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Chapter 1100 - Overlord of Star-Moon

In front of a temple lined with pillars, a team of 20 players was currently resting atop the stone steps.

A short distance away from these players was a two-headed bear over ten meters in height. If one paid close attention to the bear, one would discover it to be a Level 60 Grand Lord. Even a 100-man elite team of the same level would be no match for something like this.

Yet, this 20-man team actually defeated it.

The highest-leveled player in this team was already Level 42, with the majority being Level 41. As for the equipment they wore, even the most inferior piece was Level 40 Dark-Gold Equipment. This was a team that could rank at the top even in Super Guilds.

However, every one of these people was an independent player; none of them belonged to a Guild.

"Big Sis Endless, what happened?" a Level 41 female Cleric asked when she noticed a surprised expression suddenly appearing on Ling Jingxuan's face.

"It's nothing. I just read an interesting message, that's all," Ling Jingxuan replied, smiling.

"An interesting message? What is it?" the female Cleric could not help but ask curiously.

Very few things could catch the interest of Ling Jingxuan. Generally, anything that could do so was a considerably amazing matter.

"Blackwater has just been annihilated by Zero Wing. Most likely, news of this matter will quickly spread throughout G.o.d's Domain," Ling Jingxuan answered. The way she spoke made it seem as if this matter was none of her business.

"Annihilated?!" At this time, a Level 42 Guardian Knight carrying a snow-white round shield on his back joined in on the conversation. Surprised, he continued, "There must be a mistake, right? I heard that the Blackwater Guild is considerably powerful. It even has the Blackwater Corporation backing it. How can it possibly lose so miserably?"

The term "annihilated" was very rarely used for Guild wars. After all, with so many players partic.i.p.ating in the war, not to mention annihilation, even trying to wipe out 70% or 80% of the enemy's forces was an extremely difficult proposition.

Meanwhile, "annihilated" was generally used only when more than 95% of a belligerent's forces had been eliminated. In order to obtain such an outcome, one of the two sides in the conflict usually had to be many times stronger than the other.

Shaking her head, Ling Jingxuan a.s.serted, "Blackwater has indeed suffered total annihilation. And it was not only Blackwater but also the armies dispatched by Heaven's Burial and Pantheon. Not a single player from those three Guilds managed to leave Stone Forest Town alive."

Upon hearing Ling Jingxuan's words, everyone on the team was stupefied.

As Blackwater was merely an upstart Guild, annihilation was certainly a possibility. However, what about Pantheon?

That was a Super Guild.

When had it ever suffered annihilation?

"Just how powerful is Zero Wing? They are simply too amazing. Even other Super Guilds have never managed to annihilate Pantheon's armies. Just how did Zero Wing manage to do it?"

"With this, Zero Wing is set for life. They will definitely cause a storm in G.o.d's Domain."

"However, I'm guessing that Pantheon won't take this lying down. After all, Zero Wing has used them as a stepping stone. Pantheon definitely will not let Zero Wing off the hook in the future."

"I wonder what rank Zero Wing will get during this year's Virtual Gaming Guild Annual Evaluation?"

"It is very likely that Zero Wing will be evaluated as a first-rate Guild. However, after this incident, I can't say for sure. I heard that two super-first-rate Guilds have been going downhill recently. They might even get replaced at this rate."

"I don't think it will be possible for Zero Wing to become a super-first-rate Guild. However, its position in this year's Top Five Rookie Guilds should be secure."

"Right, Endless, seeing as you are paying such close attention to Zero Wing, do you have a friend in Zero Wing, perhaps?"

Although everyone present was an independent player, their understanding of the inner workings of the virtual gaming world was not one bit lacking in comparison to that of members of large Guilds. They knew just how powerful Super Guilds were.

It was truly rare to see an upstart Guild capable of such results.

"Friend?" After giving the question some thought, Ling Jingxuan answered seriously, "Something like that. In any case, I am certainly concerned about Zero Wing."

Due to Abandoned Wave's defeat, the entire Blackwater Guild was in an uproar. Even the upper echelon of the Blackwater Corporation had asked for her to attend a meeting to plan how to quickly redeem this humiliation in the near term.

After all, this was the Blackwater Guild's first major war. It would have been fine if they had merely suffered defeat. The crucial point was that they had been annihilated.

Even if they managed to destroy Stone Forest Town and inflicted immense damages on Zero Wing, this was still not an outcome to be proud of.

In the public's view, the only reason for Blackwater's destruction of Stone Forest Town was its inability to obtain the town for itself.

Apocalypse Empire, the imperial capital's Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's Residence:

"They wiped out Blackwater?" Phoenix Rain felt somewhat skeptical when she read the message she just received.

Zero Wing's opponents this time had included 200,000 monsters, over 100,000 Blackwater elite members, 50,000 Heaven's Burial elite members, and three core legions of Pantheon, one of which was even the famous Red Jade Legion. In the end, however, Zero Wing still managed to come out on top. No matter how she looked at it, this outcome was somewhat unrealistic. For Zero Wing to have achieved precisely this result was simply unbelievable.

"Big Sis Rain, should we still make a visit to White River City?" Blue Phoenix asked.

The compet.i.tion for Thunder Island this time was considerably intense. Let alone the power of just the Phoenix Pavilion, even if they used the full power of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, their chances of obtaining the rights to the island would still be slim.

Moreover, compared to the Town of Beginnings, which they controlled, Thunder Island was much more important.

"Of course, we're going." The more Phoenix Rain read the report in her hands, the more joyous she felt.

Originally, she had not been that confident about the matter of Thunder Island. However, after seeing Zero Wing's information, they might have a chance at victory after all.

Meanwhile, in Star-Moon Kingdom, all the official forums had long since exploded. Practically every player in the kingdom was discussing the war.

Blackwater and Heaven's Burial had lost miserably this time. This was especially true for Blackwater. Many Guild members were already expressing their dissatisfaction with the leadership in the war. Within just ten minutes of the war's end, over 10,000 players had withdrawn from the Guild, many of them elite players.

In addition, the fall of Blackwater and Heaven's Burial allowed the Star Alliance, which had been suppressed all this time, to rise up once again.

Meanwhile, on Zero Wing's side, due to its ma.s.sive victory, many large Guilds that initially had designs on the Guild gave up entirely. Overwhelming Smile, in particular, had already begun shifting its focus to other countries and no longer tried to develop in the cities around White River City.

For a time, no Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom dared make an enemy out of Zero Wing. This situation allowed Zero Wing to become the uncontested overlord of Star-Moon Kingdom.

The only fly in the ointment was the loss of Stone Forest Town. This loss greatly depressed the effects of the Zero Wing's hard-earned victory.

However, just as the various large Guilds in Star-Moon Kingdom were secretly celebrating Zero Wing's loss, a surprising situation occurred in Stone Forest Town.

The Evil Energy polluting the town was actually starting to weaken and dissipate gradually.

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