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Chapter 254 - The Young Will Surpa.s.s the Old

“As expected, it was Ling Feilong plotting behind the scenes.”

In truth, Shi Feng did not pay any attention to an insignificant character like He Youcai. He only wished to find out who was trying to make trouble for him. Since he was able to ascertain that it was indeed Ling Feilong playing tricks on him, he no longer had any use for He Youcai.

“Alright, save your crocodile tears. I’ll go up with you. However, my requirement is for you to clearly repeat the words you just said to Headmaster Xu. Otherwise, pray for your own future,” Shi Feng said calmly as he kicked He Youcai away.

“How could you do this to me?” Instantly, He Youcai recovered his previous smiling appearance, making it look as if none of the embarra.s.sing scene from before had actually happened. However, there was a hint of hatred hidden beneath his eyes as he looked at Shi Feng.

He Youcai had already embarra.s.sed Xu Wenqing. If he told Xu Wenqing of this matter, then he would be adding Ling Feilong to the list of people he had offended. Moreover, Ling Feilong was supported by Zhao Jianhua, who was an even more frightening existence. Even if Xu Wenqing were to forgive him, Ling Feilong and Zhao Jianhua would definitely not let him off.

A wolf in front, and a tiger behind—even if he did not lose his life, his future would be ruined.

Shi Feng was simply too cruel for wanting him to do such a thing!

“Why can’t I do such a thing? I am only asking you to tell the truth. Now, tell me, what is your decision?” Shi Feng smiled calmly, completely ignoring the poisonous glare He Youcai was sending him.

What comes around, goes around.

After some contemplation, He Youcai took a few deep breaths before coming to a decision. He then shifted his eyes towards Shi Feng, a malicious glint in his eyes as he said, “I can agree to your demands; however, you must allow me to join Zero Wing.”

“It seems that you still aren’t clear about your current situation. You wish to discuss conditions with me? Then let me tell you, you only have two options right now. You either speak or don’t. In my personal opinion, it’s best that you speak the truth. At the very least, you will earn the pardon of Headmaster Xu.” Shi Feng then raised his brows, stating, “My patience is limited. I will give you three seconds to consider.”

“Alright! I’ll speak!” He Youcai quickly made his choice. Compared to Ling Feilong and Zhao Jianhua, he was even more afraid of Xu Wenqing. After all, Xu Wenqing’s influence was simply too extensive.

Soon after, Shi Feng followed He Youcai and Xu Wenqing’s bodyguard into the hotel and took the elevator up to the 36th floor.

Shi Feng’s arrival at the event venue immediately attracted a majority of the partic.i.p.ants’ attention.

Due to Xu Wenqing’s rage, many of the guests present had already found out about the incident concerning Shi Feng. They were very curious to see just what sort of person warranted a personal invitation from Xu Wenqing himself.

Under the bodyguard’s lead, Shi Feng and He Youcai arrived before Xu Wenqing.

When an ordinary youth in black sportswear appeared before them, everyone couldn’t help but widen their eyes. They started attentively evaluating Shi Feng, intent on discerning the secrets hidden behind Shi Feng’s ordinary appearance.

To their disappointment, however, be it Shi Feng’s attire or aura, both were similarly plain and ordinary.

“Shi Feng? Why are you here?” Ling Feilong couldn’t help but grow astonished. Originally, he had intended to use this Fellowship Party to form a deeper connection with Zhao Jianhua. However, he never imagined that Shi Feng could actually make it into the event. The current situation went far beyond his expectations.

“Everything has an exception to it, isn’t that so?” Shi Feng replied with a smile.

“Shi Feng, it’s great that you made it! Originally, I planned to go down and look for you, but it seems that won’t be necessary now!” Zhao Ruoxi said excitedly when she saw the new arrival was Shi Feng. Were it not for Zhao Jianhua holding her back, preventing her from leaving, she would have long since left this boring Fellowship Party.

Sitting beside Zhao Ruoxi, Zhao Jianhua immediately turned grim when he heard Zhao Ruoxi’s words. Previously, Zhao Ruoxi had pestered him endlessly for him to let Shi Feng come up, angering him greatly. Never would Zhao Jianhua have thought that, not only did this commoner not give up, he had actually entered the event venue now.

