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Chapter 206 - High Lord Ranked Battle

Due to the Frost Grenade’s effects, a layer of snow covered the black, charred land.

Meanwhile, the Scorching Lamia’s tail had frozen to the ground; her motions halted as a result. A hint of fury surfaced on her beautiful countenance. She raised her right hand, pointing a finger at Shi Feng.

Immediately, a large gathering of violent fire-type mana collected at her tender, jade-like finger.

This was one of Cela’s skills, Flame Burst. Flame Burst had a 2-second cast time, and it was a continuous-attack skill that caused extremely high fire-type damage to the target. It could practically instant-kill a top-tier MT with full HP, and even if that MT possessed the Flaming Sun’s Blessing, he would still receive a ton of damage.

Watching the flames gathering at the Scorching Lamia’s fingertip grow more violent, Shi Feng immediately activated Defensive Blade. His eyes focused on the ferocious flames, and the instant she launched her attack, Shi Feng simultaneously attacked with the Blazing Meteor. He intended to interrupt, or at least delay, the Scorching Lamia’s a.s.sault.

In G.o.d’s Domain, players could dodge spell attacks. However, they needed an accurate grasp on the timing of the attack. Otherwise, whether dodging a second too late or too early, the attack might land on its target. As casting spells would provide the caster with a lagging advantage, the caster could gain a clear grasp of their target’s movements before launching their attacks. If players dodged before the spell released, they would become an easier target. Hence, the best time to dodge a spell was the moment the spell was released.

However, once a spell discharged, it would travel to its target with blinding speed, making it extremely challenging to dodge.

Of course, if players had very fast Movement Speeds, they could utilize that speed to their advantage, preventing the enemy caster from getting a firm lock on them. When faced with the High Lord ranked Scorching Lamia, however, it was beneficial to have such thoughts.

Shi Feng sent attack after attack with the Blazing Meteor, causing a series of damages of -743, -1,502, -751, and -749. Although the damages looked awesome at first glance, to Cela’s 500,000 HP, they were just a drop in the bucket. The Scorching Lamia also had a frightening battle recovery, so in reality, Shi Feng did not cause any significant damage to her at all. However, as he had triggered the Knockback effect of the Blazing Meteor, Shi Feng managed to interrupt the casting time of the Scorching Lamia’s Flame Burst.

“I will burn your soul with the flames of G.o.d!” The Scorching Lamia’s smile was imposing. At this moment, the tip of her jade-like finger suddenly shone with a dazzling light, illuminating the entire cave. The temperature within the cave also increased by several folds. The light on Cela’s finger was like a miniature sun.

Suddenly, streak after streak of searing, white flames shot out from the Scorching Lamia’s fingertip.

One streak after another, the flames bombarded Shi Feng like a heavy machine gun.

The instant Cela launched her flames, Shi Feng used his evasive maneuvers. However, he was still a step too late. In the blink of an eye, one of the flames struck him, robbing the Defensive Blade of one of its limited charges.

Although the first streak hit its target, Shi Feng dodged both the second and third. The flames sc.r.a.ped past Shi Feng’s clothes, striking the rock wall behind him.

Boom! Boom!

The wall, which was normally as hard as steel, was as soft as water when struck by the white flames. Not to mention easily piercing through the rock wall, the flames even formed a one-meter-wide and ten-meter-deep tunnel into the rock wall. What was even more shocking was that the tunnel seemed polished. The walls of the tunnel were smooth and sparkling, giving it a metallic sheen.

This was the result of those molten white flames.

If Shi Feng had not used the Defensive Blade to block that attack, he would have evaporated out of existence.

Although this was not the first time Shi Feng had encountered this attack, he would still feel his heart skip a beat each time he witnessed this frightening power.

This was the strength of a High Lord.

A battle with a High Lord ranked Boss was no ordinary battle. Instead, it was a superhuman battle that could cause the destruction and reformation of the surrounding terrain.

When the bombardment ended, Shi Feng had exhausted the remaining charges on the Defensive Blade. However, the Scorching Lamia had halted her steps for quite a while now. Due to Shi Feng constantly throwing Frost Grenades at her, Cela could only take out her bow and attacked with her fire arrows.

