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Chapter 259 - Surging Situation

The first thing Shi Feng did after entering G.o.d's Domain was to contact Gentle Snow and conduct the transaction for the Arclight Shields.

Currently, he had exhausted most of his supply of Magic Crystals to forge the Arclight Shields. Moreover, during this period of time, the various large Guilds had already started raiding the three Level 10 large-scale Team Dungeons.

Although the elite members of these Guilds had already reached Level 13 or Level 14, it was still impossible for them to raid even the Normal Mode of the three large-scale Team Dungeons.

Even though these were only Level 10 Dungeons, in reality, the Bosses inside were not limited to just Level 10. The highest leveled Boss inside the Normal Mode Dungeon reached Level 13. There was nothing special about the loot of the Normal Mode Dungeon; the best items players could get were a bunch of Level 10 Secret-Silver Weapons and Equipment, and also some number of materials needed by Lifestyle players.

However, the Hard Mode of the large-scale Team Dungeon was markedly different.

The main reason why they were t.i.tled the Three Great Dungeons was because of the fact that, along with the increase in difficulty, the levels of the monsters inside the Dungeon would also increase. For the Hard Mode of the Three Great Dungeons, the Bosses inside were all Level 15. Hence, it would not be an easy endeavor for players at this stage of the game to obtain the First Clear of the Three Great Dungeons.

In addition, the loot obtainable from the Hard Mode of these Dungeons was significantly different, as a majority of the weapons and equipment dropped were of Fine-Gold rank. Moreover, they were Growth-type Weapons and Equipment; they were capable of growing from Level 10 to Level 15. However, they were bound to players upon equipping.

As for h.e.l.l Mode, the Bosses inside were all Level 18, and the weapons and equipment they dropped were mostly Dark-Gold rank. These items were also capable of growing from Level 10 to Level 18, and similarly were bound to players upon equipping. The h.e.l.l Mode of the Three Great Dungeons was also the most difficult among Dungeons below Level 20.

After Level 20, there would be new large-scale Dungeons available to players within the White River City region. There were a total of four such Dungeons, and among them, three were 50-man Dungeons, while the remaining one was a 100-man Dungeon. The difficulty of a 100-man Dungeon was on an entirely different level when compared to a 50-man Dungeon. The main reason being, as long as someone managed to obtain the First Clear of a 100-man Dungeon, the achievement would be announced to the entire G.o.d's Domain. The announcement wasn't just limited to a single country. In other words, this achievement would be seen by the two billion players that were playing G.o.d's Domain. In addition, the achievement would be recorded in the Epic List of G.o.d's Domain, allowing everyone in G.o.d's Domain look at it.

However, it was extremely difficult for players to obtain the first Clear of a 100-man Dungeon. Even Shi Feng himself did not have a strategy to raid it.


Gentle Snow pushed open the doors of one of the parlors of the Starstreak Trading Firm and entered the room. Gentle Snow's equipment now was quite different from the last time Shi Feng had met with her. Most of the equipment she had on were of Secret-Silver rank. Among them, the silvery-white greatsword that she carried on her back was even of Fine-Gold rank. Currently, Gentle Snow had already reached Level 16. It was obvious that she had been grinding nonstop, night and day, to reach such a level.

“Let's hurry up and make the trade,” Gentle Snow said impatiently, not bothering to even take a seat.

“It seems that you are in quite a hurry, Miss Snow. Did something happen?” Shi Feng asked curiously.

This was a transaction involving Fine-Gold ranked shields. It was definitely a matter of utmost importance. However, it seemed that Gentle Snow had an even more important matter to attend to.

“It's nothing much. I just heard that Dark Star has already reached the second-to-last Boss of the Land of Death, so I wish to be done with this trade quickly. In a moment, I'll need to head to the Land of Death as well.” Gentle Snow did not try to hide the reason for her distress.

The number one Guild in White River City was actually a step behind Dark Star, a third-rate Guild, in terms of raiding one of the Three Great Dungeons. How could she not feel anxious?

“They sure are fast. Since when did Dark Star possess such powerful experts?” Shi Feng felt something fishy about Dark Star.

First, it had annexed over ten unrated Guilds. Now, a group of experts had appeared in its ranks. Its raiding progress of the Three Great Dungeons was even faster than Ouroboros's. It should be known that Ouroboros was the current number one Guild in White River City. Moreover, in order to better develop the Guild in White River City, Gentle Snow had transferred over many experts stationed at Star-Moon City. She had even requested for a party from the G.o.d-Slaying Army to be sent to White River City, and each and every member of the G.o.d-Slaying Army was a top-tier expert. Yet, even when these top-tier experts were led by great experts such as Gentle Snow and Zhao Yueru, they still were not a match for Dark Star.

