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Chapter 1079 - Futile Effort

"He lost?"

Dark Feather's four companions, watching from a short distance away, were speechless.

They all stared at Nine Kills, who pulled himself out of the hole in the wall, with stupefied expressions. Nine Kills had less than one-third of his HP remaining. The short sword in his right hand trembled uncontrollably.

My Strength is still no match for his?

Nine Kills could not help but shift his gaze to Shi Feng, questions filling his mind.

The additional Strength Shadow Possession provided might be mediocre, but the Skill could double its effects. Even a Berserker with a Strength-type Berserk Skill would not be a match for him.

Yet, even after activating this Skill, the gap between him and Shi Feng hadn't shortened; on the contrary, it had grown.

Nine Kills even began to wonder if Shi Feng was a player or a Tier 2 NPC in disguise.

What Nine Kills did not know was that Shi Feng had activated Heavenly Dragon's Power, increasing his Strength by an additional 150%. In addition, Shi Feng had the buff from the Magic Towers. In terms of Strength, even a Great Lord of the same level was no match for Shi Feng, much less Nine Kills, who was only had the Strength of a High Lord.

It wasn't unusual for a Great Lord's attack to send a High Lord flying. Not to mention, Shi Feng's Strength was slightly higher than a Great Lord's.

"Dark Feather, use the Magic Barrier Stones! I'll pin down Black Flame! We cannot let Black Flame leave alive! The consequences will be unimaginable!" Nine Kills barked the order through the team chat.

"Boss, our task is to steal the Town Token. Isn't it a little wasteful to use the Magic Barrier Stones…?" The calm Dark Feather gave Nine Kills a strange look.

Moreover, from the way Nine Kills spoke, it sounded as if he were treating Shi Feng like a Demon King that could destroy the world.

What did he mean by "cannot let him leave alive?"

Even if Black Flame were stronger, at the end of the day, he was still a player. Without support, he could not affect the overall war. Moreover, the Magic Barrier Stones were treasures Pantheon had sacrificed a lot of manpower and resources to obtain. These were supposed to be used against creatures below Tier 4. They could even trap the most powerful Tier 3 NPC. Using it on a Tier 1 player was a huge waste.

"Stop wasting time! I'll take responsibility, so use them!" Nine Kills growled as tension gripped his body. He had no time to explain.

Dark Feather and the others had merely seen Shi Feng's attack send him flying. However, he had experienced the attack personally.

From that single clash, he understood how terrifying Shi Feng truly was. Even a Tier 3 Magic Scroll wasn't likely to do much against him. Moreover, allowing Shi Feng to leave this room was the equivalent of releasing a Great Lord with a Void Realm's combat standards onto the battlefield. He would be a lion among a herd of sheep.

Of course, Berserk Skills did not last long. However, the Skill's duration would be more than enough for Shi Feng to annihilate all of the Dark Blade members that had snuck into Zero Wing's Residence.

Pantheon's Dark Blade did not have many members. Nurturing every member was costly. Helping each member level up was particularly expensive for the Guild. In addition, every Dark Blade member used weapons and equipment that were specifically tailored to their strengths. Pantheon had only gathered these items after utilizing the Guild's full strength. Each item would be incredibly difficult to replace. Currently, over a hundred Dark Blade members had infiltrated Zero Wing's Residence. If they all died, they would lose over a hundred weapons and pieces of equipment in total.

If Black Flame had some special tool that increased the drop-rate of the players he killed, they could lose two or three hundred items…

They had to use the Magic Barrier Stones.

Hearing Nine Kills' command, Dark Feather and the others had no choice but to set up the Barrier Stones. As for Nine Kills, he turned to Shi Feng again to buy his allies enough time.

"You want more?" Shi Feng began to execute Sword's...o...b..t once more when he saw Nine Kills launch another a.s.sault.

After activating Heavenly Dragon's Power, Sword's...o...b..t's defense was even more solid than it had been. Shi Feng no longer relied on brute force to defend himself. Now, he redirected a portion of the incoming force.

Shi Feng suspected that he could even defend against a Great Lord's attacks right now.

As for Nine Kills, he had wisened up after being thrown. This time, he didn't try to encroach on Sword's...o...b..t's defensive bubble. Instead, he moved around the bubble's perimeter, utilizing his absolute advantage of speed to render Shi Feng helpless. However, if Shi Feng relaxed for even a moment and stopped using Sword's...o...b..t, he would strike.

Unfortunately, while his plan was sound, its flaw was obvious. Shadow Dancer's Blade's duration was simply too short. After ten seconds, it would be his turn to be helpless.

However, Nine Kills' goal wasn't to slay Shi Feng personally. He simply needed to pin the Swordsman down for as long as possible.

"Boss, we're ready!" Dark Feather called out.

"Good! Use them now! Don't worry about catching me inside!" Nine Kills nodded as he signaled for Dark Feather and the others to take action.

Immediately, each member of Dark Feather's group threw a black stone block around Shi Feng and Nine Kills.

Magic Barrier Stones! A chill crawled down Shi Feng's spine when he saw the black stone blocks that surrounded him.

Magic Barrier Stones were extremely rare magical tools in G.o.d's Domain, and they had many uses. Moreover, the more Barrier Stones players used, the more effective they were.

Among them, s.p.a.ce Sealing was the most powerful effect!

With the power of four Magic Barrier Stones, players could trap any creature beneath Tier 4 for a long period. The barrier could last anywhere from three hours to two days. It was like a portable jail.

"It seems that you are familiar with the Magic Barrier Stones. Unfortunately, this has come to an end. The Barrier Stones don't have a casting time. Even you can't escape them. Let's rest in here for a while. By the time you escape, Stone Forest Town will not belong to you anymore!" Nine Kills could not help but laugh at the grim expression on Shi Feng's face.

If he told Pantheon's Elders that he had used the Magic Barrier Stones to trap a lone Tier 1 player, they would give him a beating. However, in Nine Kills' opinion, the Barrier Stones had been well spent. After all, they could trap Zero Wing's Guild Leader for several hours. Without its backbone, Zero Wing would lose this war.

As Nine Kills finished his comment, the four Magic Barrier Stones activated. In the blink of an eye, both Shi Feng and Nine Kills were sent to another dimension. A black cube, each side measuring one meter, formed in their place.

"The Boss is being too cautious. We could've settled things with the Tier 3 Scroll," Dark Heart said somewhat disappointedly. She thought that Nine Kills underestimated her abilities.

"The Boss has his reasons," Dark Feather said, trying to console the female a.s.sa.s.sin. "Before anything else, let's retrieve the Town Token."

The others nodded in response to Dark Feather's suggestion.

Although using the Magic Barrier Stones on Shi Feng might have been overboard, they could secure the Town Token earlier than expected.

Following which, Dark Feather's group began to attack the magic barrier protecting the Town Token.

However, before they struck, they sensed a suffocating killing intent radiating from the black cube. For a moment, they even thought that the magic barrier would crumble.

"Stop wasting your energy. It is impossible to do anything against me while you're inside the barrier. You're stuck with me in here," Nine Kills said contemptuously when he noticed the change in Shi Feng's aura.

Although they could both see each other, they were in different dimensions. He wasn't afraid of Shi Feng killing him or escaping.

"Is that so?"

Shi Feng then activated Blade Liberation, his Attributes abruptly soaring.

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