silver and gold.

Fire Dance swapped out her old daggers for the new ones right away. The streaks of white and red hanging on the sides of Fire Dance’s willowy waist looked extremely captivating.

“I’ve already instructed the nine players to head to the appointed location. You just need to fetch them and help them level up,” Shi Feng said.

“I understand, Guild Leader.” Fire Dance nodded her head, a smile on her face. She then took hold of her new daggers, brandishing them, the impatience in her eyes clearly showing her eagerness to test out her new weapons.


After Fire Dance left the parlor, Shi Feng headed to his Forging Room on the fourth floor.

Now that he had received a new batch of Magic Crystals, he would naturally resume forging more Arclight Shields.

As time slowly pa.s.sed, unknowingly, the compet.i.tion at the Three Great Dungeons of White River City grew even more intense.

Dark Star, which was at the forefront in terms of progression, finally started raiding the final Boss of the Land of Death. Meanwhile, Ouroboros, which was placed second, started raiding the fourth Boss. The advance of these two Guilds greatly shocked the other Guilds in White River City.

“What did that woman, Gentle Snow, eat? How could their progression suddenly increase so rapidly?!” The Guardian Knight, Lone Tyrant, felt pressured after receiving the latest report from his subordinate.

“Don’t worry. We spent almost five hours raiding the fourth Boss. At the very minimum, Gentle Snow would need two to three hours to finish it. We will definitely clear the Dungeon a step ahead of her,” the burly-looking Ranger standing beside Lone Tyrant said.

“That’s true. We’ve sent all our elites out this time, and our battle prowess is clearly stronger than Gentle Snow’s team by a notch.” Lone Tyrant also felt that he was being oversensitive to things. They would definitely be the first one to clear the Normal Mode of the Land of Death. Although there would be no announcement for being the first to clear a Normal Mode Team Dungeon, it would still make other Guilds know how fearsome Dark Star was, solidifying their position in White River City.

“Guild Leader, I’ve just received news that Gentle Snow has somehow managed to obtain four Arclight Shields. The addition of these four shields to their team has greatly reduced the burden placed on their healers, giving more time for the damage dealers to attack. Hence why they could conquer the Bosses so easily.”

“Arclight Shield? Isn’t that the Forging Design Black Flame got? How could he possibly manage to produce them in such a short amount of time?” Lone Tyrant had not even been able contain his drool when he had heard about Black Flame obtaining the Forging Design for the Arclight Shield. If possible, he had planned to buy one of those Arclight Shields as well. However, contacting Black Flame was simply too difficult, making the Arclight Shield almost impossible to obtain.


Meanwhile, the matter of Ouroboros obtaining the Arclight Shields had also quickly spread to the other Guilds. They couldn’t help but grow envious at this piece of news.

The victory or defeat of a Boss battle was usually determined by the strength of the MT. Meanwhile, the prerequisite for a powerful MT was equipment. It was especially true for the shield the MT used.

Currently, only a few main MTs of the various large Guilds possessed Secret-Silver ranked shields. However, despite having such a shield, these MTs still had a very hard time tanking the Bosses of the Three Great Dungeons. If they could swap it out for a Fine-Gold ranked shield, it would undeniably reduce the pressure placed on them, instantly reducing the difficulty of the raid by a large margin.

Ouroboros was the best proof.

After all, during today’s compet.i.tion for the Land of Death, although a latecomer, Ouroboros had still managed to clear the Normal Mode Dungeon ahead of Dark Star. This achievement dumbfounded every Guild in White River City.

As for Dark Star’s Lone Tyrant, he was currently burning with rage over this matter. He had secretly prepared so much, all in order to surpa.s.s Ouroboros. In the end, however, he was instead given a big slap to the face by Ouroboros.

Soon after, the various large Guilds in White River City started asking around, hoping to find out from the members of Ouroboros what method they used to obtain the Arclight Shields. Some Guilds had even directly created forum posts offering several hundred thousands of Credits to purchase an Arclight Shield.

Looking at this scene, many players felt that these Guilds had gone insane. They were actually willing to spend so much money just to buy a Fine-Gold ranked shield.

However, this bottom line was, very quickly, broken by a Guild.

One million Credits!

It was a number that inspired awe in ordinary people. Meanwhile, the goal of spending such a large sum of money was to purchase the Arclight Shield.

How could this piece of news not bring shock to others?

At the same time, the Guild offering such an insane price was none other than Dark Star.

