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Chapter 1103 - Grandmaster Design

Taking a look at the design Shi Feng revealed, the NPC beauty's eyes widened as the design demanded her full attention. Only after some time did she open her mouth and say, "Lord Protector, the quality of these construction materials and level of skill required are extremely high for this design. I cannot provide an immediate answer. I will have to ask the a.s.sociation Leader to appraise the design. Would my lord be willing to wait here for a short moment?"

"Even you can't give an exact price?" Shi Feng asked the female senior administrator.

This was the first time he had encountered such a situation.

In the Adventurer's a.s.sociation, NPCs were categorized into ordinary staff member, administrator, senior administrator, Vice a.s.sociation Master, and a.s.sociation Master, each catering to adventurers from one-star to five-star status. Anyone capable of becoming a senior administrator even had the insight and knowledge to rival NPC Lifestyle Masters'.

"Although this design is tattered, I am certain that a Grandmaster produced it. A Grandmaster's Town Design is outside of the scope of my appraising abilities. In our branch, only the a.s.sociation Master can appraise this," the senior administrator explained, smiling bitterly.

"Alright, let the a.s.sociation Master appraise it, then." Shi Feng nodded.

When promoting a town in G.o.d's Domain, choosing the design was only one part of the process, while using the design to construct the town was another. The promotion process was not as simple as capturing a Basic Town. One could say that a town only truly began its operation after becoming an Intermediate Town.

The Adventurer's a.s.sociation normally provided players with many template designs to choose from, their prices usually ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 Gold. The Adventurer's a.s.sociation would only offer several Master Designs to someone who enjoyed the status of a four-star adventurer, such as himself. These templates could cost anywhere from 4,000 to 5,000 Gold.

Master Designs were roughly 15% better than those of normal designs. Although 15% seemed like a small difference, it would be ma.s.sively effective in an Intermediate Town.

For example, when that bonus was used to increase the town's Popularity among NPCs, a town which could originally gain 100 Popularity Points each day would gain 115 points with a Master Design. Normally, a lot of manpower and resources were required to gain that additional 15 points. In addition, Master Designs attracted more quests and events that would raise the town's Popularity, allowing the town to reach the next rank far more quickly.

Of course, players could opt to produce their own Town Designs. Only, the majority of players' designs wouldn't come close to the Adventurer's a.s.sociation's ordinary templates. Extremely few lucky players or genius designers could draft a Town Design better than the available templates.

If a player created such a design, the various large Guilds in G.o.d's Domain would fight over purchasing it, offering roughly 3,000 Gold. If the design reached the Master standard, the minimum price would be 5,000 Gold. However, extremely few players could create designs of such standards. These people were even rarer than Master Forgers.

Among the 28 items Lancelot had dropped, twenty were Epic materials. Of the remaining eight, three were Epic Weapons and pieces of Equipment: a cloth armor headdress, a staff, and a pair of plate armor bracers.

The bracers were the best among them in Shi Feng's opinion.

[Angry Tyrant] (Plate Armor, Bracers, Epic Rank)
Level 40 - Level 100
Equipment Requirement: Strength 1,200
Defense +755 (Level 40)
Strength +60, Agility +32, Endurance +35
Ignore Levels +5
Ignore 20% of the target's Defense.
Increase the effect of Strength by 15%.

Additional Pa.s.sive Skill 1-
Blood Frenzy: When the wielder's HP falls below 50%, Strength increases by 20%, Attack Speed increases by 30%, and damage received increases by 20%.

Additional Pa.s.sive Skill 2-
Angry Blow: When attacking, there is a certain chance to increase Strength by 100%.

The bracers were a collection of violence. The increase to the effect of Strength, in particular, was rare even on Epic Weapons and Equipment. Without hesitation, Shi Feng took the bracers for himself.

With this, he had a total of five Epic items and one Fragmented Legendary item on his person. After including the Level 50 Magic Light Set Equipment, his Strength was even higher than a Tier 2 Berserker of the same level. Only his physique and Skills were still somewhat inferior.

As for the five remaining items, two were Tier 4 Magic Scrolls, two were designs, and the last one was the Town Promotion Order.

When Shi Feng had discovered that one of the two designs was a Town Design, he had been ecstatic.

Normally, Town Designs dropped in the field came from Masters. That was the equivalent of saving 5,000 Gold. Moreover, Shi Feng very much preferred this Town Design's heavy emphasis on transportation.

Transportation might not seem very important, but it had a considerably special town effect.

Once the town was complete, as long as the town spent a sufficient amount of money, it would unlock the transport carriages between towns. Not only could these carriages transport players, but they could also allow NPC merchants to reach the town more quickly. It was a design capable of enhancing the town's popularity among both players and NPCs.

Now that he had confirmed that this was a Grandmaster Design, Shi Feng felt the holy land for players beckoning him.

A Grandmaster Design was 30% stronger than normal templates. In the past, even an ordinary Grandmaster Design could sell for tens of thousands of Gold, much less these designs at this stage of the game. Right now, Shi Feng wouldn't sell the design even if he were offered one million Gold.

When Shi Feng thought about the carriages that would soon travel back and forth from Stone Forest Town, his heart beat madly.

At this stage of the game, Mounts were extremely rare. The carriages could save players a lot of time when traveling to Stone Forest Town. Players would be far more willing to stay in Stone Forest Town.

Even when Mounts became popular in the future, how could a Common Mount compete with a carriage?

Moreover, the carriages' speed was not always the same. Once Stone Forest Town became an Advanced Town, the carriages would upgrade to advanced carriages. Only with a Mysterious-Iron Mount could one match the speed of an advanced carriage.

Once transportation was no longer a barrier, what player wouldn't want to visit Stone Forest Town?

Setting aside the Battle Arena, now that Stone Forest Town had three Magic Towers, independent players could enjoy double the benefit of resting in a hotel. Right now, the town's hotels were only slightly less effective than Private Rooms in a Guild Residence. Normally, independent players could only dream of having this effect.

With these three major conditions, Stone Forest Town would undoubtedly become a holy land for players.

After Shi Feng waited in the room for a short while, the NPC administrator returned to the room with his Town Design.

"Lord Protector, our a.s.sociation Master has appraised your design and confirmed it to be a Grandmaster Design. However, as the requirements for this Grandmaster Design are extremely high, the construction fee will be many times more expensive than usual. Including all of the required materials, it will cost 30,000 Gold. Moreover, this price cannot be discounted. May I know if Lord Protector still wishes to use this design to construct your town?"

"Thirty thousand Gold?!"

Shi Feng frowned. He had thought the price might be quite high, but he hadn't expected it to be this high.

That was 30,000 Gold!

He could build five towns with a Master Design with that kind of money…

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