Didn’t I tell the ones below not to let him in? How did he manage to get in? Zhao Jianhua’s mind was filled with questions; he failed to realize that Shi Feng was none other than the Zero Wing representative that Xu Wenqing had invited.

“Young man, come over here and take a seat. This old man is called Xu Wenqing, the current Headmaster of Jin Hai University.” Xu Wenqing slowly stood up and formally introduced himself.

“Shi Feng, a fourth year student of Jin Hai University,” Shi Feng replied softly.

“You are a student of our school? Indeed, the young will surpa.s.s the old. So young, yet you’ve already entered the middle management of the Zero Wing Guild,” Xu Wenqing said, slightly surprised. He did not believe Shi Feng had a very high position in the Zero Wing Guild. However, normally, only those in middle management or higher had the right to recruit members. Shi Feng had yet to graduate from university, yet he had already managed to become a middle manager of a mysterious Guild. In the eyes of commoners, this could be considered a great achievement. At the very least, Shi Feng was much more successful than most of the students present at the Fellowship Party today.

Xu Wenqing’s amiable bearing and praise towards Shi Feng slightly surprised Chen Wu and Zhao Jianhua, who sat close to Xu Wenqing. They never thought Xu Wenqing would praise a younger generation like so, a plain and ordinary youth like Shi Feng, no less. For a second, they even thought that their ears were playing tricks on them.

Even when faced with Zhang Luowei, the person with the brightest future in Jin Hai University, Xu Wenqing had simply said the words “not bad”…

Although they were shocked by the fact that a person like Shi Feng was a middle manager of a Guild, an achievement like this did not warrant such praise from Xu Wenqing himself. After all, Xu Wenqing was a very influential character in Jin Hai City.

However, Xu Wenqing held an optimistic view on Shi Feng’s future. Shi Feng’s temperament, which was as calm as the great ocean, especially solidified this opinion of his. This was not something a youth like him should have, or to put it bluntly, it should be impossible for a youth like Shi Feng to possess such a temperament.

If not for the fact that Xu Wenqing had met with countless people, and had seen all sorts of people throughout his life, he too would not have discovered this particular trait of Shi Feng’s.

Being capable of entering the middle management of such a powerful Guild clearly showcased Shi Feng’s ability. Before long, Shi Feng would definitely enter the upper management of the Guild, hence why Xu Wenqing was being so courteous with Shi Feng.

“Headmaster must be joking.” Shi Feng laughed.

After Xu Wenqing exchanged a few words with Shi Feng, Xu Wenqing shifted his gaze once more to He Youcai, who was currently trembling where he stood. Xu Wenqing demanded coldly, “Speak. What happened?”

Although Xu Wenqing’s voice was soft, it was filled with oppressiveness. Frightened, He Youcai no longer dared hide anything from him.

“Ling Feilong was the one that told me to do everything! He said he did not wish to see Shi Feng entangled with fellow student Zhao Ruoxi! Hence, under his coercion, I did not register Shi Feng for the Fellowship Party.” He Youcai immediately pointed towards Ling Feilong, denouncing him. At this moment, he no longer cared about the consequences of his words.

Immediately, everyone’s attention shifted to Ling Feilong.

Ling Feilong instantly felt a huge pressure bearing down on him.

At this moment, Ling Feilong felt utterly powerless, his breathing faltering. He was at a complete loss for words right now; anything he said would easily offend others. He also never imagined that Shi Feng would have Zero Wing Guild as his backing.

“Since you have nothing to say for yourself, then please leave this place. The Jin Hai Fellowship Party does not welcome you,” Xu Wenqing said abruptly in a deep tone, the rage contained within his words clear for all to hear. Looking at Ling Feilong’s expression, it was obvious what He Youcai had said was the truth.

Following which, two robust bodyguards walked towards Ling Feilong, clearly intending to send Ling Feilong on his way.

“Elder Xu, please wait a moment,” Zhao Jianhua suddenly spoke up.

Meanwhile, standing beside Zhao Jianhua were two of Shadow’s major shareholders, Lan Hailong and Zhang Luowei.

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