Compared to the Flame Burst, these fire arrows were much easier to dodge.

Shi Feng managed to attack with the Blazing Meteor while simultaneously dodging the fire arrows, steadily depleting the Scorching Lamia’s HP. However, Cela was no fool. She, too, knew how to dodge. Only, due to her frozen body, very rarely did she manage to dodge or block against an attack.





Over an hour had pa.s.sed, and Shi Feng didn’t even know how many times he had thrown the Blazing Meteor. In the meantime, the Scorching Lamia’s HP gradually decreased, finally reaching 80%. During this time, the Scorching Lamia had cast up to nine Flame Bursts and Queen’s Whips, but Shi Feng defended against all of them with either Defensive Blade or Parry. At one point, a Flame Burst nearly killed Shi Feng. Fortunately, he quickly used an Intermediate Recovery Potion, replenishing much of his missing HP.

Although constantly attacking and dodging made the battle seem tedious, it would still be extremely worthwhile if such a tedious task allowed Shi Feng to kill a High Lord ranked Boss.

A High Lord ranked Boss’s drops were normally bountiful, and at the very minimum, it would drop a Fine-Gold ranked item. There was even the possibility of dropping several Dark-Gold ranked items.

Fine-Gold rank or Dark-Gold rank, players at this stage of the game could only dream of possessing either. Not to mention, before Shi Feng had even reached Level 25, he already had a reliable source for Level 25 equipment.

After landing attack after attack on the Scorching Lamia, the Burning Flames effect had stacked up to five times, causing Cela to lose 2,000 HP per second. The damage was just right to combat the Scorching Lamia’s battle recovery.

Suddenly, the Scorching Lamia’s HP started rapidly decreasing.

After another two hours, the Scorching Lamia’s HP fell to 23%. If Shi Feng continued with this pace, the battle would conclude in, at most, one hour.

At that thought, Shi Feng’s hands moved faster as he further increased his attack rate.

At this moment, Shi Feng’s system communication suddenly rang; the caller was Stabbing Heart of the a.s.sa.s.sin’s Alliance.

By now, Shi Feng had already gotten used to dodging Cela’s attacks after repeating the process so many times. Since he had nothing better to do, he accepted the call.

“Brother Ye Feng, I wonder if I can request your help on a matter?” Stabbing Heart spoke without adding any unnecessary flattery, getting right to the point. However, he immediately felt surprised by his own actions in suddenly seeking Shi Feng’s help. After all, an expert’s time was extremely valuable. Not to mention, the compet.i.tion in White River City right now was far more intense than the compet.i.tion in Red Leaf City in the past.

After all, when all was said and done, Red Leaf Town only had a player base 20,000 to 30,000 in the past. Meanwhile, White River City had over a million players right now. Adding to the fact that plenty of experts had gathered at White River City, the intensity of the compet.i.tion there had increased by several times.

“Help? I wonder what Brother Stabbing Heart needs me to do?” Shi Feng asked.

“It’s like this. I wish to invite you to raid a Team Dungeon with us. If we have the help of an expert like Brother Ye Feng, we will have a very high possibility of clearing the Dungeon.” Stabbing Heart was clearly embarra.s.sed for asking.

“Which Team Dungeon is it? Don’t tell me that you’re looking at one of the three Level 10 large-scale Dungeons?” Shi Feng was slightly astonished. He did not think that Stabbing Heart would look to him for help with a Dungeon.

Regarding the three large-scale Dungeons, Shi Feng had no intentions of involving himself with them.

After all, it would have a huge impact on the course of history.

His First Clear of Dark Moon Graveyard had already affected the progression of history. If he helped the a.s.sa.s.sin’s Alliance obtain the First Clear of a large-scale Team Dungeon, G.o.d knew if something out of his control would happen in the future.

Large-scale Team Dungeons were worlds apart from normal Team Dungeons. Their difficulty was directly increased by two to three levels.

Even if Shi Feng gave his help, with the current state of the a.s.sa.s.sin’s Alliance, they could not even clear the Normal Mode of the Dungeon.

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