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Chapter 1089 - Shi Feng's Madness

"He rejected the offer?"

Ling Jingxuan blinked in astonishment as she stared at the black, translucent screen before her.

She hadn't expected Shi Feng to be so decisive.

"What an interesting person." Ling Jingxuan chuckled as she shook her head. "So be it. It's just a pity that we'll lose Stone Forest Town."

Following which, Ling Jingxuan forwarded Shi Feng's reply to Abandoned Wave.

Her message was very straightforward, the contents simply stating that Zero Wing had rejected their offer.

After Ling Jingxuan finished sending her message, a female Cleric looking to be in her early twenties walked over and said, "Big Sis Endless, we've found the hidden path leading to the ruins' core. Only, the monster guarding it is a Level 60 Grand Lord. Leader has called for you to discuss a raid plan."

If Shi Feng were present, he would notice that the female Cleric wore Light of the Forsaken, a Level 45 Dark-Gold Set Equipment for Clerics. It was a six-piece set that only dropped from Level 50 and above Field Great Lords. Meanwhile, the Cleric wearing the set was only Level 41.

"Alright, I'll head over right now." Ling Jingxuan smiled and nodded. She then followed the female Cleric deeper into the ruins.

The Zero Wing members in Stone Forest Town rushed madly at their enemies, while Blackwater and Heaven's Burial's armies ran and hid wherever they could, suffering immense losses in the process. As for Pantheon's three legions, they held their ground in an easily defensible corner. However, although they had managed to lower their casualty rate, it was only a matter of time before they were wiped out.

Watching his Guild members die, one after another, Singular Burial could not help but ask anxiously, "Brother Wave, what did Black Flame say?"

The purple barrier still enveloped the town. Players could only enter the town, not leave. No matter what methods they used, they were utterly helpless against the magic barrier. If this continued, the 50,000 elite members he had worked so hard to nurture would vanish like bubbles.

After Abandoned Wave received Ling Jingxuan's message, he was dazed for a long moment. Murmuring, he said, "He rejected."

"Has Black Flame lost his mind?!" Singular Burial was stunned when he heard this.

He had experienced an area polluted by Evil Energy personally. Players could not reside in those areas for long. If those monsters invaded Stone Forest Town, it would cripple the town.

Stone Forest Town was Zero Wing's main source of income. How could the Guild choose to give it up so easily?

"Black Flame really is decisive. He is actually willing to sacrifice an entire town to defeat the last of our troops. I have underestimated him," Peerless said, astonished. "If he is even this ruthless to himself, it seems our defeat is not without reason."

"Ruthless?" Abandoned Wave laughed. "Since he is so eager to die, I'll fulfill his wish!"

His defeat in this war was already certain.

It was impossible to obtain Stone Forest Town.

Moreover, after suffering such a miserable defeat, nothing good waiting for him upon his return to the Guild. He was more than willing to drag Stone Forest Town with him as he fell.

Moreover, if Zero Wing lost Stone Forest Town, its development would slow significantly. He might even have a chance to redeem himself.

He had only asked Ling Jingxuan to contact Black Flame to appease Pantheon and Heaven's Burial.

In reality, he hoped that Zero Wing would reject his offer.

He had never imagined that Zero Wing would be this foolish.

Following which, Abandoned Wave contacted the bandaged man.

"You can make your move now! Let the monsters enter the town! Destroy as much as you can! Our previous agreement still stands!"

"This is your decision, not mine. I'll gratefully accept Stone Forest Town."

Hearing Abandoned Wave resolution, a hint of excitement flashed in the bandaged man's eyes. He was like a starving beast that had suddenly spotted an innocent sheep.

Immediately, the bandaged man commanded his remaining monsters to charge into Stone Forest Town. The three Mythic monsters even joined the fray.

"Guild Leader, this is bad! The three Mythic monsters are trying to charge into the town!" Alluring Summer hurriedly reported as she tried her best to stop the crazed Mythic monsters.

However, the Evil Earth Dragons began to act differently. No longer controlled, their Basic Attributes instantly increased by 15%. Most importantly, their intelligence was no longer suppressed. Despite Alluring Summer's Divine Dragon having superior Attributes, she was barely able to hold back two of the Earth Dragons. She was helpless to stop the third.

