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Chapter 141 - You are Ye Feng?

The sudden burst of power coming from Shi Feng’s doppelganger alarmed the players who were previously behaving indifferently.

A vast sea of thunder and flames erupted from the doppelganger's Thunder Flame Explosion. The players present could feel an oppressive feeling that was even more powerful than that of the Shadow Leopard King.

As for the ones who were in direct confrontation with the doppelganger’s Thunder Flame Explosion… 


A few players immediately cried out in fear when confronted with the approaching fire and thunder. They all turned around and fled immediately.

However, Thunder Flame Explosion had an effective radius of five yards. Moreover, the skill descended on the players extremely quickly, and they had no time to run out of the area at all. They were only able to watch helplessly as the power of the skill consumed them.

The players who possessed lifesaving skills immediately activated them. a.s.sa.s.sins used Wind Steps; Swordsmen used Parry; Berserkers used Block. As for those who had their lifesaving skills on cooldown, all of them were swallowed by the thunder and fire.

Without lifesaving skills, those with already low HP immediately died. In the end, four members of Martial Union died from the doppelganger’s Thunder Flame Explosion, while the remaining survivors all heaved a sigh of relief.

“Humph! Brat, you’re dead now for sure, so just accept your fate!” The Level 9 Berserker, Five Rats, glared at Shi Feng’s doppelganger, smiling contemptuously. He abruptly brandished his greatsword, casting Cleave on the doppelganger.

The other survivors also used their explosively powerful skills, launching their attacks towards Shi Feng’s doppelganger.

Shi Feng’s doppelganger suddenly smiled. The doppelganger did not attempt to defend against any of the attacks. Instead, it used Earth Splitter, slashing its sword towards the players from Martial Union.

Witnessing Shi Feng’s ludicrous actions, the players from Martial Union were all dumbfounded. Did he want them to perish together with him?

The might of the Earth Splitter was extremely great, and the attacking players were all caught by surprise. In the blink of an eye, two low HP players were killed by the doppelganger’s sword, with three having their HP reduced to a critical level. Only Ironsword Lion and Five Rats still had over half of their HP.

However, Shi Feng’s doppelganger was similarly struck by everyone’s skills, and its HP continuously fell. Within the blink of an eye, its HP was close to reaching zero.

“You’re truly a lunatic. However, your equipment, I’ll gladly receive.”

Greed flashed across Five Rats’ eyes as he looked at Shi Feng’s dark black equipment. This mysterious Swordsman had taken the initiative to attack them, even managing to cull quite a lot of their numbers, so he had definitely become a Red Player, a huge one at that. If he were to die, he might even drop every single piece of equipment on his person. Moreover, both Swordsmen and Berserkers wore plate armor. Also, very little equipment at this stage of the game had cla.s.s limitations. So, there was a possibility that Five Rats would be able to use some of the equipment that dropped.

Ironsword Lion also heaved a sigh of relief. The mysterious Swordsman before him was just too powerful. If not for so many players surrounding the mysterious Swordsman, Ironsword Lion would have very quickly been killed. However, for reasons unknown, Ironsword Lion had felt a sense of familiarity when he crossed swords with the mysterious Swordsman. Yet, he was unable to figure out why.

At this moment, Shi Feng’s doppelganger sent a faint smile at Five Rats.


At the instant the doppelganger was about to disappear, Shi Feng’s original body swapped positions with the doppelganger.

However, n.o.body managed to discover this fact.

The Abyssal Blade and Silver Lake in Shi Feng’s hands transformed into a storm, sweeping across all the surviving melee players.

Sixteen sword images instantly stabbed towards the players who had lowered their guards.

Five Rats looked at his own HP rapidly sliding downwards, dumbfounded. His heart filled with both shock and confusion. Wasn’t the mysterious Swordsman in front of him supposed to be dead?

So, why was the mysterious Swordsman still able to attack him?

Moreover, the mysterious Swordsman’s speed was so great that not even Five Rats himself was able to react.

Two swords, sixteen sword images. Just what sort of speed was this?

However, the more shocking matter to Five Rats was the mysterious Swordsman’s damage. Even Five Rats, whose damage and defense were the highest amongst the players present, had received over -300 points of damage from each sword image, with the highest damage reaching over -500 points. Five Rats’ HP was only a measly 840 points, and even under a state of full HP, he would still be instantly killed.

“You are Ye Feng?” Ironsword Lion glared at Ye Feng as he died, both his eyes turning incomparably crimson. His eyes were full of both shock and unwillingness. He truly did not think that he would actually be killed by Ye Feng once again.

The reason he felt that the mysterious Swordsman was Ye Feng was that he was extremely familiar with this move.

He had been killed by this move twice before, and it would be hard for him to forget it even if he wanted to.

Originally, he could have become an influential figure in Red Leaf Town, catching up to the influence of a third-rate Guild. In the end, however, he was turned into a mess by Ye Feng. He had even lost his most precious pa.s.s to Blackwing City.

