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Chapter 181 - A Joke


One had to admit that virtual reality was extremely realistic. There was only a small change to Gentle Snow’s expression, yet, Zhao Yueru immediately discovered it.

“Snow, what’s wrong?” Zhao Yueru worriedly asked.

It was the first time she had seen such a surprised look on Gentle Snow.

Although it was indeed unexpected that the group of noobs had become the Level 10 players, it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise to Gentle Snow.

“It’s nothing. I just thought of some matters; that’s all,” Gentle Snow waved her hand, dismissing Zhao Yueru’s concern.

Gentle Snow paid no attention to Cola and the others who entered White River City, nor did she care that they had taken the top six spots on the Ranking List. What she was truly concerned about were Shi Feng and his friend’s levels.

If it were really as she imagined, becoming friends with Shi Feng was a very wise decision. 


Elsewhere, when Unstable Devastation and Fire Dance’s past companions saw the Ranking List, they were all dumbfounded.

This was especially true for Fire Dance’s past companions. Not only had Fire Dance reached Level 10, but Water Buffalo had also risen to Level 10. As a result, envy and regret ate at their hearts.

If they had chosen to follow Fire Dance and join Shi Feng’s team, they would be their team members right now. They enjoyed the envy and admiration of all players throughout the White River City region, a situation that many dreamt of experiencing…

Unfortunately, they were no longer related to this matter. a.s.s they looked at the Ranking List, they tried to contact Fire Dance and Water Buffalo. They all tried to apologize, and they wished that they could mend and recover their past relationships. After all, this was only a game; there was no need to be so serious, and they had only been joking.

Meanwhile, Fire Dance and Water Buffalo had received their calls. However, they merely gave a single reply.

“There is no point crying over spilled milk. I do not wish to stay in touch in the future!”

Did they think that pushing off their actions as a joke would resolve everything? Now, that really was a joke!

Fire Dance’s and Water Buffalo’s words had unquestionably shattered their final hopes, sending them spiraling into a sea of endless regrets.

As for Unstable Devastation, envy nearly drove him mad. He clearly remembered that his team had killed Cola’s group of three once before, their levels dropping to Level 7. When they met in Red Leaf Town’s fountain, they were still Level 7.

On the other hand, Unstable Devastation’s level had dropped to Level 8 after dying once. During these past several hours, he had frantically grinded monsters and was about to reach Level 9. Yet, Cola’s group had all reached Level 10 during this same period. Just what sort of leveling speed was this?

At first, it was Shi Feng who had reached Level 10. Now, even Cola and the others had risen to Level 10. There was definitely something fishy about this. There must be some sort of method that allowed them to reach Level 10 quickly. Shi Feng obviously knew this method. It might even be some gigantic bug in the game. However, Unstable Devastation could do nothing against Shi Feng. He had no way to force this secret out of Shi Feng.

Suddenly, an idea popped up in Unstable Devastation’s head.

If he published this matter on the official forums, revealing this bug, the system might punish Shi Feng for exploiting it. On the other hand, if it were not a bug, the other Guilds would definitely not let go of this great chance to rise to Level 10 swiftly. They would force Shi Feng to reveal this leveling method. If Shi Feng kept his lips sealed, he would make enemies out of every Guild in the White River City region. Meanwhile, if he revealed this leveling method and the system fixed it, it would similarly enrage the various Guilds. Regardless what Shi Feng did, he could no longer continue mingling in the White River City region.

However, Unstable Devastation could not allow Shi Feng to take any of these actions yet.

“Ye Feng, no man is wise all the time. I have finally grasped ahold of your weakness,” Unstable Devastation grew excited. As long as he used this move to threaten Shi Feng, Shi Feng would obediently hand over the secret.

Immediately after, Unstable Devastation sent Shi Feng a communication request.

The first time, Shi Feng did not pick up...

The second time, Shi Feng did not pick up...