As a Tier 4 Mythic monster, the Evil Earth Dragon was extremely fast. In less than ten seconds, it had reached Stone Forest Town's defensive walls.


Bellowing angrily, the Evil Earth Dragon, that stood over a hundred meters tall, shattered the wall before it with a single swipe of its claws.

As for the town's Level 65 NPC guards, they were nothing before the Evil Earth Dragon. No one could stop the Mythic monster as it charged into the town. Although some players had tried to stop the monster, the Earth Dragon took them out with one swipe of its ma.s.sive tail. In addition, the attack devastated the surrounding terrain.

Seeing this, Zero Wing's members were stupefied.

Even after activating Protection Blessing, just one of the Evil Earth Dragon's normal attacks had killed a Level 40 Guardian Knight with nearly 30,000 HP instantly…

Meanwhile, the instant the Evil Earth Dragon entered the town, the monster's body began to exude a gray fog that slowly spread. As the gray fog pa.s.sed, the ground dried up as if its vitality had been devoured.

"Hahaha! With this, Blackwater's victory is a guarantee!"

"Hooray for the Guild Leader!"

Blackwater's members jumped in celebration as the Evil Earth Dragon arrived.

Although Zero Wing had a lot of players, they did not have anyone who could contend with a Mythic monster. They could only watch as the monster destroyed their town.

"A Tier 4 Mythic monster is really powerful. Though, it's a pity that we'll lose Stone Forest Town forever," Singular Burial said, sighing.

Previously, he had not had a chance to observe the Evil Earth Dragons up close. However, now that he witnessed one in action, he finally understood just how frightening Tier 4 monsters were. They were definitely not existences current players could challenge.

"Aqua, tell everyone to use their Return Scrolls to leave Stone Forest Town right now," Shi Feng said to Aqua Rose, who stood beside him, as he watched the Evil Earth Dragon rampage inside his town. Following which, he dashed towards the top of the Obelisk.

Unlike other magic barriers, the magic barrier enveloping the town did not isolate or hinder allies. Hence, Zero Wing's members could use their Return Scrolls at any time.

"We're leaving?" Shi Feng's decision confused Aqua Rose. However, after giving it some thought, she realized that they didn't have anyone present that could take care of the Evil Earth Dragon. They would simply be throwing their lives away if they remained. It was better to return to White River City. In any case, with the presence of the Evil Energy, Stone Forest Town was finished.

Following which, Aqua Rose notified Zero Wing's members to withdraw from Stone Forest Town.

"Hahaha! They're retreating! It seems even Black Flame fears something!" Abandoned Wave was quite pleased as he watched Zero Wing's members abandoned the town. Although he had not obtained Stone Forest Town, Zero Wing wouldn't have it either.

In other words, this war had ended in a draw, with neither side having an advantage.

When the Evil Earth Dragon reached the Obelisk, it released a powerful roar as its eyes locked onto the only Zero Wing member left in Stone Forest Town—Shi Feng.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng, who stood on the Obelisk's peak, unsheathed Killing Ray and swung the Sacred Sword at the gigantic crystal before him.


The crystal split in half on the spot. Immediately, black fog began to seep from the crystal's two halves, gradually forming into the figure of a person.

A short moment later, an effeminate youth wearing long, blood-red robes with hair scattered over his shoulders appeared. This youth was none other than the Awakened the Obelisk had imprisoned.

[Lancelot] (Awakened, High Elf)
Level ? ? ?
HP ? ? ? ? ? ?/ ? ? ? ? ? ?

No wonder he didn't die even after imprisoned for such a long time. So, he's a High Elf. Realization dawned as Shi Feng looked at the effeminate youth.

Elves had a much longer lifespan than humans. Moreover, they were naturally gifted with the ability to manipulate the magical elements. Spells in their hands could move as if they had a life of their own.

If the current Lancelot were not in his soul form, he only needed to flick a finger to turn Stone Forest Town to ash.

However, even the current Lancelot should be provoked. He was capable of taking over other NPCs' bodies. Moreover, he became more powerful with each time his seal was lifted. The NPC he took possession of would also become incredibly difficult to deal with.

Shi Feng hadn't wanted to release Lancelot.

However, to exterminate Blackwater's remaining monsters, he had been forced to take this risk.

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