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Chapter 194 - Flame Demon

White Sand Ruins.

“Martial Union is simply too much! They don’t respect any of us independent players at all! When I grow stronger, I’ll take revenge on those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!”

“Shh! Shut up! Didn’t you see Martial Union kill those other two parties simply for speaking up?”

“We can’t do anything about this. We aren’t as powerful as they are, so we can only give way and take a step back.”

“If I was a member of a third-rate Guild, I don’t believe that Martial Union would dare kick us around like they just did.”

“Leader, why don’t we just join a large Guild? With our current technique standards, we should be able to join a large Guild.”

“A Guild, is it? Indeed, we should consider it. However, let’s talk about this after we enter White River City. The a.s.sa.s.sin’s Alliance is currently the strongest Guild in Red Leaf Town, but when we get to White River City, the a.s.sa.s.sin’s Alliance would only rank above average at best. There are still a bunch of first-rate Guilds we can choose from.”

One of the six-man parties Martial Union had chased away started a discussion as they searched for a new grinding location.

They had experienced, first-hand, the strength and usefulness of a Guild. If they did not join a Guild, they could only compete with other independent players over locations with scarce resources when these Guilds occupied all the valuable leveling locations.

“Excuse me, but do you know where Martial Union is?” Shi Feng had been searching the White Sand Ruins for quite some time, having no luck of finding any traces of Martial Union. At this moment, however, he had overheard these pa.s.sing players discussing Martial Union, so he asked them.

“Yeah, we know it. What business do you have with them? Don’t tell me; you’re not trying to join Martial Union, are you?” the leader of this party nodded. However, when he noticed that Shi Feng was an independent player with both his name and level hidden, aside from trying to join Martial Union, what other reason could a player like Shi Feng have to look for Martial Union?

Hearing that the player in front of them intended to join Martial Union, the other members of the party instantly shot glares filled with killing intent at Shi Feng. The rage they had from Martial Union’s oppression had yet to subside. If it were not for Martial Union having the advantage of numbers, they would have long since started a fight with Martial Union.

From the conversation Shi Feng had eavesdropped on before, he knew that Martial Union had bullied these players. Hence, their hatred towards Martial Union should be intense. In addition to their party leader’s words about Shi Feng wanting to join Martial Union, the other party members’ moods would naturally sour.

If he dared claim that he intended to join Martial Union, these players might charge at him without hesitation.

“I’m not trying to join Martial Union. I’m looking for Martial Union because I have some business with them. I wonder if you can tell me their current whereabouts? Here’s an inquiry fee of 1 Silver Coin,” Shi Feng smiled, taking out a Silver Coin.

To average players, their daily income would, at most, range around several tens of Copper Coins. Even if these veteran players banded together to form a party, their total earnings would be around one to two Silver Coins. Hence, an inquiry fee of 1 Silver Coin was not a small amount to them.

What a rich fellow. The party leader’s eyes shone when he saw Shi Feng offer a Silver Coin as an inquiry fee. He then spoke in the party chat, “Brothers, this is a fat sheep! If we harvest him and earn some money, we might be able to cover the repair fees for all our weapons and equipment! Do we kill him or not?”

“Kill him! Why shouldn’t we kill him?! This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is obviously related to Martial Union. As long as it’s someone related, we can’t let them off!”

“We’ll follow leader’s decision.”

The other party members all voiced their support.

“It seems that this fellow has a deep connection with Martial Union. Martial Union had badly tormented us few brothers, and rage still fills our bellies. Since you have some connections with Martial Union, and you are so rich, shouldn’t you pay us some compensation in place of Martial Union? We don’t want a lot; just leave behind 20 Silver Coins and all of your equipment; then I’ll tell you Martial Union’s location. How about it?” the Guardian Knight party leader said with a cold laugh.

With that said, the other party members also started moving forward, their faces carrying cold smiles as they closed in on Shi Feng.

