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Chapter 176 - Blazing Meteor


Shi Feng could not help but wonder when he was suddenly called.

After all, Weissman was a Tier 4 Wizard and the tyrant of White River City. Any item he gave would have unlimited uses to Shi Feng.

“Regardless of the circ.u.mstances, my good friend still sent you. Take this item and this letter; hand them over to Master Seliora. It may be of some help to you,” Weissman took out a flame-red-colored crystal and a letter, handing them to Shi Feng.

“Lord Weissman, thank you for your help. I will complete this agreement as soon as possible,” Shi Feng said gratefully.

System: Unique Quest “Demon’s Heart” accepted. 

Quest details: Go to the Demon’s Castle and obtain the Demon’s Heart for Weissman.

Quest rewards: Unknown.

System: Hidden Quest “Search for Seliora” accepted.

Quest details: Look for Seliora in White River City and pa.s.s her the items that Weissman has given you.

Quest rewards: Unknown.

Instantly, Shi Feng received two precious quests. They were both more amazing than any high-level quests, especially the Unique Quest. As long as Shi Feng completed it, he could earn shocking rewards.

Since he had received the quests, Shi Feng would not continue to waste his time here. He departed from the city hall immediately, summoning a horse carriage and dashing towards the Free Zone of White River City.

The person Weissman wanted him to look for, Seliora, was a Master Forger. In White River City, very few players would know of Seliora’s fame. However, that did not mean that Seliora was not amazing. On the contrary, Seliora was known as a genius in the forging world. Seliora had become a Master Forger at a very young age, and she was only a step away from becoming a Grandmaster Forger. However, Seliora preferred to maintain a low profile, so not many people were aware of her existence.

Shi Feng was one of the scant few players who knew about Seliora. Moreover, Shi Feng even knew where Seliora lived.

The Hidden Quest Weissman gave might have troubled other players, but it was no trouble to Shi Feng at all.

As for the Unique Quest ‘Demon’s Heart,’ Shi Feng could only leave it alone for now. He also still had the Epic Quest ‘Darkness Descends.’ Although Sharlyn was also in White River City, Shi Feng was too poor right now; he could not afford the information fee of 10 Gold Coins. So, he could only leave it alone for now as well.

Moreover, when compared to the ‘Demon’s Heart’ quest, an Epic Quest was most likely much harder to complete.

Even if Shi Feng had the clue to complete the Epic Quest, he would still be powerless to complete it. So, he might as well set it aside for now. In any case, he had 30 days to complete it, and the time limit was still far away. It would not be too late for him to accomplish the quest after he further raised his strength.

Twenty-something minutes later, Shi Feng finally arrived a very small smithy located within the Free Zone; the wooden door to this smithy was still closed. If outsiders saw this, they would think that the smithy was either closed to the public or no longer in operation. So, naturally, n.o.body would visit this place.

After paying the 60 Copper carriage fee, Shi Feng walked towards the humble-looking smithy, knocking on the door gently.

However, even after a long time, Shi Feng did not receive an answer.

“h.e.l.lo, Master Seliora. I was sent here by Lord Weissman. I have with me a letter for you from the Magistrate.”

If Shi Feng barged into the smithy, even after having knocked for a long while without an answer and possessing the status of a n.o.ble, the guards would apprehend him and lock him up in jail for a good while. Hence, Shi Feng could only use a big character like Weissman to lure Seliora out. That way, Seliora would not continue feigning ignorance.

After some time, there was finally some movement in the house.

Kachik. The thick wooden door opened, and a great beauty dressed in a black leather shirt stepped out. Below the large V-shaped collar, her ample bosom revealed itself. The beauty wore a pair of extremely short leather pants, revealing her long and slender legs. Her skin was a healthy wheat-color, and her dark hair cascaded down to her fine and delicate waist. Her entire body gave off a wild charm.

The woman before him was indeed the Master Forger, Seliora.

If Blackie could see this sight before Shi Feng right now, he would whistle his praise, his drool puddling on the ground. For Shi Feng, however, he had long since grown accustomed to such a sight.

Seliora was the black rose of the forging world, and she was one of the rare few beauties who worked as a forger. After all, most forgers were muscular barbarians, unlike Seliora who was a young beauty, both s.e.xy and attractive.

“I’m very busy. Pa.s.s me the thing and leave,” Seliora spoke impatiently, glancing at Shi Feng.

Hearing Seliora speaking in such a way, Shi Feng felt extremely familiar with these words. He felt as if he had heard of them before from somewhere.

After giving it some thought, Shi Feng suddenly recalled something. Wasn’t he usually fond of using these words?

“This is the letter that Lord Weissman wanted me to give you,” Shi Feng took out the letter, pa.s.sing it to Seliora.

Seliora received the letter. Not sparing the letter a single glance, she arbitrarily said, “You can return now.”

Seliora started shutting the wooden door.

Shi Feng was immediately left speechless, even though he had long since known of Seliora’s personality. He couldn’t help but admit that any sort of master would have their own strange personality; Seliora was no exception.

However, Shi Feng had made Seliora submit in his previous life, so there was no reason he could not do so now.

Moreover, he seemed to have learned his catchphrase, “I’m busy,’ from Seliora.

“I’ll leave, then,” Shi Feng took out the flame-red colored crystal given to him by Weissman as he said so. He toyed with the crystal as he turned to leave. 

The flame-red crystal gave off a dazzling red-colored glow. Just by taking it out, the fire-type mana in the surrounding area started crazily gathering around the crystal. The flame-red glow increased its brilliance, attracting the attention of all onlookers.

“Wait!” Seliora suddenly called out to Shi Feng.

“Master Seliora, do you still have some other matter?” Shi Feng turned, a faint smile on his face as he asked.

At this moment, Seliora’s large eyes were already glued onto the flame-red crystal in Shi Feng’s hand. She was like an enamored little kitten, and her eyes followed the flame-red crystal’s movement in Shi Feng’s hand, going up and down with great interest.

Although Seliora’s personality was somewhat strange, she too faced a common problem that all forgers faced, the desire of rare forging materials.

There was not a single forger out there who did not wish to create an item, famed throughout the entire continent, in their lifetime.

Meanwhile, the prerequisite to create such an item was incomparably precious materials. Take the Abyssal Blade in Shi Feng’s hands for example. In order for its fame to spread throughout the continent, the famous smith, Olysses, used the Black Dragon King’s fang as its core forging material.

What was the Black Dragon King?

That was the king among dragons, which represented destruction. It was a frightening creature that was the closest being to a G.o.d. Just the breath it spat out could destroy a city with millions of inhabitants. It was a frightening existence that could single-handedly destroy an entire kingdom.

Meanwhile, to create the Abyssal Blade, the most precious fang of that frightening existence’s body was necessary. In the end, after the Abyssal Blade’s creation, it became one of the thirty-six famed swords in G.o.d’s Domain. The Abyssal Blade’s existence shook all of G.o.d’s Domain, and even after thousands of years, its might was still boundless.

“Can you sell me that item?” Seliora asked,  her face filled with desire, her tone making a complete transformation.

Shi Feng shook his head, saying, “I am truly sorry, Master Seliora, but Lord Weissman originally wanted me to bring this item to you to forge an item for me. However, seeing as you are busy, I would feel bad to continue disturbing you. So, I intend to look for Master Praust and see if he will make the item that I want.”

“What? You are actually going to take this precious material to that old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, Praust? Do you know how wasteful you are being? If you want to forge an item, I can help you. Also, since you are a Swordsman, with this item, I would have no problems forging a Blazing Meteor of relatively high quality. If you give this material to that old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, he will definitely ruin it.”

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