Each of the Three Great Dungeons had five Bosses. Meanwhile, Dark Star had already cleared up to the fourth Boss, while a powerful team like Ouroboros was only at the second Boss.

No matter how Shi Feng thought about it, Dark Star's progression was simply unbelievable.

The difference between second-rate Guilds and first-rate Guilds lay in the quality of their experts. In order to nurture these experts, first-rate Guilds had spent over a decade researching and gaining experience. Meanwhile, for a Guild like the a.s.sa.s.sin's Alliance, although it was a second-rate Guild, in terms of nurturing experts, it was still at the stage of acc.u.mulating experience. Compared to a first-rate Guild, they were on entirely different levels.

However, what did Dark Star amount to?

Moreover, Shi Feng had made Dark Star an enemy of the first-rate Guild Twilight Echo. Yet, nothing had actually happened to Dark Star; Shi Feng had received no news of anything happening to it. On the other hand, Twilight Echo had done something so unbelievable that even Shi Feng himself was shocked. The Guild had actually paid the 50 million Credits willingly to Shi Feng.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng felt that the power supporting Dark Star from behind was far stronger than he had imagined. Twilight Echo must've discovered something about Dark Star for it to willingly pay up the 50 million Credits.

“Here are 200 Magic Crystals.”

“Here are the four Arclight Shields, please verify them.”

Gentle Snow was no longer in the mood to discuss Dark Star. She immediately called out her trade window. Shi Feng, likewise, tactfully stopped speaking of this topic. Seeing Gentle Snow in such a hurry, it seemed that Dark Star was putting quite a pressure on her. It was possible that Gentle Snow's worries were not just limited to the Dungeon; there should be some other matters troubling her. In any case, this had nothing to do with Shi Feng.

Of course, if Gentle Snow was willing to reveal her troubles to him, Shi Feng would naturally offer a helping hand, as a friend. However, Gentle Snow chose to keep quiet about them, so Shi Feng could only remain silent as well. Moreover, these four Arclight Shields should provide quite an upgrade to the MTs of Gentle Snow's team. They should have no problems surpa.s.sing Dark Star if they had these shields.

The moment Gentle Snow inspected the Attributes of the Arclight Shields, her eyes immediately glowed, a hint of joy surfacing on her face.

“Excellent! The Attributes on these Arclight Shields are simply too good! I will need two more of these items. I wonder when you will be able to finish them for me?” At this time, excitement was evident on Gentle Snow's face. With these four shields, they would definitely have no problem clearing the second Boss.

“The success rate for producing these shields is simply too low. I will need around half a day's time to complete two of them,” Shi Feng replied after giving it some thought.

“Then, I'll visit again in half a day's time. You better not sell them to anyone else!” Gentle Snow nodded her head. She then left the parlor hastily.


Shortly after Gentle Snow departed, Fire Dance arrived at the Starstreak Trading Firm.

“Guild Leader, we've already finished our Dungeon-raiding preparations. We can head to the Demon's Castle at any time.” Fire Dance looked at Shi Feng with pa.s.sionate eyes. She couldn't help but wish she could immediately show Shi Feng how amazing the team she managed was.

“It's a little too early for that right now. The Demon's Castle is a 20-man Team Dungeon. You should also know that Zero Wing Workshop has recently recruited a new batch of members. On average, the level of these players are quite low. There are even some who have just made their accounts and entered the game. I want you guys to power-level some of them, bring them up to Level 15 quickly, and form a main team to raid the Demon's Castle,” Shi Feng said with a smile, pa.s.sing Fire Dance a namelist.

Originally, Shi Feng had intended to have Aqua Rose send some of her subordinates over to aid them. However, most of her subordinates were currently managing the new recruits of the Guild. In addition, Aqua Rose's group was also in the midst of raiding 10-man and 20-man Dungeons to upgrade their equipment, preparing themselves to raid the Three Great Dungeons. They had neither the time nor energy to help him raid the Demon's Castle.

Hence, Shi Feng planned to form a main force for the Guild. He could not let the nine top-tier experts he just recently recruited go to waste, so he decided to let Fire Dance and the others carry them.

“I understand,” Fire Dance answered with disappointment. However, when she thought about how Shi Feng was willing to let her lead even more players and, in addition, become the leader of the Guild's main team, she couldn't help but grow joyous. After all, this showed that Shi Feng acknowledged her abilities.

“Oh, right. I nearly forgot to give these things to you.”

Just as Fire Dance was about to turn around and leave, Shi Feng tapped his head and suddenly called out to her.

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