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Chapter 146 - Might of the Devil Flame (2)

A single Ambush instantly devoured one-quarter of Shi Feng’s HP.

Blackie, who stood at a distance, was dumbfounded by this scene. He did not understand why an a.s.sa.s.sin suddenly appeared here and attacked Shi Feng. Although he wished to help Shi Feng, time was needed to cast his spells. Moreover, all his restricting skills were already in use on the Steel-skinned Hippo. He could only helplessly watch as the scene unfolded.

The only thing Blackie could do now was to chant and attack with his Dark Arrows.

Such high damage! Watching his HP abruptly decrease by a large portion, Shi Feng was inwardly shocked.

Previously, when Shi Feng faced the Level 9 Berserker, Five Rats, the maximum damage Shi Feng received was only slightly over -100 damage. Yet, one of Absolute Heaven’s Ambushes caused over -300 damage. Compared to Five Rats, Absolute Heaven’s Attack Power was much stronger.

a.s.sa.s.sins had very fast Attack Speeds, so generally, their attack damage could not compete with that of a Berserker’s. However, they could complement their low attack damage with the number of attacks they could dish out. To say nothing of Absolute Heaven’s attack damage, which far exceeded that of the Berserker Five Rats’, if an a.s.sa.s.sin could deal the same amount of damage as a Berserker with each attack, their total output would be at least double or triple that of a Berserker’s. In the case of Absolute Heaven, his total output would be three to four times that of Five Rats’.

Although Shi Feng was shocked, Absolute Heaven was similarly shocked.

When he had used his Ambush on an MT who possessed a complete Bronze Set Equipment and was the same level, the attack stole at least two-thirds of the MT’s HP. Now, however, he only managed to remove one-quarter of Shi Feng’s HP.

Compared to those well-equipped MTs, Shi Feng’s Defense and HP far exceeded them.

“Die!” Absolute Heaven’s hands twisted, a streak of silver swiping across Shi Feng’s neck. Simultaneously, his other dagger stabbed into Shi Feng’s back once more.



Although Absolute Heaven was shocked, an a.s.sa.s.sin’s explosive power did not lie in just the first strike, but a burst of continuous skills.

From the moment Shi Feng appeared in the Gale Valley to the moment Shi Feng began kill-stealing the Shadow Leopard King, he had constantly trailed after Shi Feng. He had silently waited for the best moment to attack Shi Feng. He knew that Shi Feng was extremely powerful, so he needed to wait for the moment when Shi Feng was the most vulnerable. Only when Shi Feng did not possess any Skills, would he have a chance at getting rid of him. However, he never found the perfect time to strike.

However, his patience had finally paid off. While battling the Steel-skinned Hippo, Shi Feng finally revealed a weak point. However, in order to guard against the unexpected, he unhesitatingly decided to use the Death’s Lock Scroll he had bought at an extremely high price. He bought this scroll precisely for this sort of situation.

[Death’s Lock]

Disables all skills of the target, temporarily preventing the target from using any skills. Target’s movement will also be disabled. Duration of 6 seconds

Although Shi Feng had high Defense and HP, a 6-second burst was enough to kill Shi Feng.

In such close quarters, Shi Feng could clearly feel the two incoming daggers. If he received the burst of Absolute Heaven’s attacks, he would definitely die.

At the moment of life and death, Shi Feng activated Phantom Kill, immediately swapping positions with his doppelganger.

The Death’s Lock could only seal the skills a player had learned. However, it would not affect the skills attached to equipment.

Just after swapping positions, Absolute Heaven’s two daggers immediately sliced into the doppelganger’s body. Bleeding damage of -212 points and a skill damage of -257 points appeared above the doppelganger’s head.

Absolute Heaven continued with a flurry of attacks. The two daggers in his hands a.s.saulted the doppelganger, and ten streaks of silver light stabbed the doppelganger’s vital points.

The series of normal attacks coupled with an a.s.sa.s.sinate and the poison damage on his daggers instantly decimated the doppelganger’s HP.

“A doppelganger?”

Originally, Absolute Heaven drowned in ecstasy at the thought of having killed Shi Feng. However, he did not expect that, after all of his effort, what he had killed was only a doppelganger. Absolute Heaven’s expression turned grim. He squinted his eyes as he observed his surroundings. Very quickly, he discovered Shi Feng a distance away, behind him. He immediately spun, charging towards Shi Feng.

The Death’s Lock had a duration of 6 seconds. Right now, there were 4 seconds remaining, so how could he so easily allow Shi Feng to break free from the Death’s Lock that he had spent a fortune on?

Just as Absolute Heaven arrived before Shi Feng, a Dark Arrow came flying at him.

“Garbage, I don’t have time to deal with you right now.” Absolute Heaven ignored Blackie’s Dark Arrow, his dagger aimed straight for Shi Feng.