After he placed a bounty on Ye Feng and his teammates, he in turn had a bounty placed upon him by Ye Feng, becoming the laughingstock of the entire White River City.

Originally, he thought that he would be able to give Ye Feng a crushing defeat with a high bounty. In the end, however, a large majority of his Guild members were crushed and ended up leaving the Guild. The original member count of Martial Union in Red Leaf Town was quickly reduced from the original hundred-plus members down to less than ten players. Martial Union then became the laughingstock of the players in Red Leaf Town.

Now, they had prepared to surround Ye Feng, but the results had still turned out as such.

Again and again, Ironsword Lion had tried to deal with Ye Feng. Yet, every single time, he ended up with failure. Ironsword Lion even believed that Ye Feng was the bane of his life. Otherwise, how could he explain his continuous series of failures?

Now that Ye Feng had killed him for the third time, Ironsword Lion’s confidence had been thoroughly shattered.

The first time, he used the excuse that he was ambushed by Ye Feng, being killed in just two moves.

The second time, he used the excuse of not having a full understanding of Ye Feng’s strength, being insta-killed in just one move.

Now, it was the third time. Ye Feng did not even use a skill this time, yet Ironsword Lion was still instantly killed in just two attacks.

A deep fear had been instilled into Ironsword Lion. Every time he met with Ye Feng, he could feel that the gap between himself and Ye Feng was growing wider and wider. Up until this instance, he did not even possess the qualifications to go against Ye Feng. It was just like how Absolute Heaven had killed him many times over in the past. Although he frantically tried to take revenge, in the end, he would still choose to compromise.

Be it Absolute Heaven or Ye Feng, both were existences that he could no longer afford to provoke.

When the players from Martial Union heard Ironsword Lion’s dying words, each and every one of them was greatly shocked.

Being able to kill five players within an instant, with branch leaders like Ironsword Lion and Five Rats included amongst them… This strength was simply too frightening...

“So he is Ye Feng?”

It was the first time Unstable Devastation personally met Ye Feng. Although he tried identifying Ye Feng’s information, the results he obtained actually displayed it as unknown, giving him a slight shock.

Aside from Ye Feng’s HP bar, there was nothing else Unstable Devastation could see. However, the dark black equipment Ye Feng was wearing was undoubtedly an Equipment Set. Also, due to the hooded cape Ye Feng was wearing, Unstable Devastation was unable to get a clear image of his appearance. Ye Feng held a sword of unidentifiable quality in one hand, and a treasured sword that gave off a light blue glow in the other. The treasured sword was at least Secret-Silver Ranked.

Judging from Ye Feng’s performance in the battle before, Ye Feng was much stronger than what Ironsword Lion had stated...

If Ye Feng was already so powerful right now, he would definitely become unstoppable in the future. If Unstable Devastation were to meet Ye Feng before, he definitely would not have provoked Ye Feng, no matter what. However, Ye Feng already had an unresolvable grudge with Martial Union, so Unstable Devastation would not be courteous with him anymore. Before Ye Feng grew to unreachable heights, he needed to thoroughly nip the bud.

While everyone else was observing Shi Feng’s information, Shi Feng himself did not stay idle. He bent down, picking up all five pieces of equipment that dropped on the ground and storing them in his bag. He would be able to sell the equipment for a large sum of money.

Seeing Ye Feng take away five pieces of equipment that were above Level 5, Unstable Devastation trembled in rage. This equipment all belonged to their Martial Union, yet Ye Feng actually dared take it away right before his eyes! Shi Feng simply did not place any importance on him!

“Originally, I was still worried that you were an extraordinarily calm person, and that you would not show up no matter what. However, I never imagined that you were just a simple fool. Since you have arrived, I’ll just deal with you as well!” Unstable Devastation squinted his eyes, a chilling glow coming from them. He stared fixedly at Shi Feng, laughing coldly as he said, “Aside from Shield Warriors, Guardian Knights, and healers, everyone else, get rid of him for me!”

Unstable Devastation did not know how Ye Feng was able to enter the Gale Valley undetected. He was even able to discover them while they were in the midst of battling against the Shadow Leopard King. However, Ye Feng was simply courting death by hurrying to this place. Unstable Devastation aimed his bow at Ye Feng, locking onto Ye Feng’s vital points. Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Three arrows consecutively fired out of Unstable Devastation’s bow.

Right now, the Shadow Leopard King’s berserk period was already over, and its remaining HP did not reach even 30%. The two Elite Shadow Leopards that the king summoned previously were also dead now, so it was only a matter of time before the Shadow Leopard King itself would die. Unstable Devastation was not afraid of Ye Feng’s disturbance at all.

At this moment, the other players all started sending attacks at Shi Feng.

Fireball, Frost Arrow, Dark Arrow, Charge, and many more attacking and restricting skills...

Shi Feng smiled as he looked at everyone attacking him, not moving a single step. He then used Silent Steps to quietly appear behind the healers of Martial Union, very quickly dodging everyone’s attacks.

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