“I said I don’t have any connections with Martial Union. I’m only looking for them for some business. Whatever has happened between you and Martial Union has nothing to do with me. If you guys aren’t going to tell me where they are, so be it. Please move aside,” Shi Feng said.

“This, I understand. However, it is still your fault for mentioning Martial Union to us. If you don’t agree to our demands, we can only use you to relieve some stress. Although we don’t know your level, it should still be around Level 8 or Level 9. If you lose a level right now, you will probably lose one to two day’s worth of effort. You should think through your options,” the party leader jeered, his hands retrieving the gladius and shield from his back.

Shi Feng couldn’t help but laugh when he heard these words.

Pitiful people were bound to have a hateful side to them. Although these players endured Martial Union’s bullying and oppression, when the tables turned, didn’t they act just as Martial Union had?

“Little fool, what are you laughing at?! I’ll smash your face into a pulp if you keep laughing!” an a.s.sa.s.sin bellowed.

“Didn’t you guys want money? I’ll pay the fare for your trip down to h.e.l.l!”

Shi Feng unsheathed the Abyssal Blade as he said so. Immediately, clear-blue flames covered the body of the Abyssal Blade.

Shi Feng had no room for pity for players like these.

Shi Feng brandished his two swords, and instantly, countless sword images filled the sky, surrounding these players.

Although these independent players had good techniques and were also relatively powerful in terms of strength, they were simply too weak compared to Shi Feng. Before any of them could react, the sword images made pincushions of their bodies.

Aside from the Guardian Knight party leader, the remaining five party members died within an instant. Moreover, the Ice-Blue Devil Flame destroyed all of their equipment.

Even though these players had relatively high levels, the equipment they wore was of very poor quality. They only had six or seven pieces of Bronze Equipment each, and none had even a single piece of Mysterious-Iron Equipment. Under the Ice-Blue Devil Flame’s might, none of their equipment could survive even one hit, and it all immediately became nothing more than sc.r.a.p.

“So? Are you willing to tell me Martial Union’s whereabouts now?” Shi Feng looked towards the party leader, smiling calmly as he spoke.

That party leader was dumbfounded. The person before him could actually produce fire all over his body, and his attacks were so fast that none of them could even react.

At this moment, the party leader only had one thought about his situation; he had met a demon. Moreover, it was a fire demon capable of controlling flames!

“I’ll speak! I’ll Speak! Martial Union is at a nearby sunken land to the southwest! There are also plenty of cavities around the area!”

“Very good. You may go now.” Shi Feng immediately extinguished this party leader’s life. He then advanced towards Martial Union’s location.

By the time these independent players revived back at Red Leaf Town, they immediately filled the skies with their screams of anguish. Not only did they lose a level from dying, but all their equipment had also been destroyed. Not to mention leveling up, they could not even go out into the fields to kill monsters now.

Suddenly, a rumor about a flame demon in the White Sand Ruins spread. The rumor stated that the flame demon wore a black hooded cloak, and he revealed no personal information. The demon also had two sharp swords hanging from his waist; one was black and the other, white. The rumor also mentioned that if players did not quickly answer this flame demon’s question, they would die and lose all their equipment. One wouldn’t even have the chance to shed tears of regret when that time came.

However, Shi Feng, the origin of this rumor, was not aware of any of this.

“I’ve finally found you, Unstable Devastation.”

At this moment, Shi Feng stood atop a tall slope, looking down at the hundred-plus players currently butchering several dozen Three-tailed Scorpions. These players were all Level 9, and they were not far from reaching Level 10. On the other hand, Unstable Devastation, who currently commanded from the rear of the team, had already reached Level 10.

The reason why he had reached Level 10 with such speed was that he was not in a party with these elite players. Meanwhile, Unstable Devastation killed the monsters that had their HP lowered to a critical point. Due to the rules of G.o.d’s Domain, Unstable Devastation would receive 60% of the total EXP from the kill; Thus, he reached Level 10 ahead of the other elite players. 

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