Regarding Shi Feng’s teammates, Absolute Heaven did not place any importance on them at all. As long as he dealt with Shi Feng, killing Blackie would be a simple task.

Boom! The Dark Arrow exploded on Absolute Heaven’s body.

Damage of -221 points appeared above Absolute Heaven’s head, removing one-quarter of his HP.

Why is this garbage’s damage so high?! Absolute Heaven’s brows slightly wrinkled, inwardly shocked.

Absolute Heaven had not the slightest knowledge that the staff in Blackie’s hands was actually a Level 8 Secret-Silver ranked staff. Moreover, Blackie wore a few pieces of Level 7 and Level 8 Mysterious Iron Equipment. He also used the Mysterious-Iron Accessory, the Interpreter’s Pendant, that Shi Feng had given him. Blackie’s magical damage had long since reached the apex. If it were not for Absolute Heaven’s equipment being of excellent quality, he might have lost more than half of his HP from just one of Blackie’s Dark Arrows.

However, Blackie’s high magical damage could not stop Absolute Heaven. Absolute Heaven still accurately slid his daggers into Shi Feng’s vital points.

The moment Absolute Heaven’s dagger was about to stab Shi Feng, Shi Feng used Silent Steps, instantly appearing behind Blackie.

“c.r.a.p!” Seeing Shi Feng vanish before him, rage and dismay filled the a.s.sa.s.sin.

Shi Feng was clearly unable to use any of his learned skills, yet, he still possessed so many skills to avoid the ambush.

There were over 25 yards between Absolute Heaven and Blackie. If Absolute Heaven ran towards Blackie, he would waste a lot of time. The seal on Shi Feng would definitely dissipate, and it would become incomparably harder for him to kill Shi Feng.

“Brother Feng, you’re too awesome! You still managed to escape under such conditions!” Blackie said with a smile.

Watching the previous exchange, shock overwhelmed Blackie. The a.s.sa.s.sin’s speed was impressive. If Shi Feng had reacted a bit slower, he would definitely have lost his life. Blackie couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat as he had watched the scene unfold. However, now that the distance between them was sizable, that a.s.sa.s.sin would be at his wit’s end.

“Stop fooling around and be more careful. That a.s.sa.s.sin is not someone simple,” Shi Feng warned as Blackie still seemed to be in a joking mood.

“Got it; leave it to me! The Cooldown on my skills have already finished,” Blackie confidently said.

However, just as Blackie turned to look at Absolute Heaven, he discovered that Absolute Heaven was missing. He could only see an enraged Steel-skinned Hippo, bellowing as it searched for its enemy.

“Brother Feng, that person’s gone missing. Did he just choose to run away since he failed his ambush?” Blackie said with a laugh.

Just as Blackie turned to look at Shi Feng, his expression immediately turned grim.

The a.s.sa.s.sin from before stood right behind Shi Feng.

“Causing me so much trouble, you guys should be proud of yourselves,” Absolute Heaven sneered, his hand holding some Flash Powder. He tossed the powder at Blackie.

Blackie instantly shrieked as both his eyes lost their vision, causing Blackie to lose his battle prowess.

After restricting Blackie, Absolute Heaven’s dagger immediately stabbed Shi Feng.

Shi Feng did not think that Absolute Heaven could actually learn a high-tier skill like Shadow Steps.

a.s.sa.s.sins’ Shadow Steps allowed them to instantly appear behind an enemy and increased the damage of their next attack by 15%.

However, Shi Feng still could not move. Moreover, he did not have any skills left to avoid Absolute Heaven’s attack. He could only grit his teeth as he activated the Silvermoon Set Equipment’s second Set Effect, the Tier 2 Life Shield. The Tier 2 Life Shield would absorb 60% of the damage Shi Feng received, up to a maximum of -500 points. It could delay Absolute Heaven for some time.

When Absolute Heaven saw the Life Shield appear on Shi Feng, he was momentarily speechless. He did not understand just how Shi Feng came to possess so many lifesaving skills, using them one after another.

However, a single Life Shield was still not enough to extinguish his determination to kill Shi Feng. Immediately, Absolute Heaven brandished his daggers, sending a flurry of attacks at Shi Feng like a fierce gale. He used normal attacks, coupled with a.s.sa.s.sinate, Backstab, and many other damaging skills.

Peng! Shi Feng’s Life Shield quickly shattered and disappeared. Shi Feng had less than 500 HP remaining.


Absolute Heaven excitedly shouted. Immediately, he placed all five Skill Points that he had held on to into his finishing skill, Eviscerate. With all his might, he prepared to use his most powerful damaging skill.

Soon after, Absolute Heaven’s dagger swiveled, accurately sailing towards Shi Feng’s back.

Finishing skill, Eviscerate!

A plume of blue flame suddenly appeared above Shi Feng’s palm... 

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