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Chapter 125 - Hundred Ghost Town

Cold winds blew within the Hundred Ghost Forest. It was a place daylight never reached.

On an abandoned little farm, Shi Feng, with his newly-disguised appearance, was currently standing within a wooden building, searching for something.

“I’ve finally found it! Looks like the information wasn’t wrong.” After turning the place upside-down, Shi Feng obtained a bronze key from a wooden bucket.

[Secret Door Key]

Able to open the steel gate to the secret pa.s.sageway of the Hundred Ghost Town. 

Now that an a.s.sa.s.sin crouched in a corner, waiting for him, Shi Feng worried that a problem would crop up at a crucial moment. Hence, he gave up the notion of entering the Hundred Ghost Town through the front door. With this key, he could use the secret pa.s.sage to enter the Hundred Ghost Town. Only, the process of doing so was filled with many complications.

Legends had it, the entire Hundred Ghost Forest was once cursed by an extremely powerful Dark Cursemancer, turning all the living inhabitants into ghosts. Trapped in an existence of endless torment, these ghosts harbored an intense hatred of the living. As long as a living person approached the Hundred Ghost Town, the countless evil ghosts would ambush and devour them.

Meanwhile, the secret pa.s.sage would lead Shi Feng directly to the central region of the Hundred Ghost Town. Although Absolute Heaven was very powerful, he could not enter the Hundred Ghost Town. What’s more, Shi Feng had altered his disguise again. Even if they met, Absolute Heaven wouldn't recognize him.

Shi Feng found a cellar a short distance from the farm.

This cellar was the entrance to the secret pa.s.sage that led to the Hundred Ghost Town, while the owner of the farm was this secret pa.s.sage’s gatekeeper.

The cellar was very dark, and Shi Feng could not make out a single thing within. His only option was to take out a Magic Lamp to shine the way. He followed along the cellar’s pa.s.sage, advancing forward until he finally reached the large steel gates that led to the secret pa.s.sage. At this moment, however, the steel gates were tightly sealed.

If Shi Feng’s Strength were over 100 points, even if he did not possess a key, he would be able to force open these steel gates with his arms alone. However, he was still very far from possessing 100 points in Strength, so he could only obediently use the key to open the gates.

“En.” After only taking a few steps into the secret pa.s.sageway, Shi Feng discovered that his surroundings were littered with pearly white bones, while the walls on both sides were filled with the scars of battle.

Such a sight gave Shi Feng a very bad premonition.

The curse on the Hundred Ghost Forest turned the living into ghosts. That meant that all the inhabitants of this place were ghosts. This pile of skeletons...


At this moment, a large group of pitch-black Evil Spirits came rushing out from the depths of the secret pa.s.sage, roaring. Their scarlet eyes firmly locked onto Shi Feng as they bared their fangs and brandished their, speeding towards him.

[Cursed Evil Spirit] (Common Monster)

Level 15

HP 700/700

Cursed Evil Spirits, when compared to Cursed Apparitions, were much more ferocious. They were unlike the Cursed Apparitions who were sluggish in their motions, depending solely on their instincts to move. Cursed Evil Spirits possessed a set intelligence and were extremely lively. They also possessed an instinctive madness and sensitivity to flesh and blood.

The Cursed Evil Spirits were all Level 15. Meanwhile, Shi Feng was only Level 7. With a level suppression of eight levels, in addition to the 60% resistance and 20% evasion of physical attacks, Shi Feng would not be able to deal with even one of these monsters, not to mention a group of over thirty.

These Cursed Evil Spirits could even wipe out a Level 15 party with relative ease.

Watching these Cursed Evil Spirits rush at him…

Shi Feng took out a Frost Grenade from his bag, throwing it at them.

The Frost Grenade instantly discharged in the midst of the group of Cursed Evil Spirits. In the blink of an eye, the Cursed Evil Spirits within a 10-yard radius were frozen. They also received -400 frost damage from the explosion.

As expected, the 100% increase to magical damage was these ghosts’ Achilles heel.

The reason Shi Feng choose to hurry to Hundred Ghost Forest was the Frost Grenades he had managed to buy during his trip to Blackwing City.

The Basic Frost Grenades were sufficient to deal with the ghosts in Hundred Ghost Town. After all, 200 damage was no small amount. In addition, the Frost Grenades would have a 100% damage increase when used on the ghosts here, becoming even more remarkable.

As expected, the Frost Grenades were very effective against these ghost-type monsters. Moreover, they had a throwing range of 30 yards and a Cooldown of 1 second. However, it was half as effective when used against players.