The players who discovered this matter thought the people of Dark Star were idiots with too much money in their pockets. However, when Shi Feng saw Dark Star’s offer, he couldn’t help but inwardly praise them for their shrewdness. Aside from trying to purchase the Arclight Shield, they had also made the post with the intention of directing players’ attention towards Dark Star. If they truly managed to purchase the shield for one million Credits, it would definitely become the subject of conversation for many players. This method they were using was much more effective than directly spending money to create advertis.e.m.e.nts.

“A million? Unfortunately, I’m not lacking in Credits right now.”

Shi Feng did not intend to let Dark Star gain both fame and fortune by selling the Arclight Shield to them. However, this incident also revealed to Shi Feng the fact that the various large Guilds were starting to pay more importance to the First Clear of the Three Great Dungeons.

If Shi Feng had sold the Arclight Shields at an earlier time, he definitely would not have obtained such a high price for them.

However, due to Ouroboros’s efficiency, the various large Guilds thought that they could easily clear the Normal Mode of the Three Great Dungeons so long as they possessed the Arclight Shield. They could also have a better chance at obtaining the First Clear of the Three Great Dungeons.

After working for half a day, Shi Feng managed to produce six Arclight Shields in total. He had also made a large number of Basic Mana Armor Kits. Out of the six shields he made, he stored three in the Guild Warehouse, allowing Guild members to exchange for it. However, it would not be easy to exchange for these shields. After all, if sold outside, one could get at least 25 Gold for it.

The sight of three Arclight Shields appearing in Zero Wing’s Guild Warehouse brought the newly recruited members even greater hope, despite their not being able to obtain it for themselves.

At the same time, Shi Feng’s actions nearly caused the other Guilds in White River City to vomit blood in anger.

After all, instead of letting the MTs of the Guild use these excellent shields, Shi Feng had chosen to put them on display. It was as if these Arclight Shields meant nothing to Zero Wing.

Just recently Zero Wing created a sensation throughout White River City. Now, its member count had already exceeded 5,000. It also had the eight great experts holding down the fort for them; Zero Wing’s strength could no longer be categorized within the levels of only second-rate or third-rate Guilds.

Now that Zero Wing caused another sensation in White River City, many players could not help but reevaluate their opinion of Zero Wing.

When players tried to further investigate Zero Wing, they were immediately shocked by what they found.

Not only was Zero Wing home to the eight great experts, it also had Aqua Rose, a great expert who was no weaker than the Snow G.o.ddess, Gentle Snow. In addition, there was also a rumor that the leveling expert, Shi Feng, was overseeing the Guild. With so many experts there, Zero Wing’s strength within White River City did not lose out to the three first-rate Guilds in the slightest. Although it was weaker than the first-rate Guilds in terms of Dungeon-raiding, it had an extremely huge potential for growth.

Unwittingly, Zero Wing had become publicly acknowledged as one of the top six Guilds in White River City.

The top six Guilds were Ouroboros, Emperor’s Light, World Dominators, Dark Star, a.s.sa.s.sin’s Alliance, and Zero Wing. Among these Guilds, Ouroboros, Emperor’s Light, and World Dominators were all first-rate Guilds, and each of them possessed very powerful backgrounds. Even if only a portion of their actual strength was stationed in White River City, second-rate and third-rate Guilds were still far from being comparable to them.

Shortly after this incident, Shi Feng exchanged another two Arclight Shields with Gentle Snow. He then placed the remaining one for sale at the Starstreak Trading Firm.

Thirty Gold, no negotiations.

If converted to Credits, one could obtain 30 Gold Coins simply by spending around 600,000 Credits. However, it would still require some effort to fully gather 30 Gold Coins.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng had reached Level 17 unawares just by forging items. Although his leveling speed was not as fast as that of Blackie and the others, who grinded on monsters on a higher level, n.o.body else in White River City could be a match for him.

“Guild Leader, they’re now all Level 15 already. Moreover, we’ve also raided a few Hard Mode Team Dungeons, so their equipment are all of acceptable quality now. What should we do next?” Fire Dance spoke through the communicator.

“Nicely done! Gather up everyone from the main team. Let’s meet up at the Demon’s Castle half an hour from now.” Shi Feng was a little surprised by Fire Dance’s revelation. He never imagined that Fire Dance would bring him results so quickly. Originally, Shi Feng had estimated that she would take a full day’s time to complete the task. In the end, she barely took half a day to complete his request. It was completely beyond his expectations.

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