Unstable Devastation made more than ten consecutive calls to Shi Feng; however, Shi Feng did not answer any of them. As a result, Unstable Devastation nearly vomited blood in anger. However, when he thought of his beautiful future, he endured. Finally, after sending over forty communication requests, the call finally connected.

“You’re annoying! Can’t you learn your lesson after so many rejections? Are you a pig? Must I give you a scolding before you are satisfied? I don’t have anything to say to you. Go, play around wherever you want, and don’t come bothering me!” Shi Feng immediately started cursing the moment he picked up the call. Originally, he had been conducting business with Aqua Rose, in a good mood. However, one after another, Unstable Devastation’s calls endlessly pestered him, interrupting Shi Feng’s good mood. At first, Shi Feng thought that Unstable Devastation would give up after a few rejections. However, Shi Feng never thought that there would be no end to the disturbances.

Hence, after telling Aqua Rose that he had some matters he needed to attend to for a moment, he looked for a place without people and gave Unstable Devastation a good scolding, soothing his mood. He then placed Unstable Devastation on his blacklist, preventing Unstable Devastation to further annoying him.

“Ye Feng, you… you dare to cut my call!” After making over forty calls, Unstable Devastation burned with anger. Now that Shi Feng had insulted him, his blood boiled and his face turned crimson. The blood vessels in his face had nearly burst. However, just when he was about to curse at Shi Feng, the call disconnected. This thoroughly enraged Unstable Devastation, and immediately, he called Shi Feng again. However, this time, his calls did not even ring. He was on Shi Feng’s blacklist.

Unstable Devastation nearly fainted in anger.

He had wasted so much time trying to call Shi Feng, yet, the only thing he got in return was a scolding. Shi Feng had even blacklisted him. How was he supposed to threaten Shi Feng now? How was he going to force Shi Feng’s obedience?

Unstable Devastation immediately directed one of his subordinates to contact Shi Feng.

After attempting to contact Shi Feng a few more times, the call finally connected. Unstable Devastation’s subordinate then pressed the multi-party b.u.t.ton that allowed others to partic.i.p.ate in the conversation.

“Who are you?” Shi Feng asked.

“Ye Feng, you’ve finally picked up! I have in my hands your speed-leveling secret. If you don’t wish to become an enemy of the entire White River City region, obey my wishes. Otherwise, I’ll post the evidence on the official forums. I’m thinking that many Guilds would be interested in your teammates’ leveling secret, and they will go all out to deal with you.” This time, Unstable Devastation spoke his piece quickly, fearing that Shi Feng would hang up on him again.

“I asked: who are you? What’s the point of all this nonsense? Are you a pig?” Shi Feng demanded.

“You’re the pig! Everyone in your whole family is a pig! I am Unstable Devastation! I know that you have some secret to your team’s leveling speed. You need to understand the situation you’re in right now. If you dare continue to speak to me with such a tone, I’ll release this secret of yours to everyone else. All the players in the entire White River City region will start trouble, and the various large Guilds will hunt you down to learn your secret. When that happens, there will no longer be any place for you in G.o.d’s Domain!” Unstable Devastation hated being called an idiot. Now that Shi Feng had repeatedly called him a pig, he could no longer endure it.

“So, you really are a pig! h.e.l.lo, pig! Goodbye, pig!” Shi Feng immediately disconnected the call, blacklisting the new character ID as well. Shi Feng had never been a person to feel threatened by others, and regarding Unstable Devastation’s threat, he paid no mind to it at all.

The only reason he did not let Blackie and Lonely Snow reveal themselves was to avoid unnecessary trouble from those various large Guilds, as that would delay their development.

However, if there really were a need for a battle, he would not shrink from it. In fact, they could all bring it on if they wanted. The final winner and loser had yet to be determined.

“Master Black Flame, it looks like you have met with some trouble? As an ally of yours, why don’t you let Twilight Echo deal with it for you?” the graceful Aqua Rose suddenly walked over, smiling at Shi Feng as she offered her a.s.sistance.

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