Previously, Shi Feng was worried that the number of Frost Grenades he brought to Hundred Ghost Town was not enough. Hence, he did not use any of them against Absolute Heaven. Moreover, the Frost Grenades might not be able to surely kill off Absolute Heaven, and even if they did manage to kill Absolute Heaven, Shi Feng would reveal one of his trump cards. If others caught wind of this information and started making preparations against the Frost Grenades, it would truly be an unworthwhile trade.

If he revealed this card, he needed to reap the most benefit out of it. Using the Frost Grenades to get rid of a single Absolute Heaven was just not worth it. At the very least, he should use them to give Martial Union a ruthless blow.

Right! How could I forget that the ghosts are darkness-type monsters? The Demon Hunter t.i.tle should have quite some use. Shi feng suddenly recalled his own Demon Hunter t.i.tle, swapping out his current t.i.tle.

Immediately, the Attributes of the Cursed Evil Spirits reduced by 10%, while the damage they received increased by 10%.

Shi Feng then threw another Frost Grenade, the bomb exploding with a loud bang in the midst of the group of Evil Spirits. A patch of damages of -440 points appeared above the group of monsters. Instantly, he annihilated the thirty plus Cursed Evil Spirits.

System: Level 15 Cursed Evil Spirit killed. Level difference of 8. EXP obtained increased by 800%. Obtained 4,800 EXP.

System: Level 15 Cursed Evil Spirit killed. Level difference of 8. EXP obtained increased by 800%. Obtained 4,800 EXP.

System: Level 15 Cursed Evil Spirit killed. Level difference of 8. EXP obtained increased by 800%. Obtained 4,800 EXP.


A series of more than thirty notifications appeared in Shi Feng’s view. Although ghost-type monsters gave the least amount of EXP, the rewarded EXP for killing monsters of a higher level was still extremely high. Even if Shi Feng was Level 7 now, his experience bar still increased by a sizeable chunk. He reached 23% of Level 7, his leveling speed even faster than a rocket.

After these Evil Spirits died, they dropped quite a lot of Copper Coins and Tiny Spirit Essences. Ten Tiny Spirit Essences could be used to form a Spirit Essence, one of the needed materials to forge magical attachments. Hence, Spirit Essences were also worth quite a lot of money.

After collecting the drops, Shi Feng discovered that the Evil Spirits had actually given him over 1 Silver Coin. There were also over a dozen Tiny Spirit Essences that dropped. When formed into a Spirit Essence, it was worth 1 Silver Coin. This was definitely a good place to earn money.

Although there was still the loss of two Frost Grenades, costing a total of 3 Silver Coins, if Shi Feng could lure more than fifty monsters each time, he would barely make a small profit.

“Hopefully there will be more Evil Spirits in this place,” Shi Feng said with expectation, his hand holding another Frost Grenade.

Half an hour later…

Shi Feng finally arrived at the secret pa.s.sage’s exit.

The secret pa.s.sage was very long, and on his way here, he met with the ambushes of another five groups of Evil Spirits. However, the Frost Grenades dealt with them all. The number of Evil Spirits in each ambush only counted slightly over twenty, causing Shi Feng a loss.

In return, however, Shi Feng’s experience quickly rose. He would level up if he just killed a few more groups of Evil Spirits. It was truly an invigorating experience.

The gate that opened to the Hundred Ghost Town was widely agape. Before Shi Feng exited the secret pa.s.sage, he could already hear the countless roars and wails outside.

Above the secret pa.s.sage was the Hotel of Hundred Ghost Town, and one could just imagine that the number of ghosts there was definitely not few. However, in such a cramped s.p.a.ce, it would not be a good idea for Shi Feng to use the Frost Grenades.

Having no better choice, Shi Feng activated the Ring of Nothingness.

The state of nothingness was different from Stealth. Shi Feng entered another s.p.a.ce entirely, and even the ghosts could not discover Shi Feng.

Shi Feng could stay in the state of nothingness for a short time. Hence, he ran with wild abandon as he quickly departed the Hotel, dashing towards one of the private houses. Seeing the duration of the state of nothingness about to end... If Shi Feng were to take a stroll on the streets of Hundred Ghost Town, filled with ghosts, he would truly be seeking death. As for the Frost Grenades, they had a 1 second Cooldown, and they could encompa.s.s every location.

3 seconds… 

2 seconds… 

1 second…

With only 10 yards remaining before Shi Feng reached the private house, the state of nothingness ended; his body, revealed.

Suddenly, the heads of the countless ghosts on the streets all turned towards Shi Feng, revealing sinister expressions.

Amongst these ghosts, there was no lack the Elite-ranked monster, Ferocious Evil Spirit, and they all rushed towards Shi Feng.

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